4Let’s look closer at the world of under the counter refrigeration on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment Sales in St Louis near Overland.  Most all under counter refrigeration is manufactured with all steel cabinets and has steady, reliable refrigeration. “Specifically, the condenser is located below the unit, so it can be built in an island, bar or just about any kitchen installation.”

There are some different styles that indicate more than design, such as a freestanding versus a built in under the counter refrigeration.  A freestanding is what we know of as a dorm refrigerator, according to our research on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Sales and Service near Overland MO. It’s all plastic with the condenser on the back so it cannot be placed next to a cabinet or built-in. Their temperature is also less consistent than a true under counter refrigerator. The racks are typically plastic as well, so overall, you are looking at less of a quality machine, in comparison to a true build in under the counter refrigerator.

Here is one quick tip we found online that we agree is worth sharing to those of you shopping restaurant equipment, specifically under the counter refrigeration: Beverage coolers can usually accommodate wine. However, you should not store wine long-term in any other product than a wine cooler.  On behalf of your Restaurant Equipment Installation in St Louis, we will go further into details surrounding wine coolers in future posts as well, but which under counter refrigerator is best for you?  The four brands that get the best reviews and ratings are: True, Sub-Zero, Yale and Jenn Air.  There are certainly differences amongst them, but each of the four manufacturers produce a high quality product and specifically make under counter refrigeration that is top notch.