MO restaurant equipment repairAmerican Services Restaurant Equipment maintenance and repair in Missouri knows that historically attaining ice involved cutting large blocks from frozen lakes a rivers.  The ice would then be transported to a facility that cut the ice into smaller blocks before being delivered for restaurant use. 

The quality of ice was unpredictable and often costly to receive, especially if you were located in a warm climate.  As refrigeration and freezing technology was introduced as a restaurant equipment option, restaurants utilized this new technology as a marketing advantage.  However, with new technology brings the necessity for technicians to service the equipment.

Ice machine repair and maintenance is  a big part of every restaurant’s list of to do’s.  When you least expect it, your machine will go down and this typically happens at the busiest time.  It is important to have a repair company able to make a service call at a moment’s notice.  When looking for a Ice Machine Repair company, always ensure they are dependable and reputable.  This can be done by asking for references of other clients they have serviced.

There are, however, some key preventative maintenance tips you can perform to reduce the number of service calls throughout the year.  First off, it is vital that the water filters be replaced every six months.  The next key component to prolonging your Ice Machine is to sanitize it regularly.  Not only does it ease the strain your machine but it ensures health and wellbeing of your clientele.  Additionally, the condenser finds or air filters should be cleaned or replaced every six months.

Your restaurant equipment is vital to the success of your business and frequent ICE MACHINE REPAIR has the potential to leave you out in the cold.