ice machines restaurant equipment in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment repair service near St. Peters knows that in order for restaurant owners to give customers top service, ice handling is a primary concern when it comes to restaurant equipment.

Proper handling and disposal of ice includes regular cleaning and maintenance of commercial ice machines to prevent mineral deposits as well as slime build up.  The quality of your ice will be diminished with lack of regular maintenance.

Tips for proper handling of ice;

  • Ensure that all food workers and other employees wash their hands before and after scooping ice.
  • Use an ice tote or ice caddie to transporting ice and ONLY use a plastic scoops
  • Always store the scoop outside of the ice bin in a dedicated scoop cradle
  • Never re-freeze ice once it begins to melt
  • Don’t scoop ice by hand
  • Never utilize ice buckets or glasses as scoops
  • Refrain from storing anything in the ice bin
  • Never put unused ice back into the ice bin

Just like all of your food items ice has an expiration date, be sure to dispose of ice once it starts to melt, has become contaminated, or has been used to chill bottles or other items.  To properly dispose of old ice, simply place it in the soiled compartment of the commercial sink.

Cleaning by properly sterilizing in the dishwasher, is the best way to clean all ice equipment such as scoops, picks, caddies and other ice handling restaurant equipment.

Clean all ice totes thoroughly with warm soap and water and hang upside down to dry when not being used.  All ice equipment should be washed inside and out with a plastic bristle brush, making sure to clean the spout and faucet.  Next rinse well and towel dry.

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