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Heating & Cooling Incentives for Ameren MO Commercial & Industrial Customers

Heating & Cooling Incentives for Ameren MO Commercial & Industrial Customers

Incentive word in 3d letters on background with motivation, impeAre you a commercial or industrial electric customer with Ameren Missouri?  If so, there are a number of incentives you may be able to use to save even more on your energy efficient upgrades.  These incentives are split into categories including: Standard Incentives; Custom Incentives; and Retro-Commissioning Incentives.  Each incentive category offers commercial and industrial Ameren Missouri customers the chance to qualify for monetary incentives that make energy saving upgrades even more affordable.  Today, let’s take a look at each category and how they work.

Standard Incentive – Ameren’s Standard Incentives are designed for non-residential Ameren Missouri electric customers who want to make quick and easy energy efficient upgrades.  These upgrades do not need pre-approval from Ameren unless the total incentive is expected to exceed $10,000.  Examples of upgrades that fall under this incentive program include: Lighting Incentives; Motor Control Incentives; Electric Water Heating Incentives; Commercial Cooking Equipment Incentives; and more!

Custom Incentives – Custom Incentives are used for energy efficient equipment upgrades that do not fall under the Standard Incentives category.  These incentives will be calculated based upon the estimated annual energy savings from the upgrade. Some examples of the upgrades that fall under this category include: Chiller Replacments; Lighting System Redesign; and Pump and Fan Motor Drive Additions.

Retro-Commissioning Incentives – A project that optimizes your overall system performance is one that falls under the Retro-Commissioning Incentives category. Examples of projects that fall under this category include: Compressed Air Systems; Refrigeration Systems; and Building Control Systems.

Ameren Missouri also offers incentives for New Construction projects.  To get more information on these programs or to apply, simply visit the informational ActOnEnergy BizSavers Program page at today!

Let the Hazelwood area heating and cooling experts at American Services help you take advantage of the savings available for Ameren Missouri customers by giving us a call about HVAC, refrigeration, and other commercial equipment upgrades today!

Why Not Choose A Full Service HVAC Contractor Like American Services?

Why Not Choose A Full Service HVAC Contractor Like American Services?

Why NotFinding the right HVAC contractor is am important aspect when you count on the comfort of your business for both customers and your employees.  That’s why the American Services team wants you to know how we can serve you beyond just your typical heating, cooling, and refrigeration-related needs.  Let’s take a look at just a few reasons why it makes sense to go with a contractor that is truly full-service.

When you choose a contractor like American Services, you can count on the fact that we have someone who can help you with a wide-range of issues.  You see, our team not only specializes in heating, cooling, and ventilation – we also have staff that can take care of many other areas of your business.  On our list of services we include:

  • Cooking Equipment Service, Maintenance, and Sales including gas repairs, electric repairs, fryers, dishwashers, food warmers, food processors, steamers, convection ovens, and much more.
  • Refrigeration Service, Maintenance, and Sales including commercial, industrial, and process refrigeration – along with walk-in freezers, restaurant refrigeration, supermarket refrigeration, coolers, and much more.
  • Ice Machine Service, Maintenance, and Sales.
  • Water Filtration Service, Maintenance, and Sales.
  • Industrial Equipment Service, Maintenance, and Sales including chillers, boilers, makeup air ventilation units, and industrial exhaust ventilators.
  • Beverage System Service, Maintenance, and Sale including soda, coffee, cappuccino, tea, and frozen concentrate.

This full-service approach is how we make sure you see the least amount of down-time possible.  We can also save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars because out team can take care of your entire list of needs in one visit.  All of these reasons combined are what set us apart from any other HVAC contractor in St. Louis.

Contact our team at 855-733-1776 for a free estimate now.  We have dedicated and skilled technicians ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Let American Services be your O’Fallon area HVAC service provider and so much more!

HVAC Done Differently by American Services!

HVAC Done Differently by American Services!

Service Chart With Red MarkerAre you searching for an HVAC contractor near Webster Groves, MO?

Have you found the majority of the service-providers out there don’t give you the satisfactory customer care you deserve?

Do you have a business that relies on the constant functionality of your HVAC equipment?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, there is a solution!  That solution lies with the superior service provided by the team at American Services!  Over the last 25 years, American Services has developed into the premier HVAC service provider in the St. Louis area.  Our team has been built on an attention to customer service, quality work, and a drive to do better in everything we do.

