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Commercial Refrigeration Cost Savings Ideas

Commercial Refrigeration Cost Savings Ideas

There are a multitude of ways to save when utilizing large or small commercial-grade refrigeration units at your business.  These money-saving tasks usually don’t require a huge time or money commitment, yet almost always save you from paying too much on your energy bills.  Today, our refrigeration experts will give you their best cost savings ideas.  Let’s get started!

  • Purchase the right sized units.  When designing the layout of your refrigeration equipment, be sure to employ experts who size your equipment properly. Whether it’s sized too small or too big you will end up paying extra every month based upon this one mistake during the purchasing process.
  • Scheduled Maintenance.  Getting on a scheduled maintenance calendar with a trusted service provider is key to keeping your equipment in proper order.  This needs to be done upon purchase and continued for the life of the equipment. Scheduled maintenance will also save you because your well cared for equipment will last much longer than those that are not taken care of properly.
  • Common sense.  This may sound silly, but using common sense around your equipment can save you money.  Examples of this include making sure you and your employees always securely close all doors to your refrigeration units.  Don’t let the gaskets gets too dirty to function properly and don’t overload a unit.

At American Services our commercial refrigeration customers include those in a wide range of businesses.  The types of businesses served by our team include Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Truck Stops, Travel Centers, Supermarkets, Cold Storage Facilities, Retirement Communities, Office Complexes, Apartment Complexes, and much more.  This wide variety of areas served gives our team a huge experience advantage over all the rest and we would enjoy helping you run a more efficient business too!  Get started with our highly trained staff of HVAC-Refrigeration experts near Ladue today by giving us a cal at 314-733-1776.

24/7 Heating System Support From American Services

24/7 Heating System Support From American Services

24 hours seven days a weekFinding reliable heating, cooling, refrigeration, and restaurant equipment service isn’t as hard as you may think thanks to the devoted team of professionals at American Services.  Our team is comprised of some of the top technicians in the HVAC field.  All of these individuals are highly trained and required to keep up with all of the latest certifications available.  We also make sure that we have an abundance of technicians that can accommodate the full-service nature of our clients. This means that you can get all of your service work done with one call to us!

Our 24/7 team of service professionals cover a wide range of industries and serve you in the most complete way possible.  The industries we serve include National Chain Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Food Service Industry, National Chain Food Stores, Cold Storage Facilities, Retail Grocery Industry, Truck Stops/Travel Centers, Independent Supermarkets and Restaurants, Retirement Communities, Schools, Office Complex, Apartment Complex, Hotels, and many more commercial applications.  This wide client base means we understand the needs of all areas of business and can provide specialized service to your industry too.

Beyond just he industries we serve is the wide-variety of products and service we provide.  These services reach well beyond just heating and cooling.  We can also take on all of your cooking equipment issues, refrigeration needs, ice machines, industrial equipment, beverage systems,  and water filtration.  For our clients in certain industries we are able to provide a one-stop-shop and greatly eliminate down time loss due to our full-service business.

Why would you trust your 24/7 HVAC, refrigeration, restaurant equipment, or industrial equipment needs to any other service provider?  Contact the Clayton area heating and cooling technicians at American Services right now!  Our customer care team is always waiting for your call and can take care of any emergency needs you may have.  Let us serve you today!

HVAC Done Differently by American Services!

HVAC Done Differently by American Services!

Service Chart With Red MarkerAre you searching for an HVAC contractor near Webster Groves, MO?

Have you found the majority of the service-providers out there don’t give you the satisfactory customer care you deserve?

Do you have a business that relies on the constant functionality of your HVAC equipment?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, there is a solution!  That solution lies with the superior service provided by the team at American Services!  Over the last 25 years, American Services has developed into the premier HVAC service provider in the St. Louis area.  Our team has been built on an attention to customer service, quality work, and a drive to do better in everything we do.

