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The What’s & Why’s of Commercial Refrigeration

The What’s & Why’s of Commercial Refrigeration

who, why, when, what, where and how

Depending on what type of business you run, you may be at a point where investing in a commercial refrigeration unit near St. Charles has become necessary.  Yet, many first time commercial refrigeration buyers don’t understand how to determine if they need such a unit and, if so, what type of unit to invest in.  Today, the team at American Services will give you a few tips concerning how you can determine if a commercial refrigeration unit is for you and what type you may consider.

Commercial refrigeration units are made for businesses that need a free-standing unit that will provide cold or frozen storage often found in a commercial kitchen or dining area.  When business owners go to purchase such a unit, they will find that they can get either refrigeration or freezer units that come in a variety of options such as small reach-in coolers all the way to large walk-in freezers.  Here are examples of situations that would require you to invest in a commercial refrigeration unit:

  • If you have cold or frozen items that need to be stored before use.
  • If you have produce on-hand that needs to stay fresh, crisp, and cold for longer periods of time.
  • If you need to maintain the integrity of prepared food items.
  • If you need to keep perishable items out of the food danger zone.

Now that you understand why you may need one of these units, here are some examples of what is on the market:

  • Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Refrigerated Prep Tables
  • Undercounter Merchandisers
  • Bar Refrigeration

All of these units come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes so they can be totally customized to your needs.  Yet that all have one thing in common, the ability to keep foods chilled or frozen according to your needs.  Talk to the team at American Services about customizing a unit for your commercial space today!

Life vs. Installation Costs On New A/C Systems Explained

Life vs. Installation Costs On New A/C Systems Explained

Benefit Cost

The winter months provide a great amount of time to think about replacing your ageing air conditioning system since it is no longer in use until spring.  This means that many business owners will be getting quotes and wondering how to determine what unit will be able to meet their current budget needs as well as provide reliable service at a low monthly cost.  Today, the team at American Services will help you with this decision by giving you a few quick things to consider when comparing your first and lifetime costs of a new a/c unit.

What do installation or “first” costs cover?

Your installation or “first” costs will only cover the price tag on the unit plus the cost of hiring a technician to install the unit.

What does it mean when someone mentions “lifetime” costs?

Your lifetime costs include all the costs associated with keeping the unit maintained, repaired, and for usage over the years.

What does SEER stand for?

When you see SEER it stands for the system’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  When you are looking at units to purchase, you will notice that the price tag will go up as the SEER goes up.  This is because units with a higher SEER will also have the advanced technologies needed to keep energy usage down and your utility bills under control.

Now that you understand these simple terms, you will need to start doing some comparisons.  When doing so, consider the fact that a low cost unit may cost you more in utility bills and actually waste lots of money in the long run.  Also consider the quality of the unit you are buying, average maintenance costs, and the professionalism of the installation.  All of these factors will need to be looked over carefully as you make your decision.

If you are looking to replace your cooling system near Jefferson County, get all the help you need and a free estimate from American Services today!

Choosing the Right Location For Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Choosing the Right Location For Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Drink display fridge

You may think that ordering new commercial refrigeration or freezer equipment is a simple task comprised of choosing a few units and making a phone call.  But the team at American Services knows that the type of refrigeration equipment you choose needs to be based on more than just the need for a refrigerator.  This decision should be based on what you are storing, the temperatures you need to sustain, and placement of the equipment.  Today, let’s take a look at why placement of your new equipment is so important.

When you decide to order a new refrigeration or freezer unit for your business, think about where it will be located.  Units like this need to be placed in an environment that will allow them to work at maximum capacity and thus, keep the contents cold or frozen.  For example, if you place your new unit next to a stove, it won’t keep it’s temperature for very long and will most likely start malfunctioning.

To avoid the malfunction of your new equipment, you will need to find a place for the new unit before placing your order.  Look around your kitchen space and choose a spot that is away from heat producing equipment.  If you are having a hard time finding a spot, you may need to move some things around.  Either way, you will need to make sure you are placing your unit in a place that will give it the best chance to work as efficiently as possible.

Next time you are ready to place an order for commercial refrigeration equipment near St. Louis City, go with the team that more area business owners trust, the American Services team!  Our team of trusted professionals bring years of experience to commercial buyers everyday and continue to build relationships that withstand the test of time.  Contact the American Services team today to get the new refrigeration quote you’ve been needing and know that you are getting the best possible service in the business!

Tips For Hiring a Heating & Cooling Professional

Tips For Hiring a Heating & Cooling Professional

HVAC Techs

Are you looking to hire a heating and cooling contractor near Sunset Hills?  If so, keep these tips in mind when making your final decision!

