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Programmable Thermostats and System Restrictions

Programmable Thermostats and System Restrictions

thermostatIn an attempt to bring you the latest in the area of refrigeration in St Louis MO near St Peters, we stumble, at times, upon new information that we hope you may conclude is helpful, or at least somewhat entertaining.  Today, on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Sales, we bring you information on programmable thermostats. They aren’t new themselves.  “Programmable thermostats were first certified by Energy Star in 1995; however, they were removed from the government-backed program in 2009 because, on their own without proper programming, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disqualified them as energy-saving products.” However, the use of them is still not widespread and is actually far from it.  Only about 12% of those with a central air system in the home are using programmable thermostats.  On behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Install near St Peters, we set out to discover why.

Also interesting is the fact that of those 12%,  only approximately 1/3 are actually using the thermostat as intended, by programming temperatures.  “But, even for those households using central air conditioning that have programmable thermostats, more than two-thirds of those households control temperatures without actually programming the thermostat.”

In 2017, are contractors having success selling programmable thermostats? What are their customers’ thoughts on programmable thermostats? How are contractors making an effort to increase awareness and bolster sales?  The general consensus from experts in the field is that they programmable thermostats are a bit ahead of the industry.  Not to imply that the technology is over our heads, but the systems in place are not quite ready for what the programmable feature can do.  According to our research on St Louis Refrigeration Sales behalf, there are two major reasons that programmable thermostats haven’t taken off in popularity.  The first, and most important, is that air conditioning units are not designed to be programmed to a higher temperature when the home is not occupied.  “Air conditioning units are traditionally sized to operate essentially all of the time. If a thermostat is set up in temperature during the day and then programmed to be lower when the owners arrive home, in hot weather, the a/c unit cannot bring the temperature down to an acceptable level.”

4 Commercial Cooling Maintenance Tasks You Need To Do Today!

4 Commercial Cooling Maintenance Tasks You Need To Do Today!

At The Top Of The ListEveryone with a commercial cooling unit near Jefferson County needs to keep in mind the importance of regular maintenance.  Having a regular maintenance schedule reduces the overall repair burden on a unit and keeps it working efficiently for years.  Today, the technicians at American Services want to give you their top four maintenance tasks that you should be doing right now!  Let’s get started!

Maintenance Task #1 – Most business owners understand the importance of keeping debris out of the area where an air conditioning unit sits, but most don’t realize that there is a thorough cleaning process that should also be done.  This process is something that needs to be done by a professional because specialized tools are used to reach spots that out of reach normally.

Maintenance Task #2 – Your air conditioning unit should be regularly given an overall check of all systems.  This should include the blower fan, evaporator coil, and all other components that work to make your unit run smoothly.

Maintenance Task #3 – When your tech comes out to do your normal maintenance make sure they are looking for any refrigerant leaks.  These leaks can often start very small and go unnoticed if not checked for.  Catching a leak before it gets out of control can save you from an unexpected disruption in service and large repair bill.

Maintenance Task #4 – Be sure that all of your unit’s moving parts are being lubricated and inspected.  This includes that blower fan and all of the unit’s belts. Your tech should also be looking for and correcting loose belts along with replacing any that show fraying or cracking.

Why not take the time to make sure your cooling system is in perfect shape now?  This simple task will save you money and sustain the life of your unit for years to come!


Common Commercial Cooling System Questions Answered

Common Commercial Cooling System Questions Answered

Questions and Answers Feeling comfortable and confident in the heating and cooling equipment you decide to purchase is an important part of finding the right HVAC contractor.  At American Services, our technicians are committed to making sure all of your questions are answered.  We want you to feel confident in your purchasing decision and to know that you are backed by a friendly customer care team that has your best interest in mind.  Today, let’s go over just a few of the questions we answer every day.

When is the best time to perform scheduled maintenance on my air conditioner?

Normally the best time to perform a maintenance check on your air conditioner will be in the Spring.  This allows our techs the advantage of finding any issues before you need to put the unit into use for the warmer months of the year.

How much can I set my thermostat back when my building is not in use?

If you want to save money by not cooling a space while you are away be sure to set the thermostat no more than 5-7 degrees back from your normal setting.  This should keep your space cool enough that getting it back to your normal comfort zone is pretty easy.  If you are wanting to take advantage of this type of savings, we also recommend that you invest in a programmable thermostat.

What types of maintenance tasks should I be performing on my air conditioning unit?

The most basic maintenance task you can be performing on your air conditioning unit is to clear any debris or other objects away from the unit.  You can also use an outdoor hose with light water pressure to clear airborne debris from the unit’s aluminum fins.

If you have more questions about your commercial cooling equipment near Hazelwood, simply give the team at American Services a call today!


Common Heating Questions Answered

Common Heating Questions Answered

Question AnswerHere at the American Services blog, answering questions presented to us by our valued commercial heating clients is something we take great pride in.  We always want you to understand all of the functions associated with the equipment we install and strive to give you the knowledge needed to use it effectively, efficiently, and for less money.  Today, our team is going to answer some of the question presented to us about heating systems.  Let’s get started!

