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Restaurant Equipment Take Two

Take twoToday, we plan to look closer at your St Louis Restaurant Equipment needs and hone in on some of the less obvious things you will need that are not all actual appliances per say, some are smaller thing, too, that may go by the wayside if you are opening your first restaurant in St Louis near St Charles MO.

Prep tables, counters, and cutting surfaces are essential to any commercial kitchen and come in various sizes so we thought we would elaborate to some extent here. It is recommended that you choose preparation surfaces made of stainless steel. According to experts’ advice we read in our research on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Service near St Charles, “Stainless steel is sturdy against corrosion, resists attack from food and meat juices, and can withstand the harsh cleaning products used in commercial kitchens.”  When it comes to cutting, you will want to have plenty of either plastic or wooden cutting boards at your fingertips. Plastic boards are easier to sanitize but can develop deep grooves that can hide bacteria. Wooden boards are generally tougher than plastic ones and don’t develop grooves as easily, but can be slightly trickier to sanitize fully.

Let’s move on to slicers for your St Louis Restaurant Equipment near St Charles, shall we?  “Slicers are often tasked with cutting meat, cheese, or other foods with speed and precision. If you need to purchase a slicer, consider how often you’ll need to use it. If your slicing is low volume or infrequent, a manual food slicer is a better, less expensive option. However, for larger amounts of food or foods that need to be cut to specific proportions, choose an electric slicer instead. Electric slicers are automatic, which can save you time and labor. Moreover, most electric slicers allow you to turn off the automatic function and operate the machine manually.”

The History of Refrigeration

historyToday, on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration sales and install near Maryland Heights, we have decided to explore the history of the subject at hand.  First, we ought to define it as much as we can from the start.  In its most basic form, refrigeration is a method in which work is done to remove heat from one location to another. Refrigerators, then, are machines, sometimes household appliances, sometimes commercial, which are used for such a purpose and are generally used to keep food fresh longer. Although they are a relatively modern invention, people have been attempting to extend the life of food via freshness by keeping it at lower temperatures for thousands of years.

“History of refrigeration is long and refrigeration changed along the way from the pretty primitive yet ingenious to modern technology which allowed people to have refrigerators in their house and not depend on nature.”   Some of the basic, yet pertinent facts to cover on behalf of your refrigeration sales and service in St Louis are as follows, “…may look like mundane machines that everyone has in their home and that work on simple physical laws that work since the beginning of time but that is not all that can be said about them.”

The invention of the refrigerator is a good place to land and wrap up for now, only to pursue the topic of refrigeration history in the next post as well, in more details.  “One showed how with simple apparatus temperature can be lowered artificially; the other held the first patent for a refrigerator. Both are part of the history of artificial refrigeration and without them who knows how the world would look.”  For a more complete discussion about refrigeration and its history, please feel free to look up and read our next post on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Install near Maryland Heights MO.

Commercial Ranges and Refrigerator Sales

commercial rangeSo, you have decided to open your own commercial kitchen and now you realize it has come time to stock that kitchen with appliances.  On behalf of your Commercial Refrigeration Sales in St Louis near Edwardsville, we have decided to give it a whirl in helping you make some of these decisions in the most educated fashion possible.  Today, we will focus on the range in your commercial kitchen and will talk about many of the factors to consider on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Installation near Edwardsville.

“The range is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen, with the ability to fry, grill, broil, saute, boil, braise, simmer, warm and even bake!”  We came across a pretty helpful guide online when doing research on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Install and sales and we want to pass along some of the valuable tips to you in this and a few posts to follow.  You would be wise to begin with the understanding that there are several different types of ranges and within those types, you will have configuration and features from which to choose as well.  The two basic types of ranges that exist on today’s market are called:  “Restaurant Ranges” and “Heavy Duty Ranges”, which may also be called “Master Series” or “Modular” ranges. “Restaurant Ranges are the most common type, and are designed with ease of use and durability in mind.

Heavy Duty ranges are designed for higher volume usage, and boast more durable construction, and often are available with more features and options.”  Deciding what works best to fill your needs is pretty simple once you have a clear picture of their capabilities.  If you continue to follow us here, we will do our best to illuminate these capabilities and give you a clear picture of all that you need to see in commercial ranges, on behalf of your Commercial Refrigeration Sales and Service in St Louis MO.

Range Options For Your Restaurant Equipment

commercial rangeWhen it comes to buying restaurant equipment, you will have several different appliances to purchase for your new business venture and knowing just where to start can be a tad bit stressful to say the least.  It is best, probably, to seek out some professional assistance in the form of advice and product reviews before you set out on the venture of St Louis Restaurant Equipment Sales near Fenton MO.

Here is the first bit of information we found on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Fenton.  “The range is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen, with the ability to fry, grill, broil, saute, boil, braise, simmer, warm and even bake! Whether you are opening a new restaurant and are considering the purchase of a range, or looking to replace the one you currently have, this handy guide will walk you through the most important purchasing considerations to help you select the best product for your needs!”  We found this guide to be rather helpful and so we will use it here throughout our writing, on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Repair near Fenton.