So, what services can American Services bring to your commercial establishment?  Well, that’s simple – we do it all!  Our list of industries served includes: National Chain Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Food Service Industry, National Chain Food Stores, Cold Storage Facilities, Retail Grocery Industry, Truck Stops/Travel Centers, Independent Supermarkets and Restaurants, Retirement Communities, Schools, Office Complex, Apartment Complex, and Hotels.  That means the list of equipment and services we can offer is unsurpassed.  In fact, our professional team has experience with: HVAC including boilers, chillers, rooftop packaged units, split systems, and more; Refrigeration including reach-ins, cooler, walk-ins, and more; Ice Machines including cube, flaked, crushed – across all brands; Industrial Equipment including exhausts, make-up air, chillers, and more; Cooking Equipment including ovens, dishwashers, grilles, fryers, steamers, and more; plus Beverage Equipment including cappuccino, soda, frozen beverage, coffee, and more!

All of the combined experience gives our team the edge needed to not only provide basic HVAC service, but it also allows us to serve you in all areas of your business. Don’t waste your time with the competition!  Contact American Services for all your commercial equipment needs today!

Why a Heating and Cooling Service Contract Makes Sense

Why a Heating and Cooling Service Contract Makes Sense

contract signingCommitting to a heating and cooling service contract may seem like just another monthly expense, but when properly put into place, this type of agreement can save a business thousands of dollars in HVAC service costs.  In fact, inking the right contract with a professional a reputable HVAC service provider is one of the best things you can do to keep your equipment up and running properly.  These types of contracts give you access to scheduled maintenance visits at a reduced price and can even include emergency call-outs.

When looking at a heating and cooling service contract, don’t forget to include all of the equipment in and around your business.  American Services can take care of most of your needs including: AC Maintenance; AC Repair; AC Replacement; Heating Replacement; Heating Maintenance; Heating Repair; Indoor Air Quality; Preventative Maintenance; Air Duct Free System; Gas Furnaces; Heat Pumps; Zoning Products; Cooking Equipment Gas Repairs; Cooking Equipment Electric Repairs; Commercial Refrigeration; Industrial Refrigeration; Process Refrigeration; Walk-in Freezers & Coolers; Supermarket Refrigeration; Display Cases; Convenient Store Refrigeration; Restaurant Refrigeration; Laboratory Refrigeration; Ice Machines; Water Filtration Systems; Industrial Chillers; Industrial Boilers; Makeup Air Ventilation Units; Industrial Exhaust Ventilators; Soda systems; Coffee equipment; Cappuccino machines; Tea makers; and Frozen concentrated beverage.

Contact the team at American Services to talk about personalizing a heating and cooling service contract for your business. American Services specializes in customizing plans that include all of a business’ heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment near Wentzville.  This means you will have one dependable point of contact for all of your needs.  Don’t trust your expensive heating, cooling, or refrigeration equipment to any other repair company.  Call American Services and get on a plan today!

Cooling Services For All Commercial Clients

Cooling Services For All Commercial Clients

Let Us Work For You If you are a business owner in the St. Louis area, finding the right commercial cooling service provider near Jefferson County isn’t always the easiest task. Yet, the team at American Services is here to help!  In fact, if you haven’t used our full-lineup of products and services, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. That’s because since 2003, our team of professional HVACR technicians have been providing what commercial business owners all around St. Louis have been looking for- 24 hour, 7 day-a-week service that gets done right, the first time on-site!  Our complete list of services includes:

  • HVAC Service for rooftop packaged units, split systems, boilers, chiller, and more!
  • Regrigeration Service for walk-ins, reach-in units, and more!
  • Ice Machine Service for cube, crushed, or flaked machines of all brands!
  • Industrial Equipment Service for chillers, exhausts, make-up air units and more!
  • Cooking Equipment Service for grills, ovens, fryers, steamers, and more!
  • Beverage Equipment Service for coffee, cappuccino, soda, frozen beverages, and more!

Plus, you can count on our highly-trained team to understand your needs based on our experience with an abundance of industries.  Some of the industries we proudly serve include: national chain restaurants; convenience or c-stores; food service industry; national chain food stores; cold storage facilities; retail grocery industry; truck stops; travel centers; independent supermarkets; independent restaurants; retirement communities; schools; office complex; apartment complex; hotels; and many, many more!

So, next time you have an overnight, weekend, or holiday emergency don’t waste your time calling any other HVAC, refrigeration, or restaurant equipment service provider!  Go straight to the best and call the American Services team!  Our friendly on-call technicians will be happy to accommodate you need in a timely and efficient manner.

