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Selecting the proper cookware includes much consideration.  Optimum heat transfer is the objective here.  Flat heavy bottomed cookware promotes heat transfer well; uneven bottom cookware cannot accomplish this. Most professional chefs prefer copper bottom pots as they are especially good heat conductors.

It’s important to match pan and burner sizes, the pan should fully cover the burner for effective heat transfer. An example is if you use a 6 inch pan on an 8 inch burner almost half of the energy produced by the commercial range will go up the hood and heat up kitchen. Another way to boost efficiency and shorten cook times is to cover pots and pans, lids help hold in the heat.

In order for your commercial range to operate efficiently using the least amount of energy a regular maintenance plan must be incorporated.

A thorough and detailed cleaning of your commercial stove top will improve heat transfer. Dirty and black and burner pans have to work a lot harder to reflect heat. A clean commercial stove top is an energy efficient stovetop.

Knowing flame color and shape will help you determine when time for an adjustment is, for instance when your flame turns more yellow than blue or loses its bullet shaped appearance it’s time for a calibration. Merely loosen the adjustment screw, move the shutter until once again you have a blue bullet shaped flame. Close monitoring of your gas fired commercial range will result in energy cost savings.

Perform daily cleaning by removing grease and cooked on food build up, do not drown your commercial range, excess water damages electrical components.

Occasionally burner ports will become clogged. In order to clean them:
– Remove burner cap from the burner base
– Clean burner cap with warm soapy water
– Clean gas tube opening with damp cloth to clean area
– Use a straight pin to clean the tube port opening using care not to enlarge or distort the port.

Saving energy dollars begins with using the right equipment. Learn which energy smart features you can add to your commercial range.

A Commercial range with more BTU’s  will not necessarily allow you to grill any faster, since sometimes the range emits more than the food can absorb and the rest goes up the hood. These extra BTU’s can be helpful if you need a burst of power while cooking, such as searing operations.