So, what services can American Services bring to your commercial establishment?  Well, that’s simple – we do it all!  Our list of industries served includes: National Chain Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Food Service Industry, National Chain Food Stores, Cold Storage Facilities, Retail Grocery Industry, Truck Stops/Travel Centers, Independent Supermarkets and Restaurants, Retirement Communities, Schools, Office Complex, Apartment Complex, and Hotels.  That means the list of equipment and services we can offer is unsurpassed.  In fact, our professional team has experience with: HVAC including boilers, chillers, rooftop packaged units, split systems, and more; Refrigeration including reach-ins, cooler, walk-ins, and more; Ice Machines including cube, flaked, crushed – across all brands; Industrial Equipment including exhausts, make-up air, chillers, and more; Cooking Equipment including ovens, dishwashers, grilles, fryers, steamers, and more; plus Beverage Equipment including cappuccino, soda, frozen beverage, coffee, and more!

All of the combined experience gives our team the edge needed to not only provide basic HVAC service, but it also allows us to serve you in all areas of your business. Don’t waste your time with the competition!  Contact American Services for all your commercial equipment needs today!

American Services Serving St. Louis For Over 25 Years

American Services Serving St. Louis For Over 25 Years

experience Since 1987, the American Services team has proudly served the St. Louis business community.  Our services provide customers with everything needed to keep their day to day operations running smoothly and efficiently.  We provide full-service attention in the areas of:

  • HVAC Services
  • Refrigeration
  • Ice Machines
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Beverage Systems

The list of industries we serve is also extensive.  On this list you will find national chain restaurants, convenience stores, food service industry, national chain food stores, cold storage facilities, and many more.  You will find your services to be extensive and complete, providing a one-stop-shop for all of your product and service needs.

Our professional team can additionally assist you with creating a customized preventative maintenance plan.  This plan will be designed with your needs and pocket book in mind.  Included in the plan will only be those areas that are of most importance to your business.  You won’t pay for services you don’t need or won’t use.  You will also have the peace-of-mind of knowing that your equipment investment is protected thanks to reliable maintenance contract elements.  This is an important factor in keeping your store up and running for business at all times.

The quality service and professional installation work provided by American Services is a constant you can count on.  Contact our team by calling 314-733-1776 or 855-733-1776.  We are here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and get you the service you need – when you need it.  Don’t hesitate to also use the Contact Us for on our webpage.  This form will put you in contact with our team via email, cell phone, at your daytime number, or evening number.  Whatever way you contact us, we appreciate your consideration and look forward to serving you.  At American Services you will find the heating, cooling, refrigeration, and restaurant equipment services near Webster Groves that you need!

Cooling Services For All Commercial Clients

Cooling Services For All Commercial Clients

Let Us Work For You If you are a business owner in the St. Louis area, finding the right commercial cooling service provider near Jefferson County isn’t always the easiest task. Yet, the team at American Services is here to help!  In fact, if you haven’t used our full-lineup of products and services, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. That’s because since 2003, our team of professional HVACR technicians have been providing what commercial business owners all around St. Louis have been looking for- 24 hour, 7 day-a-week service that gets done right, the first time on-site!  Our complete list of services includes:

  • HVAC Service for rooftop packaged units, split systems, boilers, chiller, and more!
  • Regrigeration Service for walk-ins, reach-in units, and more!
  • Ice Machine Service for cube, crushed, or flaked machines of all brands!
  • Industrial Equipment Service for chillers, exhausts, make-up air units and more!
  • Cooking Equipment Service for grills, ovens, fryers, steamers, and more!
  • Beverage Equipment Service for coffee, cappuccino, soda, frozen beverages, and more!

Plus, you can count on our highly-trained team to understand your needs based on our experience with an abundance of industries.  Some of the industries we proudly serve include: national chain restaurants; convenience or c-stores; food service industry; national chain food stores; cold storage facilities; retail grocery industry; truck stops; travel centers; independent supermarkets; independent restaurants; retirement communities; schools; office complex; apartment complex; hotels; and many, many more!

So, next time you have an overnight, weekend, or holiday emergency don’t waste your time calling any other HVAC, refrigeration, or restaurant equipment service provider!  Go straight to the best and call the American Services team!  Our friendly on-call technicians will be happy to accommodate you need in a timely and efficient manner.

