restaurant equipment in MOAmerican Services knows that restaurant equipment such as new ranges for your commercial kitchen are not cheap.  Therefore you probably want to take good care of your new equipment once you select your new equipment.

For optimal energy conservation, be sure to select the right cookware for optimum heat transfer  Be sure to use sturdy, flat-bottomed cookware. Pots with uneven bottoms do not heat evenly. Copper-bottom pots are some of the best for heat conduction.

Ensure that the pan covers the burner completely to eliminate heat loss.  For example, don’t use a 6 inch pan on an 8 inch burner for maximum heat distribution.

Be sure to put a cover on pots and pans to hold heat in instead of losing heat unnecessarily.  This will also shorten cooking times.

In order to keep your cooking equipment performing at optimum efficiency, be sure to set up a regular maintenance plan.  American Services will be happy to help you with this.

Cleaning your stove top properly is also important to ensure optimal heat transfer.  Dirty burners must work harder and waste energy in order to transfer heat to your cookware.  Be sure to keep your cook top clean for the most efficient use of energy in the kitchen.

“Any time your flame turns more yellow than blue or loses its bullet-shaped appearance, it is time for an adjustment. Loosen the adjustment screw and move the shutter until once again you have a blue, bullet-shaped flame. Then tighten the screw and prepare for more energy savings,” according to

Be sure to clean gas ranges each day as well to remove cooked on food and grease, but don’t use an excess amount water because it can damage electrical components.

For restaurant equipment maintenance near Edwardsville contact American Services today.