Restaurant KitchenKeeping your expensive equipment properly cleaned and maintained is key when extending the life of the equipment and getting maximum results. That’s why American Services wants you to know just how to properly clean and maintain all of your restaurant equipment, including your exhaust hood.  A restaurant’s exhaust hood works by removing grease, smoke, heat, and odors from the air and often replaces it with fresh air from outside.  This type of unit also helps suppress grease fires and keeps the kitchen clear of the airborne contaminants mentioned above. creating a much friendlier work environment. So, what can you do as a restaraunt owner to help keep this important piece of equipment in running order?  Let’s explore this question with some basic cleaning and maintenance tips.

First, it’s important to regularly remove and clean your hood vents.  This will all you to clear all the grease and build-up within the vents and give the unit the ability to freely move the air.  To remove the hood vent, simply grab the handles on the vent, lift up, and pull it out.

Next, make sure you are having all of your restaurant equipment properly inspected and maintained by professional service technicians.  An easy way to keep up with this task is to sign up for a maintenance contract that gives you these services on a regular basis.  This is an easy way to know your equipment is being properly taken care of.

The team at American Services is ready to assist you with all of your restaurant equipment services near St. Louis City!  You can count on our group of professionally trained technicians to do the job right and keep your cost down.  Don’t trust your commercial equipment to any other dealer in town. Contact American Services for all of your HVAC and restaurant equipment needs today!