There are two basic types of ranges in the industry and are usually referred to as “Restaurant Ranges” and “Heavy Duty Ranges”, which may also be called “Master Series” or “Modular” ranges. Restaurant Ranges are the most common type between the two and are focused on ease of use and durability when they are being designed.  On the other end, the heavy duty ranges are more designed for higher volume uses and so, depending on your needs, you may be better off with one of these types in a restaurant environment.  “Heavy Duty ranges are designed for higher volume usage, and boast more durable construction, and often are available with more features and options.”  We will elaborate further in the next post, here, on behalf of your Restaurant equipment sales and service in St Louis MO.

Restaurant Equipment Can Be Found Used Too

save money buttonWhat is included under the heading of restaurant equipment?  This is something we set out to answer initially on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Service and Sales near Creve Coeur MO.  For, in order to discuss some of the intricate details of supplying your new commercial kitchen, we must first agree upon what is included in the description, right?  As it turns out, the subject is a broad one.  “Restaurant equipment covers everything from commercial ovens to dining tables, restaurant dishes to ice machines.”  It is true that the category is broad and also that deciding what type of restaurant equipment to purchase can be overwhelming for a new restaurant owner to say the least.  We are going to try to help in this and the post to follow when it comes to narrowing your search for St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Creve Coeur MO.

Begin by realizing that there is a budget friendly way to stock your commercial kitchen with restaurant equipment and it involves considering pre owned stuff.  New restaurant equipment is not always better or necessary to accomplish your goals.  In fact, it can push you over budget very quickly if you are not careful.  “A new restaurant doesn’t necessarily require all new equipment. You can purchase quality used restaurant equipment for pennies on the dollar.”

For, it is true that tables, chairs, dishes, utensils are all perfectly fine to buy second-hand in St Louis near Creve Coeur and though you may wish to be slightly more particular with restaurant equipment that will be functioning regularly, such as larger appliances, even things such as your stoves, ovens, refrigeration units, all of them can be had at a great discount in the used arena.  Did you know that you can even find restaurant equipment to lease? This may be very reassuring to those who are hesitant to dive into the business due to the poor stats that we see on the other end.  Your risk would potentially be less if you check into the possibility of leasing your St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Creve Coeur MO.  Read our next post for further information on the subject.

Styles of Electric Cooktops

electric topWhen buying your next range, stove, oven, cooktop, whichever cooking device you need, you will need to know before your purchase, just which power source you have available to you and also which one you will need and want for your kitchen also.  “The heat output from electric cooktops is measured in watts. Output varies from stove to stove and burner to burner, but the output generally falls somewhere between 1,200 watts for low heat on a small burner and 3,800 BTUs for high heat on a large burner, though we’ve seen outliers on both ends of the spectrum. There are different types of electric cooktops from which you can select.”  Assuming you will go with an electric version of these appliances, we set out to talk about the different choices within, on behalf of your St Louis Cooling and Oven Sales near Chesterfield MO.

“Smoothtop (glass-ceramic cooktop): These cooktops are made of smooth glass-ceramic with heating units under the surface. A built-in sensor lets you know when a burner is still hot. This is important with smooth electric cooking surfaces because the burner doesn’t always turn red if the heat is low.”  These styles can be easily scratched and it is not always a great idea to use some cookware on top, especially super heavy things like cast iron just because of the ease with which you can crack your top.

Electric coil: These burners convert the electricity that runs into the coil into heat. These cooktops contain thermostat sensors that notify y ou when a burner is on, but not necessarily whether it is still hot. Electric coil stoves are notorious for uneven cooking because of uneven distribution of the coil. In short, it is hard to keep the coil perfectly level, which can make all of the food in the pan slide to one side. In addition, electric coil stoves are slow to heat and slow to cool. The advantage, according to your St Louis Cooling service near Chesterfield, however, is definitely the lower price associated with these particular models.

Price Range Differences in Commercial Appliances

commercial kitchenFiguring out which type of commercial appliance your kitchen needs, whether in the oven and stove top/range category, or any other area of product, can first be decided upon what your kitchen will accommodate, according to our recent research done on behalf of your Heating Sales in Earth City near Bridgeton.  “What type of appliance does your kitchen accommodate? Do you have a built-in wall oven and separate cooktop, or do you only have space for a range? Stick with a product that will fit into your current setup, unless you’re ready for a big renovation to accompany your new appliance purchase.”

According to our Heating Installation in Earth City, another series of questions involve power source and location.  “What type of power hookup do you have? Check to see if you have a gas line or just an electric outlet.”  If you have electric, it is 110 or 220?  How much money will you spend?  Some ranges can be a ton of money and although they are really neat appliances to have, they can definitely be an overkill for some when it comes to capabilities and also breaking the bank too.

