beverage restaurant equipment in MissouriDoes your company regularly service your beverage systems?  If not, the integrity of your beverage system and your business’s reputation may be hindered.  Poor maintenance can lead to system malfunctions and unsanitary conditions, which ultimately affects your business on many levels.

In some restaurants the supplier may perform repairs and maintenance on the beverage systems, but for the vast majority, it is the responsibility of the restaurant operators.  As a restaurant owner, it is often difficult to keep up with the ongoing service and maintenance requirements of your beverage systems in addition to all the other responsibilities of running a restaurant.

There are three basic areas that need to be continually maintained to reduce the chance of beverage system failure which would require professional restaurant equipment repair.  Water filtration directly impacts the taste and safety of the beverage.  Filters must be replaced per the manufacturer recommendations.  One of the most common repairs comes with dispensing nozzles.  As the nozzle is exposed to air, beverage residue coagulates and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.  Nozzle buttons begin to stick and ultimately stop working properly.  Daily removal and cleaning will prevent replacement of the entire nozzle assembly.  Lastly, ice bins or cold wells will often get water buildup and prevent proper heat transfer to the cold plate which impacts the cleanliness of the ice.  These also must be cleaned as a part of your preventative maintenance program.

All restaurants will encounter beverage system malfunctions at one time or another and require a professional to repair the system.  However, as a restaurant operator, preventative maintenance on your beverage systems will reduce the frequency of restaurant equipment repair.

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