ice machines in MORestaurant equipment such as ice machines in South County are an integral and essential part of ensuring high productivity. Imagine serving your customers drinks without ice, it probably would not go over to well. Ice machines are often just as important as the beverage itself.

When selecting an ice machine it is important to think about the type of ice you require for your operation. Typical ice machines can be configured to accommodate eight different styles of ice; half dice, dice, nugget, flake, regular, tubular nugget, crushed, and gourmet. Each operation has specific products which may require one or multiple styles of ice. You wouldn’t want to attempt to make a Margareta with tubular nugget ice cubes.

When selecting an ice machine itself there are a few options that you may want to consider. The display which communicates the status and information is a necessity. You want to be able to know what your ice machine is thinking. Ensure the ice machine is designed for easy cleanability and is designed to stay cleaner longer. Dirty ice machines can lead to disastrous situations. Energy consumption may be an important characteristic as well. New technologies integrated into ice machines also give the ability for diagnostics and troubleshooting on the machine itself. Lastly, and the most important aspect to look for in an ice machine is service and support from the manufacturer.

Don’t forget about electrical requirements and water supply requirements. Some smaller machines will run on 110V while larger machines may utilize 220V. Water supply also goes hand in hand with drainage. Ensure your location can accommodate adequate drainage.