restaurant equipment service in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment repair in St. Louis, knows that the first place you should look to ensure proper maintenance, and reduce downtime, is to equipment manuals. In addition to being familiar with equipment manuals and any updates or re-issue of newer manuals by the manufacturer, attention should be spent on all warranty cards.  Warranty cars need to be signed in a timely manner and sent in with the receipt for any new restaurant equipment.

These warranty cards can save you in a bundle in machine repair and/or replacement costs. Most come with a 30 day warranty card, be sure to submit it in time before any warranties expire.

Next on the list of proper restaurant equipment maintenance is training and educating employees on the proper use of all equipment.   Employee misuse and malfunction are two issues not covered by warranty in most cases. Another factor in keeping your equipment in good working order is cleanliness, daily cleaning is the very most important tip for restaurant equipment. Clean restaurant equipment is something health inspectors consider, it sets the tone for continued inspection in a favorable manner.

Break your cleaning procedures down to weekly or monthly, if needed semiannual. After cleaning thoroughly, be sure to inspect equipment for wear, tear, and leaks.  Discovery of small problems early on will save you from expensive repairs later. Using your equipment manuals identify all worn and broken parts. Remember some warranty will not be honored if you attempt to remove broken parts yourself, so be sure to contact your local American Services contactors.

If it’s at all possible, repair small items, keeping in mind warranty restrictions. When working with chemicals always ensure to comply with MSDS regulations and train your employees do the same. In the restaurant business stainless steel is used throughout, ensure proper care, using mild detergent soft cloths when cleaning basic food service equipment.