  • Be sure the technician has plenty of experience with commercial heating and cooling equipment.  This doesn’t mean you have to hire the most senior technician, it just means that your tech should have had plenty of apprenticeship experience that put him or her along side a seasoned professional to gain exposure to the business.
  • Make sure you ask about and check your HVAC contractor’s credentials. These credentials include any licensure requirement for your city or state along with proper insurance.  A properly licensed tech will be up on all the latest training and code information and having proper insurance protects both you and the service technician in the event of an accident.
  • Look for technicians who have been trained on a number of major systems. This gives the tech versatility.
  • Asking for references is one of the best ways to snag up some of the best service you will ever get.  Ask your friends, family, and other commercial business owners for those who they would use time and again.  If you end up with a bid and no one to get a reference from, ask the tech.  Then call the references he has provided to see what his former clients have to say.
  • The final thing to consider is price.  Price should never be the first and deciding factor when making any large purchase.  Experience, customer service, and the quality of work are all more important.  Once you have a number of bids from trusted sources, you can start to look at price and make a final decision from there.

Contact American Services today for a free estimate on all of your heating, cooling, refrigeration, restaurant equipment, ice machine, ans industrial equipment service today!

Deciding on a Bin or Dispensing Ice Machine Set-Up

Deciding on a Bin or Dispensing Ice Machine Set-Up

ice cubes in scoop

Making the decision to use an ice bin or dispensing unit for your ice machine is a very personalized task.  Business owners will have to consider who is using the machine, what their needs are, and how to best fill those needs in a clean, sanitary, and convenient way.  Today, the team at American Services heating and cooling near Belleville are here to help you make this decision.  Let’s get started!

Ice Storage Bins – Ice storage bins are ideal for establishments that need to have a large quantity of ice on hand at all times.  The ice is then transferred to areas where it is dispensed from smaller storage bins.  A few of the basic features found on ice storage bins include: lots of storage, stainless steel finish, large doors, insulation, and drains.  When sizing your ice storage bin be sure that the unit you choose can hold 10-20% more ice than your machine can produce.  This will assure that you have plenty of ice on hand at all times and plenty of space to store it.

Countertop Ice Dispensers – Countertop ice dispensers are particularly helpful in self service areas like employee break rooms or hospitals.  These small units easily fit on a countertop and allow for clean, sanitary dispensing. A few of the basic features found on countertop ice dispensers include: small size, cup dispensing, and a lever system that reduces the risk of cross-contamination.  When using a countertop unit, you will either have to fill the machine with ice made by a separate machine or invest in a modular ice machine unit that can attach to the countertop unit where it sits.  To size your counterop unit properly, account for the fact that each person served from the machine will use 1.5 pounds of ice.

Contact the ice machine experts at American Services for assistance with choosing the right ice machine, accessories, and complimentary equipment today!


Heating An Inefficient Space Is Costing You Money!

Heating An Inefficient Space Is Costing You Money!

increase efficiency.

Do you realize that heating a space that isn’t energy efficient could be costing you thousands of extra dollars each year?  Spaces that aren’t allowing for commercial heating systems to work properly cost business owners in ways they don’t even understand.  That’s why now is the time to make sure your commercial space is able to handle the upcoming winter months.  Let’s talk about how that can be achieved.

When looking at your commercial space for ways to make it more energy efficient, you will first want to consider having an official energy audit.  An energy audit is conducted by a professional who understands just how buildings waste energy.  They also understand how to address these issues with both easy, inexpensive solutions as well as more complicate, costly solutions.  An energy audit is perfect for a business owner who doesn’t mind spending a little money to address the issue of wasting energy.

If you want to audit your space on your own, there are a few things that you will want to do.

  • Look at the age and condition of your windows and doors.
  • Consider the insulation used in your building.
  • Think about open windows or doors that could be letting cold air in.
  • Examine the space for other openings that could be letting the cold air in.

And these are just a few examples.  Basically, you will want to look at all areas of your space and address any areas that are sabotaging your heating system’s ability to work properly.

At American Services, Ballwin area commercial heating customers are given all of the vital information they need to make the best decisions regarding their heating and cooling systems.  Be sure to contact the professionals at American Services today to schedule a free estimate service now.  This service will give you all of the tools you need to make an informed decision regarding your HVAC system before you end up wasting money over the coming winter months.  Call today!

Get the Refrigeration Equipment Loan You Need Using These Tips

Get the Refrigeration Equipment Loan You Need Using These Tips

Tips and tricks

Most business owners lack the amount of liquid capital needed to acquire the vast amount of equipment needed to serve their desired customer base.  Due to this fact, most are left with getting a small business loan to get the items they need.  If you are new to this process, the American Services team wants to help you with a few tips on preparing to get approved for such a loan.  Let’s take a look!

1.) Do your research.  Before deciding what lender you will seek financing through, it’s important to do your research.  Look for banks that are familiar with the type of financing you need and ask for plenty of referrals from others in the business.

2.) Get all of your documentation ready to present to your potential lender.  You will need financial information for both yourself and the business.

3.) Get your loan application packet completed before going to see your lender.  This will show the lender that you are serious about obtaining funds from their institution. Don’t forget to include your desired repayment plan.

