restaurant equipment installation in MOAmerican Services Restaurant Equipment installation in Bridgeton MO knows that keeping your restaurant equipment in St. Louis working properly starts with selecting the right commercial appliances.

If you are looking for the perfect Commercial Range for your company, consider that each type of range provides for different cooking styles as well as accommodating specific commercial kitchens.  For example,   one restaurant that is open 24 hours per day and puts out over 250 meals per day will require a more heavy duty unit than a catering business that prepares meal a few times per week.

Commercial ranges are different in that they accommodate different types of cooking, heat output, surface area and level of durability.   There are free standing units and then there are some designed to adapt to a “battery” set up in which the range is organized in lineup with other commercial kitchen equipment for the utmost in convenience and efficiency.

Battery ranges are designed to use in very high production kitchens which cook approximately 250 meals or more every day, their powerful output and heavy duty properties enable use with heavy pots and pans.

Hospitals, casinos, colleges, hotels, and correctional facilities as well as restaurants are all ideal candidates for heavy duty ranges.

Restaurant ranges are used in facilities that produce fewer than 250 meals per day, they take up less space and are a very popular selection for smaller kitchens.  They are popular selections for diners, café’s and small catering businesses.

A Wok range is used in Asian cooking facilities, specialized from cooking with a wok.  These ranges are specifically designed to work well with the shape and makeup of a wok.  There is usually a raise ring which supports the round bottomed wok.