ventilationAt the onset of your new restaurant opening and just before you put into use all that you have learned about how to effectively run a business, you really ought to take some time to research your commercial kitchen and it’s ventilation needs before you check the box for done.  While you should always check with official national and local fire codes, we’ve compiled a few answers for frequently asked questions to help you understand what to pay attention to when it comes to your kitchen ventilation, all of which we gathered from online research done on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment sales in St Louis near Overland MO.

You will need the right exhaust hood despite your choice in restaurant equipment. This decision has a few factors to weigh in while pondering.  A, which type of exhaust you will need based on what you will be cooking.  Also, there are two basic types.  One is for the style cooking that is heavy on grease and smoke such as grilling, broiling or frying.  Type 2 is for the heat and moisture that results in baking or steaming.  Obviously, depending upon your Restaurant Equipment in St Louis MO and the style of cooking you most often do, the hood option will vary.

Another requirement for consideration when looking at ventilation of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Overland MO, is the actual physical size and mounting height that should be determined based on the capture zone required.
Ventilation design and how your ducts run to the outside have a big impact on your needs as well. Ducts with longer runs that aren’t straight may require a higher exhaust rate since the air is traveling a greater distance.  When setting out to decide on ventilation for your Restaurant Equipment in St Louis, be sure to consult a professional.