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Food Warming & Holding Restaurant Equipment Guide

Food Warming & Holding Restaurant Equipment Guide

buffet dish warming tray

Today, the team at American Services wants to inform you regarding the many options you have when looking to add food warming and/or hold equipment to your restaurant.  All of these options give you choices regarding cost, functionality, and customer convenience while providing a safe environment for the food you serve. Let’s get started!

Food Bars vs. Hot Food Tables

When considering the addition of a food bar versus a hot food table, there are a number of things to look at.  Hot food tables provide a functional stainless steel appearance, the ability to keep food hot longer thanks to being electrically powered, an adjustable thermostat that helps maintain an optimal temperature, and options that allow for greater customer service such as end tables, cutting boards, and added work space features.  Food bars offer conveniences like sneeze guards or sun canopies, can be used anywhere since they do not require electricity, can be used on any table top, have the option to be used hot or cold, and provide extra storage within the portable base.

Drawer Warmers vs. Countertop Food Warmers

Drawer warmers are used for holding food in a kitchen since they are not meant to be a display unit.  These units are smaller in size, can be used to hold a variety of different food items, and offer varied temperature control for multiple drawers. Countertop food warmers on the other hand are made to serve customers hot food items in a self-serve environment.  These units can be ordered with a specific holding purpose in mind or can be used in an all-purpose way.

Finally, if you are looking to keep food warm for a short period of time, an overhead warming unit will work best.  When this is the situation, you will be choosing from a heat lamp or heat strip.  Heat lamps work well when you need to heat individual pans of food since they direct heat to one specific location.  Heat strips are used to cover more length of space with even heat and can be used in sized ranging from 18 inches to 12 feet.

As you can see, there are a number of options out there when it comes to food warming and holing.  Ask the Kirkwood area restaurant equipment experts at American Services to help you evaluate your needs in this area of your commercial kitchen today!

What To Look For In High Quality HVAC Technicians!

What To Look For In High Quality HVAC Technicians!

Technician Servicing Heating BoilerChoosing your HVAC service provider can be tough considering the many choices you have in the area.  You want to make sure you will get the service you need, along with a reliable and knowledgeable HVAC technician to complete the work.  Today, let’s talk about some characteristics to look for in your next HVAC technician.

  • Certifications – Look for your HVAC technician to have a number of documented certifications in both his field and areas of expertise.  The most important of these certifications is the North American Technician Excellence or NATE certification.  Having graduated from a NATE certification program means that individual meets or exceeds the experience, training, and knowledge needed to be a high-quality tech in the HVAC-R industry.
  • Timeliness – Your technician should be someone you can count on.  This means that they arrive according to schedule and finish scheduled work orders within the estimated amount of time given to you as the customer.  A great way to get full details on the reputation of a particular HVAC company, ask around or explore websites.
  • Appearance, Grooming, and Boot Covers – The way your technician presents himself says a lot about his attention to detail.  Anyone how comes to your business to perform service work should be in a clean uniform, be properly groomed, and should always respect your property by wearing boot covers inside your establishment.
  • Prepared and Clean-Up – Your tech should arrive with the right tools and parts for the job indicated in the service write-up.  If you have an experience where your technician in not prepare due to poor planning, that may be a sign of an unfavorable choice.
  • Business Longevity – When researching HVAC service providers near Hazelwood, take the longevity of the business in consideration.  The fact that a service provider has been around for many years is a sign that they must be attracting customers for the right reasons.

Next time you want to switch-up your HVAC service provider, give American Services a call.  Our team is guaranteed to meet your needs!

What Are Blast Chillers?

What Are Blast Chillers?

Commercial Refrigeration Near St PetersIf you are in the food business, you understand how important your refrigeration equipment really is.  It not only allows you the ability to store the perishable goods, but also helps keep your patrons safe by cooling your products to industry standards.  In today’s kitchen it is becoming increasingly important to provide a safe cooling environment and in order to accomplish that, many are turning to the use of blast chillers. Let’s take a look at what blast chiller do and how they could benefit your business.

Blast chillers are special refrigeration/freezer units that allow the ability to take hot foods from over 90 degrees to 3 degrees in a very short period of time.  This process eliminates the amount of time that food is in a risky temperature zone and thus helps preserve the safety of that dish.  Some of the advantage to blast chiller include: Quality Preservation; Appearance; Texture; Taste; and Nutritional Value.

As you can see, the use of a blast chiller has many desired qualities for restaurant, catering, and other commercial kitchen owners.  If you think a blast chiller refrigeration unit would be a great addition to your business, the St. Peters area  industrial refrigeration team at American Services can help!  American Services has been the St Louis area’s leading commercial HVAC, cooking equipment, ice machine, beverage systems, and industrial equipment service provider for years!  Our professional team is highly trained and skilled in the work they perform and we want to help you!  Don’t take the risk of not having compliant refrigeration equipment in your business any longer. Contact the American Services team at 855-733-1776 for a free estimate today!  Thank you for considering American Services!

Tips for Proper Care of Commercial Cooking Equipment

Tips for Proper Care of Commercial Cooking Equipment

restaurant equipment in MOAmerican Services knows that restaurant equipment such as new ranges for your commercial kitchen are not cheap.  Therefore you probably want to take good care of your new equipment once you select your new equipment.