Industries Served for Commercial Cooling and Heating Services

Industries Served for Commercial Cooling and Heating Services

cooling repair and maintenance in MOAmerican Services cooling and heating installation in Missouri is pleased to announce our list of industries served and services that we offer our commercial business owners.

For the past twenty five years, American Services has been providing refrigeration, cooling, and heating commercial installation, maintenance, and repair services in the Saint Louis geographic area. Our professional, highly trained technicians provide services to many different industries, including; chain restaurants across the country, grocery and convenience stores, food service companies, cold storage facilities, grocery stores, truck stops, supermarkets, restaurants, retirement homes,  schools, office spaces,  apartment complexes, and even large industries such as hotels and industrial buildings.

American Services has answered literally thousands of service calls with highly knowledgeable and skilled technicians who provide the highest level of experience and skill to any and every service or maintenance problem your business could possibly have. We pride ourselves on doing our work right the first time around and even back it with a guarantee.

For any of your heating, HVAC, or cooling needs such as; Portable Chillers and Drop-ins, Pumping Systems & Reservoirs, Evaporative & Fluid Coolers, Central Chillers, Heat Exchanger Skids and Temperature Control Units.

American Services even provides twenty four hour trouble shooting for emergencies to cover your HVAC, heating, refrigeration, restaurant equipment, or cooling needs. We can effectively repair any sized commercial equipment and any type of cooling application.

So if you are in need of a proven HVAC, cooling, heating, refrigeration, or restaurant equipment needs in Missouri or Illinois, be sure to contact us today at American Services and schedule an appointment, or feel free to contact our twenty four hour emergency call center and we will be happy to send out one of our highly trained professional technicians to serve you.

Options Available for Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Options Available for Commercial Refrigeration Systems

commercial refrigeration in MOAmerican Services refrigeration repair service in Saint Louis knows that when it comes to commercial refrigeration systems, there are many great options and features available to improve the efficiency and performance of your refrigeration system.  One example is to consider stainless steel or vinyl exterior on your commercial refrigerator instead of aluminum because stainless and vinyl are both easier to clean.

In order to increase the area your commercial refrigerator can encompass, consider ordering casters instead of legs.  Be sure to check health code regulations to ensure that mobile refrigeration systems are allowed.

You can add more wire shelves for storage if needed.  Check out how many standard shelves your new system comes with and then calculate how you will arrange them.  If more space is needed in your cold storage, you can add more wire shelves to increase your storage ability in your commercial kitchen.

Pan slides are a great way to store cold stored pans of prepared items ready to be put directly into the oven.  Pan slides will work for this function even better than wire shelves.

Glass doors can be utilized in place of solid doors to enable staff to easily see what is inside without keeping the door open for prolonged periods to find food items.  Door hinges can easily be customized to allow refrigerator doors to open from either direction in order to promote a more efficient running kitchen.  Sliding glass doors are another option, as well as drawers in place of doors to add diversity to the way your cold items are stored.

Having doors on both sides of a refrigeration unit is called a pass through application.  One example of this application is a hinged half height door on the restaurant side and a full height door on the kitchen side to provide access to food on either side.

Contact us today at American services for more ideas on refrigeration options for your commercial kitchen.

Commercial Refrigeration Systems Available

Commercial Refrigeration Systems Available

commercial refrigeration in MOAmerican Services refrigeration installation service near Ladue knows that when it comes to commercial refrigeration systems, there are many different types of units.

For the ultimate peace of mind regarding safely storing food, restaurant owners must do their homework to educate themselves on the best type of refrigeration system for each individual facility.

Principals of safe refrigeration include;

  1. Keeps produce fresh and crisp longer
  2. Maintains the integrity of prepared foods for longer periods
  3. Keeps perishable foods from spoiling

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, there are many different sizes and configurations available

Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers

Reach-in refrigerators and freezers are upright cold storage units with multiple sections, and their storage capacity is determined by cubic feet.

Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers

Walk-in refrigerators and freezers are vital for restaurants that need a large amount of refrigeration space.  Commercial shelving systems are set up inside walk-in units for quick access to food that is organized by location inside the cooler or freezer.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

Refrigerated Prep Tables are designed for convenient access to cold foods on the cook line or preparation areas in the commercial kitchen, refrigeration prep tables including sandwich/salad tables and pizza prep tables.

