When we look at appliances on behalf of your restaurant equipment sales near Jefferson City MO, we know there are so many different categories of product and so many makes and models that fall under each category that it can get very confusing very quickly.  We are going to do our best to review some of the specific product categories in which you may be interested when opening up your own restaurant.  Your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Installation near Jefferson City MO, does their best to stay abreast the changes and important details surrounding each and every appliance category, so we will pass along all that we know, here to you.

Today, undercounter refrigeration is the focus and they have certainly changed much over the years, so what you know may very well be outdated.  “Undercounter refrigerators have changed over the years. You can buy a refrigerator, a wine cooler, freezer, or a combination set including an icemaker.  Then you can buy them with a glass door or with drawers. Many options exist in the refrigerator industry to fit your lifestyle.”

We found in all that we read on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales near Jefferson City MO, that the most popular style is definitely a beverage center.  This is because it allows you storage for wine and refrigerated items as well. The glass door is a nice showcase in any kitchen or bar, or in a restaurant where part of the kitchen is visible to the clientele.  In the posts that follow, we plan to answer some questions regarding the cost of an under the counter refrigeration unit and why they tend to be more expensive than other alternatives when it comes to space for the dollar.  We will then progress onto specific models and do our best to compare and contrast on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment sales near Jefferson City MO.