Supplier of St Charles Area Restaurant EquipmentIf you are a restaurant entrepreneur and seek the skill-set needed to set-up a commercial-grade kitchen – American Services is the St. Charles area commercial restaurant equipment installer for you!  At American Services we understand the special set of requirements needed by the commercial kitchen and have a team of experts that can help you install, repair, and maintain your investment properly.  Today, let’s take a look at some characteristics that make commercial-grade kitchens unique.

Stations – All commercial kitchens are set-up with stations.  Stations allow a chef the area needed to properly prepare the food being served from start to finish.  Each commercial kitchen is unique in the number, layout, and location of each station.

Equipment – When you walk into a commercial kitchen you will know it right away.  This is due to the quality of the equipment it will have.  Commercial restaurant equipment is designed to accommodate the large-scale food prep and safety requirements needed within the industry.

Safety – Some of the unique safety features you will find in a commercial kitchen include exhaust fans, automatic fire suppression, nonslip flooring, padded flooring, industrial fire extinguishers, and fire retardant systems.

Health Code – State and local health codes mandate the quality at which food is handled, prepared, and stored within a commercial kitchen.  For example, you will not find hand washing stations and food preparation in the same areas.  Dishwashers will be set to heat at a designated temperature and refrigeration systems will need to cool and freeze to a specific standard.

When it comes time for you to design your restaurant’s commercial kitchen, give the team at American Services a call!  Our trained team will come out to your location and assist you with all of the details!  Thank you for considering our services!