How long does the typical heating system last?

With proper maintenance and attention, your heating unit should last anywhere from 10-20 years.

Can the installation of a new heating system lower my monthly utility bills?

Yes.  As mentioned above, your heating system should last about 10-20 years.  Yet in some cases the installation of a newer, more efficient system can save you so much on your utility costs that the upgrade makes perfect sense.

Is it necessary that I purchase a heating unit that matches the brand of my air conditioning unit?

It normally isn’t necessary to purchase a unit that matches in that way.  Just check with your installation expert to make sure all of the coil and blower sized match up properly.

There are temperature inconsistencies around my business space.  Can this be fixed?

Having temperature inconsistencies is a common problem and can be fixed by addressing the air flow problems in your space.   Air flow issues can be caused by areas of your duct work that are dirtier than others or by duct work that wasn’t designed to function optimally.  A professional can provide you with ideas on how to fix these issues and even get you set up with an advanced climate control zone-based system.

The team at American Services is proud to serve Webster Groves area commercial heating customers just like you!  Contact our team for a free estimate today!

Question – Should I replace both my furnace & AC although only one is needed at this time?

Question – Should I replace both my furnace & AC although only one is needed at this time?

Question MarkToday, the team at American Services will answer one of the most commonly asked questions concerning HVAC replacement.  Should I replace both my furnace and air conditioning units although only one is needed at this time?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question isn’t cut and dry.  First, you must consider the age of both units.  If both the furnace and air conditioner were installed at the same time, one must consider the fact that they are both likely wearing at an equal rate.  This means that although one may still be working properly, it is only a matter of a few years before it needs to be replaced also. On the other hand, if the units have been replaced individually in the past, you may very well have quite a few years left on the functioning unit.  You will also want  to consider the compatibility and efficiency of the new unit compared to the old.  Make sure to have a professional inspection on the functioning unit to determine a reasonable life expectancy compared to the failing unit.

Once you have that portion figured out, it’s time to think about cost.  In general, your contractor will be able to replace both pieces of your HVAC system in a more cost-effective manner compared to doing one piece at a time.  Doing them together is also a little more convenient, as you will only experience the minor construction that this process entails once, as compare to twice.  All of these factors together will help you come to the best conclusion for your needs.

Are you looking to replace a failing HVAC system near Chesterfield?  If so, let the American Services team come out and give you a free estimate.  Our commercial HVAC technicians understand how to save you time, money, and hassle – that’s why so many area businesses choose American Services!  Give our team a call today!


Winter or Spring – When’s the best time to do cooling system maintenance?

Winter or Spring – When’s the best time to do cooling system maintenance?

Question Mark And ThinkerWhen it comes to “shutting down” you cooling system for the winter months, most will agree that you can perform any needed maintenance as what ever time of the year best fits your needs.  As the months get colder and you no longer need your air conditioner, you may choose to have a professional come out and perform annual maintenance.  You can also wait and have this done as the cooling season begins in the late Spring.  Either way, it is important to remember that the most substantial factor is that the maintenance is being done before the unit is turned on again- no matter what time of year it is performed.

One task that you should consider doing once you are not longer using your air conditioner, is to invest in a cover for your outdoor unit.  Investing in a cover will allow you the chance to keep any unwanted debris like leaves and insects from building up over the cold weather months.  This is something that will help in keeping your unit to function properly once it is put back into use.

The bottom line is that all air conditioning units need to be properly maintained at regular intervals during the year.  Timing your maintenance is something that needs to be discussed with your HVAC contractor in order to ensure proper functioning and a successful start to your heating and cooling seasons.

If your a commercial building owner looking for cooling maintenance services near South County, your best bet is to ask the American Services team for a free quote today!  At American Services, St. Louis are business owners and commercial building tenants find the complete service they need.  In fact, American Services can help with everything from HVAC to refrigeration and beverage machines.  Contact the American Services team for complete details today!


5 Tips To Improve Indoor Air Quality

5 Tips To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Man Breathing

 5 Tips To Improve Indoor Air Quality 

  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, strong suction, and rotating bristles to get rid of dust accumulation on floors, furniture, and other areas that collect debris.  This practice works best when done at least two times per week.
  • Get all the dust left behind when vacuuming by mopping regularly.  You don’t even need a fancy cleaner, just warm water is enough to catch all of the lingering dust and allergens.
  • Use a door mat to capture dirt, pesticides, and other pollutants that enter via people’s shoes.  The mat will then keep those unwanted materials out of the rest of the building.
  • Mold and dust mites love humidity.  That’s why it is so important to keep a healthy humidity level in your building.  Having a dehumidifier will help reduce the moisture levels and thus help control the allergens.  Your air conditioning unit also keep humidity levels down and is great if you are working with allergy-sufferers.
  • Get a radon test.  Most think radon is only a problem in older buildings, but it actually affects structures of all ages.  Radon is colorless, odorless, and when exposed, significantly increases your risk of lung cancer.  The good news is that the test is fairly inexpensive and a high-level reading is usually fixed fairly easily.

