professional griddleAs a rebound from a previous writing regarding St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Overland MO, we want to talk about a few other pieces of restaurant equipment that we find rather important to the operation of your new commercial kitchen near Overland MO.  “When it comes to serving beverages, ice machines are just as crucial as soda fountains. Ice machines create ice and then dispense it into an ice bin or soda fountain. While ice is necessary for serving soda and iced water, you can also use ice machines to create blended drinks like smoothies, margaritas, and alcoholic slushies.”

Another interesting, yet less discussed piece of restaurant equipment in St Louis near Overland MO is the salamander broiler.  These pieces are valuable types of equipment for pizzerias, sandwich shops, and bakeries as they allow you to finish off your dishes before serving them to your customers. “Salamanders brown the top of your dishes and melt cheese on top of your casseroles and sandwiches to entice your customers. Some of these products also attach to your range or directly to your walls, so they don’t take up valuable countertop space.”

Let’s not overlook griddles as added elements to your commercial kitchen and part of our focus on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Overland.  Griddles are totally ideal pieces of equipment in cooking so many different types of food.  Burgers, breakfast foods, and grilled sandwiches are all top picks for a commercial kitchen griddle. Here is what we read on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment Installation in St Louis MO, “Due to their versatility, griddles are an essential appliance for any foodservice establishment. Plus, there are several types of countertop griddles, which are ideal for small restaurants or food trucks.”  Several other pieces could be included in our list of St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales near Overland MO, but we will need to pick up later in a future post.