heating installation in MissouriAmerican Services heating repair service in University City knows that whether you own an apartment building, commercial office space, or industrial property, most property owners are continuously exploring new ways to lower overhead or operating expenses.

There are many energy saving systems today including; automated lighting, various interior building power saving devices, compact fluorescent light bulbs, or more efficient heating or cooling systems, which are all standard technology- all leaving an industrial footprint on the environment .You will still be a victim of rising energy costs.

There is a rising tide of aggressive new property owners interested in the environment who are planning to upgrade their properties with an efficient solar heating system.

Solar system technology today is far removed from the 1970’s inefficient pioneering efforts.
It is actually a commercial green energy equipment process that can provide energy for a large portion of a commercial office or residential building’s hot water requirements by utilizing the sun’s heat energy efficiently. Some solar heating systems are classified as passive and active systems and are made up of flat panels and some tubes.  Solar heating systems, on the other hand, are primarily made up of a coil of metal or plastic panel where water is pushed through and heated via radiant heating or solar radiation energy.

Green solar heating technology is so effective today that many organizations including national governments are offering landlord and commercial property owners incentives for investing in this new technology.

In the preliminary process it should be understood that the design and installation of your commercial green energy system requires the services of experts. These are not small scale systems. They are designed to provide solar heating energy to twenty to forty apartments or offices. Installation requires specialized knowledge and tools, and a high level of skill to design
the system. But by using green energy for most of your water heating needs you will dramatically decrease the operating expenses associated with the traditional electric hot water heating system.

So how much can you save using this solar heating energy option?  If you know that your utility charge for hot water services amount to 60 dollars per unit each month then you are already spending that sum of cash every month.  If you decided to invest in a solar heating system and have it installed on the roof of your office or apartment building, you would be able to get a loan for the purchase, receive a rebate from your utility company, and capitalize on a handful of state, local, and federal rebates available immediately. After two to five years you would own the solar water heating system, cashing in on the considerable reduction on your monthly electric charges and most importantly almost zero usage cost of your water heating system from that day on.