For optimal energy conservation, be sure to select the right cookware for optimum heat transfer  Be sure to use sturdy, flat-bottomed cookware. Pots with uneven bottoms do not heat evenly. Copper-bottom pots are some of the best for heat conduction.

Ensure that the pan covers the burner completely to eliminate heat loss.  For example, don’t use a 6 inch pan on an 8 inch burner for maximum heat distribution.

Be sure to put a cover on pots and pans to hold heat in instead of losing heat unnecessarily.  This will also shorten cooking times.

In order to keep your cooking equipment performing at optimum efficiency, be sure to set up a regular maintenance plan.  American Services will be happy to help you with this.

Cleaning your stove top properly is also important to ensure optimal heat transfer.  Dirty burners must work harder and waste energy in order to transfer heat to your cookware.  Be sure to keep your cook top clean for the most efficient use of energy in the kitchen.

“Any time your flame turns more yellow than blue or loses its bullet-shaped appearance, it is time for an adjustment. Loosen the adjustment screw and move the shutter until once again you have a blue, bullet-shaped flame. Then tighten the screw and prepare for more energy savings,” according to

Be sure to clean gas ranges each day as well to remove cooked on food and grease, but don’t use an excess amount water because it can damage electrical components.

For restaurant equipment maintenance near Edwardsville contact American Services today.


Procuring Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

Procuring Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

restaurant equipment repair in St. LouisAmerican Services restaurant equipment installation in Missouri knows that for those new owners who are just getting started in the restaurant industry, locating and purchasing the right equipment and restaurant supplies can be overwhelming. For any restaurant opening there will be an extensive list of equipment and supplies that you will need to have on hand, and that list is different for everyone.

Determining the equipment you need-A restaurant owner’s equipment needs will be dictated by your menu and your restaurants theme or concept. There are a few general guidelines for all new restaurant owners to follow when creating your new equipment list.
Be sure to do a thorough evaluation of your menu to determine the fewest pieces of equipment needed to produce all of the dishes outlined on your menu. An example might be a sandwich shop: the minimal equipment needed might be limited to a commercial refrigerator, refrigerator prep table, ice machine, and meat slicer.

Strategic extras-The list of essential equipment should be your base guideline for purchasing new restaurant equipment, however many new owners with extra space and capital find that additional equipment is useful. For example a commercial food processor, this equipment may not be necessary but it reduces kitchen labor required to produce your menu and can enhance the final taste or appearance of the food. These strategic “extras” contribute to help make your kitchen flexible and will come in handy if you plan to change your menu in the future.

Determining What Supplies you Need-Most new start-up commercial kitchens require basic kitchen utensils to be on hand, these include; scoops, spoons, and spatulas. Often, new restaurant owners put off purchasing these necessities until the last minute before the Grand Opening, Be sure to consider even the smallest items you may need in advance to save time and money in the long run.

Speeding up Your Kitchen-purchasing handy food preparation supplies, like vegetable cutters and slicers, even bulk choppers for high volume produce, will help increase worker productivity.

Storage Equipment- every new restaurant will need food storage and shelving equipment.  Both perishable and non-perishables foods should be kept in proper storage equipment.
Remember Food Safety Supplies-gloves, pot holders, hair nets
and thermometers are easy to overlook, but they are part of the list of essential items that any commercial kitchen needs to meet health codes and provide safety for employees and customers.

Commercial Cooling System Service and Repair

Commercial Cooling System Service and Repair

cooling services in MissouriAmerican Services heating and cooling repair in St. Louis knows that today’s generation of commercial cooling systems are designed primarily to be energy efficient, but also are built so that maintenance and repairs are minimal due to new technology.

Modern cooling systems are expected to meet certain specifications in order to be installed in commercial buildings, some of the requirements are listed below:

  • Appearance-the way a cooling system looks matters a lot, much of the ductwork is exposed so a clean and orderly appearance is desired.
  • Noise-a clean and quiet functioning cooling system should ventilate the air; eliminate dust and potential allergens without a high noise level.
  • Adaptability-commercial cooling system should have a flexible ability to adapt to energy efficient sources.  More and more facilities management are interested in installing commercial cooling systems which can be adapted to efficient sources such as a solar source.
  • Energy efficiency-without a doubt the most significant aspect in the commercial cooling system is energy efficiency. This is the number one reason manufacturers are beginning to use water for the making of such systems. New technology is showing manufactures that basing their selection on the high capacity of water to transport energy will be superior compared to air.

Before actually purchasing one of the commercial cooling systems on the market today, be prepared to hire the best team for the actual installation, such as American Services, because commercial cooling systems are very complex.  These systems can be purchased as singular or modular units, roof or ground mounted. (At this point an upgraded HVAC system should be considered) which will support your new cooling system efficiently. This will also provide a proper working environment without consuming too much energy or requiring high maintenance costs.

Many commercial buildings today have learned the advantage of retrofitting energy efficient HVAC systems. These systems efficiently deliver heat and cool air wherever needed, and provide a substantial energy savings in the process.