gas range restaurant equipment in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment cooking equipment repair in Saint Louis knows that  for the restaurant owner, propane and natural gas grills are commonplace. Unfortunately, gas leaks and the requirement of gas repairs are also commonplace. Typically, any gas leaks require an immediate evacuation of the building, contacting of an emergency response team, and a professional technician to fix the problem. But there are situations where the restaurant operator or a staff member can perform a gas repair.

Routine maintenance of restaurant equipment includes disassembly of the equipment (i.e. removal of grill tops, drip pans, etc). Often it is also required to move the entire piece of equipment to clean underneath of it. Sometimes this process requires disconnecting the gas line. After the cleaning has been performed and the gas line is reattached, there are a few quick items that must be addressed.

When reinstalling a gas line it is imperative that all gas connections be checked with a soap solution to ensure they are tight and leak proof. To make the soap solution, mix one part water with one part liquid detergent. Ensure the “heat” control knobs are in the off position, and turn the gas supply line on. This will pressurize the system. If any fittings are not tight, gas will seep out. Apply the mixture to each connection around the circumference of the supply line. If soap bubbles appear, the gas is leaking and need to be repaired. Typically, this can be repaired by turning off the gas supply, re-tightening the fittings and checking for leaks again. If a problem persists, a professional may need to install a new fitting.

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