restaurant equipment fryers in MOAmerican Services cooking restaurant equipment repair installation in St. Louis knows that when it comes to commercial fryers, there are many different types.  In order to be sure you purchase the best fryer for your commercial kitchen, you must first understand the difference between each different type of fryer.

Open-Pot Commercial Fryers

Open Pot Fryers are, as the term indicates, heated pots, without lids.  This type of fryer comes in a gas and electric powered versions.  Gas Open Pot Fryers heat the pot from the outside and electric powered fryers that have an Open Pot configuration have a heating element which is actually immersed in the oil.

One advantage of Open Pot Fryers is that they are very versatile and can function well for restaurants that fry a large variety of different types of foods.  These are the simplest type of fryers to clean and the most affordable.

Disadvantages to Open Pot Fryers include; they have a narrow sediment zone and they are not suited for specialty foods.

Open Pot Sediment Zone Fryers

These tube style fryers have a larger sediment zone than Open Pot Commercial Fryers which makes them the best for higher sediment foods. Sediment is much easier to monitor in these types for fryers.

Tube Style Fryers

Tube-style fryers are similar to open pot fryers but they have a tube shaped heating element permanently attached to the vat. This type of fryer is recommended for many different types of heavy frying.   Tube style fryers have a wide sediment zone.  The disadvantage of tube style fryers is that they are difficult to clean and not really recommended for specialty foods.  Tube style fryers are more expensive than Open pot fryers but they are the best type of restaurant equipment for heavily battered fried foods.  The tube style fryers have very large sediment zones under the burners that allow lots of particles to accumulate.  Cleaning can be difficult because the tubes are not removable.

Flat-Bottom Fryers

IF your restaurant cooks many delicate type food products such as taco shells, or Japanese tempura, flat bottom fryers are recommended because they do NOT have a sediment zone so they are NOT designed to handle the high volume frying other types of fryers were designed for.  Flat bottomed fryers are great for liquid battered foods and bulk frying but they are difficult to clean and there is no sediment zone.

For more questions on the best restaurant equipment for your commercial restaurant, contact us today at American Services in St. Louis, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and to give you a quote on restaurant equipment instillation or repair at your commercial facility.