commercial restaurant equipment repair in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment installation and repair in St. Louis knows that if you are looking for ways to save on equipment costs for your restaurant, used commercial deep fryers can be found for relatively little investment, but considering used fryers aren’t as efficient as new ones, you may opt to invest in a new model.

If your decision is to purchase a used model be sure to have a certified technician check out the unit beforehand to ensure there is not a leaky vat.

Purchasing Tips
-Prior to purchasing your used commercial fryer, be sure to do your homework and thoroughly inspect the machine to make sure you’re not inheriting something that will cost more in repairs than a whole new fryer might cost.

– Inspect the commercial fryer
Purchasing online is very convenient but for used restaurant equipment you’re better off going to a dealer or a restaurant equipment auction and inspecting the unit yourself. Be sure to check the fry vat for leaks with water if possible.

– Go with gas, gas fryers have fewer moving parts or complex components than electrical units, so they are simpler and less is likely to need repairs.

– Stay away from computer controls.  Computerized controls on your fryer could make life easier but there are a lot of complicated gizmos and sensors that can wear out and are expensive to replace.  Most restaurant owners recommend using a manual gas valve model when looking for used commercial deep fryer.

– Call the manufacture with any questions.  During your inspection if you see something wrong with the unit or don’t think everything is up to snuff, don’t be afraid to give the manufacture a call. The manufacturer will be able to tell you what is potentially wrong and how much repairs may cost.

Factor this information into your purchasing decision so what it comes down to; is it safe to buy a used commercial deep fryer? As long as you stay away from the computer controls and go with a gas powered model.