restaurant equipment ice machine in MOAmerican Services offers restaurant equipment installation near Collinsville IL.  We know that most restaurants serve cold drinks and beverages as well as using ice to stock salad bars or make blended frozen cocktails.  Therefore purchasing the right size ice machine is imperative for most restaurant operations to run smoothly.  Running out of ice is not an option.

Commercial ice machines come in several different configurations such as a simple ice bin and scoop to a single serve beverage dispenser or even a large hotel dispenser.

The ice machine size is calculated according to ice production in a 24 hour period.  The following factors should be considered when restaurant equipment such as ice machines are considered;

  • The number of patrons you serve daily
  • The areas where ice is used in the restaurant
  • The type of ice you need

When it comes down to the actual size of the ice machine many restaurant owners take a stab in the dark, particularly for 1st time restaurant owners. Additional Sizing Considerations for Commercial Ice Machines

The most important information is how many customers are served, be sure to consider future goals if your establishment is growing.

Keep in mind that the 24 hour yield for ice machines is affected by ambient air and water temperature.  Excessively hot and humid environments may require a water cooled machine instead of an air cooled type model.

Be sure to overestimate the total production of your establishment by around 10 to 20 percent in order to allow for growth, this will also cover fluctuation in business when seasons peak as well as environmental factors that can affect ice production-particularly with smaller units.