One writer said the following, “With that said, set a budget so that shiny stainless steel finishes and touchpad controls don’t blind you to the reality of what you can afford. Fortunately, our testing has shown us that you can find a good appliances at any price point.”  If you find yourself in the 500-1000 dollar price range, then you will be looking at the more basic ranges in the commercial realm especially, according to your St Louis Heating and Range Service near Bridgeton MO.  You will get the basic cooking functions without doubt.  Your options for finish are black, white and bisque, though you can find a few stainless-steel-covered models in this price range and most all are self cleaning ovens as a standard with any of them.  You may get manual controls for the oven as opposed to digital, but that isn’t always a bad thing.  Read our next post for more info on the upper price ranges.

Commercial Kitchen Range Prices and Differences

commercial kitchenKnowing that a basic range for a home or commercial kitchen can be obtained for under 1000 dollars, we set out to figure the differences in the higher dollar models on behalf of your Commercial Cooling Service in Earth City near Ladue.  It turns out that when you bump up to the $1,000- $3,000 price range you gain options in the form of cooking modes, more styles from which to choose and stainless is definitely obtainable in this price range.  Anyone looking for a slide in or drop in model which is more of a built in look, will likely be in this price range as a minimum as well.

From our recent research done on behalf of your Cooling install in Earth City near Ladue, we found the next step up in price to be the $3,000-$6,000 range.  This is steep for most home ranges, though some will foot the bill.  “Here is where you can start to get fancy with options like dual-fuel power, slide-in design and convection fans.”  Also, when looking at gas, say for instance, in the Viking Ranges, you will be offered higher and lower btu burners in order to provide more powerful and delicate heat settings.

“$6,000-$10,000: Products in this price range emulate professional-grade appliances you’d see in commercial kitchens. For ranges, you’ll see all-stainless steel construction (not just a finish on doors and control panels), models that are wider than the standard 30 inches to accommodate six or more burners, along with special options such as modular tops that allow for change ups between burners, woks, griddles, grills and other options for some.  Over ten grand is sort of crazy land for most people and you get a customized piece entirely.  Check them out by visiting your Earth City Cooling sales near Ladue MO today.

Unique Cooling Gadgets

uniqueWe are writing, today, on behalf of your heating and cooling services in St Louis near South County and will talk to your about heating and cooling, but more about cooling in St Louis, actually. More specifically, let us look at the kind of cooling that takes place in a commercial refrigerator for your restaurant or commercial cooling needs in St Louis near South County MO.

We left off with styles of refrigeration and the deli case is one we have yet to discuss for your St Louis Cooling Installation company near South County.  “Refrigerated deli cases can display fresh products like sliced meats and cheeses, making them a common sight in sandwich shops and grocery stores. For non-refrigerated foods like baked goods, bakery display cases are a good choice. They offer the same design, but usually without refrigeration that could put moisture into the air and ruin your food. With straight glass, curved glass, and countertop units, you should be able to find a case that matches your needs and existing décor.”

There also exist undercounter refrigerator options for your St Louis Cooling Company near South County and all of their needs.  When you run a restaurant or a grocery store, for example, these cases will provide space-saving storage where you need to keep cold items handy, like at the bar or a fryer station. Much like that, when you need your St Louis Cooling company near South County to have the ability to serve food while a chef cooks it on site, you have many cooling gadgets and appliances that can help that along as well.  “…refrigerated chef bases have reinforced tops to hold equipment like countertop fryers and griddles, while worktop refrigerators typically have a backsplash to contain spills and provide a place to do light prep work.”  If you see an upcoming need for such St Louis Cooling Equipment near South County, but you don’t know exactly what might work best for you, don’t hesitate to explore and discover what the nearby establishments are using successfully already and call your St Louis Cooling sales near South County for more details today.

Sharp Restaurant Equipment

microwaveWhen it comes to St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales near Ladue, it can be hard to decide and to know where to turn when it is time to gather your details and do your restaurant equipment research.  Let me just throw out a brand that I have found intriguing over the years.  Sharp.  That’s right, sharp is a brand that we are all aware of in the realm of electronics, but did you know that they also make a mean microwave?  One of the very best commercial grade microwaves I know of came from Sharp and it highly recommended by anyone who sells and services restaurant equipment in St Louis near Ladue.

Here is a bit of history regarding Sharp, they started in 1912 as a small metal workshop in Tokyo. Tokuji Hayakawa was an inventor, and the Sharp Corporation derived its name from Tokuji’s Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil, which he designed in 1915. However, his pencil business was destroyed by an earthquake and the Japanese inventor relocated to Osaka and started designing the first Japanese radios. This eventually led to the production of televisions, calculators, sound equipment, the world’s first camera phone, and household and commercial appliances as well.

Then came the commercial microwave by Sharp.  Not only do they make a highly functional commercial microwave, but their everyday convection microwave is also amazing.  “With such a vast history in technology and product innovation, let’s dive into the world of Sharp Commercial microwaves to see why our customers love them so much.  Sharp categorizes its microwave ovens as medium duty, heavy duty, or TwinTouch™.”   Check these microwaves out when you are shopping for your next piece of restaurant equipment and call your St Louis Restaurant Installation near Ladue for any help you may need.