4.) Prepare for your loan application interview by drawing up a professional business plan for your lender.  You will need practice how you want to present your plan and do so in a confident way.  Remember, you are there to make them believe in you and your plan.

5.) If you still don’t feel comfortable with the loan interview and application process, reach out to resources like those offered by you local Small Business Association or SBA.

At American Services, Overland area refrigeration clients gain access to the sales, service, repair, and maintenance they need!  Contact our team to get a free estimate on your next job by calling 314-733-1776 today!  We look forward to helping you get the right equipment that meets all of the needs of your growing business.

Professional Commercial HVAC Service & Repairs

Professional Commercial HVAC Service & Repairs


Finding a team of professional heating and cooling experts near your commercial business location can sometimes prove a challenge.  This problem can be due to a number of factors, but if you live in the St. Louis area it doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.  At American Services, Ladue area commercial HVAC customers find the right mix of professional service, affordable pricing, and convenience all under one roof!  Let’s take some time to talk about this.

Thanks to the amount of detail given to every American Services customer, there is very little room for error in their work.  Each and every American Services team member understands just how important business owners needs really are.  When you own a business, you have a number of important matters to take care of every day.  With the American Services team behind you, you can confidently transfer your HVAC needs to them and not have to worry about that task anymore!

When American Services is looking to hire a new HVAC technician, they never take the task lightly.  The HVAC tech on the American Services team are top notch.  These individuals have undergone serious training, constantly update their skills set, and are up-to-date on all of the latest from the HVAC industry.  This means that you can rest assured knowing that you and your equipment will be taken care of in a way not found with an ordinary service provider.

Those who use American Services also find their range of skill to be of great conveniences. Not only does the American Services team take care of heating, cooling, and refrigeration, but they also offer cooking equipment, ice machine, industrial equipment, and beverage system services.  For customers this means that one service call can take care of a multitude of issues all at one time!

Call American Services now and experience the difference in what they offer today!

Restaurant Equipment Leasing FAQs – Part 2

Restaurant Equipment Leasing FAQs – Part 2


Leasing equipment is often the most practical solution for new restaurant equipment owners near St. Charles thanks to lower monthly payments and less restrictive approval terms.  But before you go jumping into a lease, it’s important to understand how they work.  Today, the American Services team will answer a few more questions about equipment leasing in hopes that you can make a more informed decision for your business.

What tax benefits are associated with leasing equipment?

Generally, business owners are able to deduct the full cost of leasing from their taxable income.  This is a nice perk because you can do that for the entire length of your lease, which varies depending on your terms.  At the same time, you cannot claim capital allowances on assets that are leased for less than 5, sometimes even 7 years.  For full tax details, consult your accoutant or review the IRS Guidelines at

What perks can expect from a lease as opposed to purchasing equipment?

Many leasing companies will build maintenance costs into the lease cost in order to assure the upkeep of their equipment.  This is a nice perk as it alleviates extra cost burdens for business owners.  At the same time, leasing equipment may tie you down to a monthly payment that has to be made no matter if you are still using the equipment or not.

Will leasing allow me access to better equipment that I may otherwise not be able to afford?

Yes, often times you will be able to lease equipment for a lot less than it would cost to purchase with cash or with a loan.  Leasing also allows for businesses to move up in equipment after several years without the hassle of selling off the old to make room for the new.  This aspect is especially helpful since technology continues to rapidly change.  At the same time, you never actually own your equipment when it is leased and will always be tied to a monthly payment.


Restaurant Equipment Leasing FAQs – Part 1

Restaurant Equipment Leasing FAQs – Part 1


Many start-ups or restaurant owners who need to upgrade outdated equipment turn to leasing for an option that offers nice cash savings right away.  While this is a great option for some business owners, you need to go into a lease agreement with the right knowledge under your belt.  Today, the Sunset Hills area restaurant equipment experts at American Services want to give you the knowledge you need to get the affordable and fair lease you need!  So, let’s do a quick  leasing FAQ!

What is an equipment lease?

  • An equipment lease is kind-of similar to a rental agreement in that you agree to pay a set monthly payment for so many months in order to use equipment.

What are some of the benefits of a lease?

  • Leasing is good for those who have limited capital and are looking to reduce up-front costs associated with purchasing the equipment they need.  Leasing also offers low monthly payments and less lenient credit requirements.

What equipment is offered via lease?

  • Business owners can often find most equipment they need up for lease.  Do some research and you will likely find a multitude of options.

What lease terms are available?

  • The most common lease terms you will find include 24, 36, 48, 60, and 84 months with purchase options that include Fair Market Value, $1 Buyout, and 10% Put.

How does a lease differ from a loan?

  • When you get a loan, you are financing the full purchase price of an item across a period of time at a set interest rate.  At the end of a loan you own the equipment.  With a lease, you are essentially paying to use equipment for a set period of time with the option to then purchase the equipment at the end of the lease.

We hope this first set of FAQs will set you on the right path to a lease that works for your situation.  Join us again soon for Part 2 of this series with more valuable lasing information!