If you would like more guidance on improving the indoor air quality of your commercial building, the team at American Services can help.  Our knowledgeable Belleville area heating and cooling experts understand how to direct you in this area and would be happy to make the air you breath much cleaner.  Contact our friendly customer care representatives to schedule an appointment with us today!

Common Cooling Equipment Failures

Common Cooling Equipment Failures

Heating Air Conditioning TechnicianAccording to, there are some common areas that commonly cause air conditioning units to fail.  These five areas include refrigerant leaks, inadequate maintenance, electric control failure, sensor problems, and drainage issues.  Today, we will explore all of these areas and give tips on how to handle them.

Refrigerant Leaks – Refrigerant leaks can not be repaired by the consumer and require proper handling, as refrigerant is a chemical that is harmful to the environment.  If you are experiencing performance issues and suspect a refrigerant leak, call a professional to fix the problem and charge the system properly.

Inadequate Maintenance – It is vital to perform the proper maintenance on your air conditioning equipment.  Failing to change your filters and having dirty coils will cause your compressor and fans to prematurely need attention.

Electric Control Failure – If your unit is oversized, you may experience a number of on/off cycles that is higher than normal.  This can cause corrosion of wires and terminals and thus bad electrical connections and contacts.  Have your service professional check for this issue during routine maintenance stops.

Sensor Problems – If your unit begins cycling constantly or erratically, you may have a bad sensor.  This can happen if it is knocked out of place.  Call your HVAC tech to have it re-positioned.

Drainage Problems – In humid conditions, your unit will need to drain properly and in order to do so, will need a clear condensate drain.  This is something you can check and rectify on your own.

Don’t delay giving attention to any of these common issues!  Contact the Sunset Hills area industrial cooling equipment experts at American Services to schedule an appointment today!


Keep Your HVAC Costs Down This Summer!

Keep Your HVAC Costs Down This Summer!

Summer Hot DaysAre you looking for a few new ideas related to reducing your air conditioning costs this summer season?  If so, stay tuned because the Bridgeton Area HVAC Maintenance experts at American Services are here to help.  Our team is committed to helping you save energy, money, and time this summer by providing you this informative list.  Let’s get started!

  • Create an insulated barrier around your outdoor air conditioning unit using plants like shrubs and trees.  This type of coverage needs to create shade, while not impeding the air flow.
  • Strategically time the use of household appliances that produce unwanted heat. Examples of this type of household appliance would include your clothes dryer, dish washer, and your oven.  All of these units give off extra heat that will require your unit to work harder.  So, consider operating these appliance early in the morning or once the sun goes down.
  • Take a look at where your thermostat is located.  Does it take on extra amounts of sunlight or are there electronics like a computer or television close by?  All of these factors can boost your AC output because of the extra heat they place on the thermostat unit.  Consider moving the thermostat or the appliances if needed.
  • Don’t overuse your air conditioning when you aren’t at home by setting your temperature higher when you leave.  This task is best taken care of by a programmable thermostat that will remember to move your temperature around as needed.
  • If you have air vents near your ceiling and on your floor, consider closing those on the floor and only having the higher vents open.  This can help take the hotter air and get it cooled faster since heat rises.

If you’ve done all you can to improve your energy usage, but still need some help.  Contact the team at American Services for more information.

More On HVAC Maintenance

More On HVAC Maintenance

Air conditionerAre you looking for a more detailed list regarding performing routing maintenance on your air conditioning unit?  If so, you’ve joined us on the right day. Here’s your detailed list!

  • Clear debris away from the outside of the unit by removing any leaves or other materials that may have collected.  You can also spray the base of the area with a garden hose to give it a more through clean.
  • Clear debris that has accumulated around the condensing unit.
  • Use coil cleaner to clean your condensing coil.  You’ll need to let the cleaner foam up and then rinse it thoroughly so that all of the coil cleaner is properly removed.
  • Ensure that your condensing fan blade is in balance by running the fan and making sure it isn’t vibrating during use.
  • Change your contactors, test run capacitors, check the amp dray on all of your motors, and inspect all wire connections.
  • Clean the evaporator coil with a garden hose.
  • Replace the air filter.
  • Clear the condensate drain using a wet/dry vac.
  • Check the capillary tubes to ensure they are not chaffing on any of the other parts of the system.
  • Clean or replace any UV lights.
  • Inspect duct work and insulation related to the unit.  Make sure you don’t have any leaks in your duct.
  • Check the amp draw on the compressor, along with the pressures while the compressor is running.

Remember, many of these maintenance items can be performed by the unit owner, but some may fall outside of your comfort zone.  That’s when you need to call the St Louis City HVAC maintenance experts at American Services.  Our team can assist you in keeping your entire HVACR systems in great condition!  Give us a call for a free quote today!