Focus On – Cooling Towers

Focus On – Cooling Towers

St Louis Commercial Cooling ServiceHave you ever wondered what a cooling tower is how it can work for providing air conditioning to your commercial property?  If so, today’s focus on cooling towers is perfect for you!  Let’s get started with a quick overview regarding the actual function of this type of unit.

According to, a cooling tower works like this, “The tower creates a stream of cold water that runs through a heat exchanger, cooling the hot condenser coils. The tower blows air through a stream of water causing some of it to evaporate, and the evaporation cools the water stream.”  It is noted that a disadvantage associated with this type of system is that water has to regularly be added to make up for evaporated liquid loss and that the efficiency of this type of unit relies heavily upon the relative humidity of the air, along with the barometric pressure.  Just a few things to think about!

The team at American Services wants you to completely understand your cooling options.  Please feel free to contact our Florissant area commercial cooling sales department to get all the details regarding the cooling tower-based systems we have to offer.  Our team can additionally help you with a full range of HVACR needs.  Our list of services includes: HVAC services like rooftop packaged units, split systems, boilers and chillers; Refrigeration units like walk-ins and reach-ins; Industrial Equipment like chillers, exhausts, and make-up air; Cooking Equipment like grills, ovens, fryers, and steamers; plus Beverage Equipment like coffee, cappuccino, soda, and frozen beverages. You can count on our team to have the knowledge needed to assist you with your purchase, perform your installation, custom-design a maintenance plan, and perform all needed repairs.  There really is no other HVACR team that can do that in St. Louis!

Industrial Process Cooling

Industrial Process Cooling

industrial cooling in MOCooling things down, whether in a manufacturing plant or in a restaurant can be an expensive and technologically complicated process.  But to many in the manufacturing and food business fields, it is a necessary expense, whether we’re talking about food or working in the petroleum field, cooling is big business.

When it comes to keeping things cool there are two basic philosophies of doing it, absorption chillers or engine driven chillers.  Absorption chillers require a heat source, which of course requires energy, but they can be efficient if used in conjunction with a heat blow back system.  Meaning that the unit is self contained, supplying its own heat and fueling the absorption process.  Now, this energy isn’t free and still has to have electricity to run it, but does provide an efficient option.  But let’s lay that aside for now and look at how a “normal” absorption chiller works.  Once a heat source is supplied, which can be steam, electrical or gas fired heat, the absorption chiller uses that heat to bring a solution to its boiling point.  The solution can vary depending on the application, but is usually a mixture of lithium bromide and water.  The vapor from the boiling process is used to chill water after it has gone through a few processes like condensing, evaporating and absorbing.  Once that is achieved the chiller can be used to cool anything from the air in a building to equipment that generates too much heat.  On a historical note, these types of chillers were actually developed in the 19th century in Japan in an attempt to prevent the massive importing of foreign fuels, because of their inherent efficiency.

Engine driven chillers work a little bit differently than the absorption chiller process, these types of chillers are driven by fuel powered engines rather than an electric motor.  The benefit of using this type of chiller is that it can save owners money if electricity is at a high compared with the type of fuel that is being used to run it.  Of course, the corollary is also true and they may not be economically feasible if the fuel source becomes prohibitively expensive.

Chillers can be used in a variety of applications across the business spectrum.  You will find them being used for refrigeration, frozen food storage, air conditioning and in manufacturing applications where heat is a byproduct of the manufacturing.  The advantages of chillers is that they can be economical and also allow for the reuse of some of their byproducts which can lead to additional savings.  And if they are combined with geothermal applications, solar power or fuel cells, the economics can increase.  If you own a business and are in need of a cooling process that could save you money you should look into the different types of chillers that are available on the market today.

Whether you have an air cooled or water cooled chiller, we are the company you need to call for maintenance and service. We have the training and on-site experience to effectively and reasonably service your Chiller equipment. Our 24 hour emergency service provided by responsible well-trained technicians is just one of the benefits to being an American Services customer. We are accustomed to working on high demand accounts where time is money. We understand that you have to be up and running in order to make your business work.

For industrial cooling installation in MO, contact us today at American Services located in Saint Louis.



Industrial Portable Cooling Systems

Industrial Portable Cooling Systems

industrial cooling systems in MOAmerican Services HVAC heating and  cooling installation  in St. Louis knows that with energy costs continuing to rise, now is the perfect time to start looking for alternative cooling methods to cool your plant this summer. Instead of relying solely industrial air conditioning systems which need to run constantly, you will find other types of cost effective solutions available, which can actually help lower your overall energy costs.

