commercial coffee restaruant equipment in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment repair service near Webster Groves knows that a coffee shop is really no different than any other commercial business in that if it’s not managed properly, it won’t be very profitable. Choosing the right restaurant equipment is a great start.

There are many things that a coffee restaurant owner can do to ensure his/her business is successful including;

  • Make sure your employees deliver high quality customer service consistently
  • Love your job and show that to those who you manage as well as your customers
  • Train your employees to be well educated on your products and to help customers make the best selection according to personal preferrences
  • Hire employees who are great at providing customer service and have good people skills
  • Don’t forget to offer free WiFi to encourage students and others to stay for long periods of time-purchasing more coffee
  • Design your coffee shop with the comfort of your customer in mind, be sure it is appealing aesthetically as well
  • Provide music that will appealing to a broad variety of listeners in the background
  • Arrange plenty of comfortable couches and chairs as well as tables for customers
  • Keep in mind that you can incorporate aspects of comfort into just about every nook and cranny of your shop.  The way it looks and feels to the customers is top priority
  • Be sure to consider offering plenty of food such as breakfast and lunch items that will appeal to your customers.  Common food items that go well with coffee include; croissants, muffins, cookies, small sandwiches, and of course don’t forget the biscotti
  • Provide quick and efficient service
  • Consider providing free live entertainment to attract more customers and keep them at your restaurant longer
  • If you don’t want to buy artwork, consider displaying local artists work for sale, it’s a great way to get some free décor while helping artists sell their wares-supporting local vendors makes great business sense and looks good to your customers
  • Offer a multi-cup discount for frequent visitors and also for those who bring in re-usable cups
  • Offer coffee tastings frequently which will attract customers and help your employees to become more educated on your products and how various coffee blends are supposed to taste

To learn more about coffee beverage systems as part of your restaurant equipment in St. Louis, contact us today at American Services.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have on which type of equipment is best for your commercial coffee shop.