refrigerationWhen it comes to our job writing for St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales and service, we find that the playing field is wide open.  There are many different facets to the industry and so many different pieces of equipment that are needed depending upon the restaurant type an details you choose for your business.  We will start today and continue the subject in future posts to follow, covering the main pieces of restaurant equipment you will likely need in order for your commercial restaurant to be successful.

“All commercial kitchens require a refrigeration unit of some type. Refrigerating food items prevents them from perishing quickly, preserves freshness, and provides cold food storage space.”  It is a sensible place to start in the realm of St Louis Restaurant Equipment installation near Sunset Hills MO.  Industrial grade refrigeration units are designed to meet the unique needs of the food industry, so they are a key purchase for any food handling operation, according to all things we found online. There are many varieties of coolers and freezers available, but your purchasing decisions will generally involve two types: reach-in or walk-in units and so this is a great place to begin when researching your restaurant equipment.

Before making a final decision, you will want to consider the size of your St Louis Restaurant near Sunset Hills and its specific equipment needs. “Although they have larger cold storage space and can be custom built to fit any kitchen, smaller restaurants may not require a walk-in cooler. There are even outdoor refrigeration and freezing options available if interior space is an issue.”  No matter which you choose, your refrigeration unit or units will be an essential part of your restaurant equipment needs indeed.  You will, therefore, also want someone professional when it comes time to put the units in your kitchen.  We recommend St Louis Restaurant Equipment Install and Repair near Sunset Hills.