water filtration in restaurant equipmentAmerican Services restaurant equipment water filtration repair in MO knows that typically, there are many different water and process applications in a Food and Beverage Facility. Each application requires a very specific level of water purity. Often, one water filtration system is not enough and there are several pieces of restaurant equipment designated to ensure clean and clear water. Such applications include equipment cleaning and sterilization, waste water removal, beverage feeder systems, coffee brewing, food preparation, and employee hygiene. Regardless of the application, an industrial water filtration system will be required. Even restaurants that offer free water, need to have some type of filtration system to ensure peak efficiency, health, and safety. Often times the FDA will require such systems to be installed and sometimes it just ensures better quality food or beverage preparation.
The two main types of restaurant water filtration systems are Granular and Membrane. The most common and widely used are granular systems. A typical granular system will utilize carbon and activated carbon filters to eliminate foul taste or smell for water that is used for food preparation or dining. Other types of granular water filtration systems use very fine garnet filters and anthracite.

Membrane systems are designed to filter out very fine particles. The membranes have small pores that act like a screen to remove microscopic matter. For the purest water, many restaurants are installing reverse osmosis systems. Reverse osmosis systems usually use both a system of filtration and a mechanism for demineralization. Membrane water filtration systems include reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration.

With any water filtration system, ensure you choose an option that fits well within the scope of your application.