Undercounter Refrigerators

These units are similar to upright reach-in units, but they are shorter to be used for quick access to foods needed during prepping.

Refrigerated Merchandisers

Also called display refrigerators, are designed to display products with glass doors or an open front. Merchandisers are refrigeration units that provide the opportunity for quick sales of perishable foods.

Bar Refrigeration

Types of Bar Refrigeration units include; back bar refrigerators, keg coolers, plate chillers and more.  These units are stainless or black vinyl and are used under the counter in the bar to store perishable items such as milk-used commonly in mixed drinks.

Upgrade to a High Velocity Cooling System

Upgrade to a High Velocity Cooling System

cooling efficiency in MOWhile, the traditional HVAC systems may seem to be the preferred choice for some, savvy business owners should still consider a high velocity system to completely replace their existing  air conditioning systems. Many think that they can reuse their existing ductwork however the duct work used in high velocity systems is very different than the conventional duct work. A high velocity HVAC system becomes a far better alternative, in terms of installation and operating costs.

For those who need a more convenient cooling solution, a high velocity HVAC setup may well be the smart choice. These types of HVAC systems force air into buildings at a high rate of speed. This force creates a multitude of air currents that evenly distribute the cooled air in a much shorter period of time. 

High velocity HVAC systems also offer other benefits to users. The ductwork necessary for a high velocity system is considerably less intrusive and installed far more affordably. Due to their smaller size, the ducts can be placed far more advantageously and exactly to a customer’s specifications. Lastly, they take up a much smaller profile in a room and blend in with décor to a far greater degree.

It only takes two visits a year from your local Sears technician to help keep your system running at its best and save you energy. Our heating and cooling 10-point checks can make sure your unit is ready to tackle any harsh temperatures. Make preventive maintenance your new routine today and help safeguard against costly breakdowns in the future. For industrial cooling solutions in Missouri, American 

If you’re looking for an HVAC provider of cooling, heating, refrigeration or restaurant equipment, American Services  Cooling installation and repair in Missouri can meet your needs. We offer 24 hour emergency service, licensed professionals to handle your service requests and we guarantee you’ll be happy with your American Services experience!

American Services proudly serves the following industries;

National Chain Restaurants

Convenience Stores

Food Service Industry

National Chain Food Stores

Cold Storage Facilities

Retail Grocery Industry

Truck Stops/Travel Centers

Independent Supermarkets and Restaurants

Retirement Communities


Office Complex

Apartment Complex


Refrigeration Options for Your Restaurant

Refrigeration Options for Your Restaurant

commercial refrigeration maintenance in MOA commercial refrigerator or freezer is typically a necessity for most any commercial kitchen. Refrigeration units are essential for storing perishable food and beverage product. Top-quality refrigeration equipment provides the peace of mind you need when storing items in your restaurant. Commercial refrigerators and freezers offer safe food storage options, regardless of whether you need a reach-in, an under-counter unit or a full-size walk-in and these units are incredibly user-friendly.

There are many options available to enhance the performance and functionality of your commercial refrigerator. Many refrigerators come with aluminum exteriors. Consider stainless steel or vinyl, which can be easier to clean and more durable. Casters are a good choice rather than having one with legs for better mobility. Health departments may require commercial equipment to be mobile for improved cleanliness.

Additional shelving can increase the storage capabilities in your commercial refrigerator. After reviewing how many shelves come standard with your unit, think about how you want to arrange your cold storage items. Consider adding additional wire shelves to provide the maximum cold storage benefits in your commercial kitchen. If your only need is to store sheet pans or hotel pans of prepared, chilled items before sliding them straight into the oven, then pan slides are even better than storage shelves.

Most solid door refrigerators can be modified to come with glass doors. Often the hinge can be placed on either side of the unit to improve efficiency in the kitchen. On glass door units, sliding glass doors may be an option. For prep tables, drawers in place of doors are another great alternative for effective cold storage. For assistance with commercial refrigeration near Illinois, American Services can help with service or product needs.