One option you can explore is installing industrial high pressure water systems, which use water vapor to providing a cooling effect. Some models can even lower surrounding air temperatures by as much as twenty degrees without the use of any other type of cooling.

The costs to operate different types of alternative industrial air conditioners can be lower than one might expect.  For instance, one option is a 24-inch fan has an operational cost of $0.055 per hour with a CFM of 6,920 and a 100 foot throw. There are certainly other energy efficient cooling products available as well, or you can have a custom system just for your facility.

Protect your employees, processes and equipment from their hottest environments with portable air conditioner solutions. Portable AC units help reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and increase your employee morale, leading to improved manufacturing quality and productivity. Spot cooling units prevent product defects by eliminating warping and condensation due to excess heat and humidity. Portable cooling units are known to reduce processing time by up to 94% for most heat related production processes.

According to one expert in the industry, “We have a very hot warehouse in the summertime and have a number of applications for the portable air conditioner system that has proven successful for us for the last two years and we are looking to add several more units to our warehouse facility.”

Contact us today at American Services heating and cooling installation service in St. Louis today for a quote on a new cost effective cooling system for your facility today.

Monitoring Leaks and Levels in Industrial Chillers

Monitoring Leaks and Levels in Industrial Chillers

commercial water chiller maintenance in MOIndustrial cooling system chillers are an essential component in your operation. Ensuring your industrial chiller is running at peak performance and recommended efficiency levels, it is often required to monitor several components on the chiller.

Any leaks in a closed-loop refrigerant system should be eliminated. In high-pressure chillers, refrigerant will leak out which will reduce the refrigerant charge and air will leak into low-pressure chillers. In a low-pressure refrigerant chiller, the air will collect in the condenser and displace the refrigerant vapor resulting in higher condenser pressure and temperature. This will lead to premature system malfunction and costly repairs. Most low-pressure systems are designed with a purge unit to remove unwanted air…pending your purge unit is functioning properly. It is important to check low-pressure systems for excess air and high-pressure systems for proper refrigerant levels and record all observations in a log book.

Incorrect levels of refrigerant limit a cooling system’s chiller’s capacity, increasing head pressure and energy consumption. Having incorrect levels also can decrease the evaporator temperature. For centrifugal chillers, monitor and log the sight glass levels in the evaporator shell. If there is a significant change in the log book over time, it is a clear indication that there is an issue with the system which should be investigated by a licensed professional. Bubbles in the liquid line sight class on reciprocating units indicate low level and high discharge pressure or low refrigerant temperature leaving the condenser for high levels. Again ensure that any out of the ordinary results in the log book are reported and investigated. Industrial chillers are relatively safe overall but a lack of preventative maintenance, such as monitoring leaks and levels can lead to disastrous situations.

To get a quote on customizable maintenance cooling service in St. Louis, contact us today at American Services.

The Nuts and Bolts of Industrial Cooling Chillers

The Nuts and Bolts of Industrial Cooling Chillers


industrial chillers in MOAmerican Services industrial cooling equipment repair in Saint Louis knows that whether you are in the plastics, metal working, chemical processing or other industry you may currently utilize or might be seeking to integrate industrial cooling chillers into your operation. 

Perhaps you are an expert or just wanting to get some basic information on chillers.  Either way, new technology with chillers is quite exciting and can assist in increasing production of your industry.

Chillers for industrial applications will typically be centralized, where one chiller may serve multiple cooling needs.  Some industries do require the chillers to be decentralized, giving each application its own cooling capability.  However, it is not uncommon to see a combination of systems.

The key component in industrial cooling chillers is the vapor compression chiller technology.  There are four basic types of compressors used in vapor compression chillers; reciprocating compression, scroll compression, screw-driven compression, and centrifugal compression.  Depending on your application, these compressors can be powered by electric motors, steam, or gas turbines.

Most industrial chillers are closed-loop systems.  These type of systems will circulate coolant or clean water with additives at a constant temperature and pressure all within pipes and sealed tanks.  The water flows from the chiller to the application and then back to the chiller.  Some industries will utilize open-loop systems.  In this type of system, there is an open tank where the liquid is constantly circulating.  Liquid is pulled from the tank and pumped through the system.  A thermostat adjusts the temperature of the liquid cycling process to ensure the tank temperature is set properly.

When selecting a system it is essential to consult with a professional that can properly assess your application and make recommendations based upon your operation.