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Have Fresh Indoor Air During Cooler Months

Have Fresh Indoor Air During Cooler Months

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As the weather begins to cool, often times buildings become closed off and struggle to supply fresh air to those who inhabit them.  That’s why it’s important to have a plan regarding your indoor air quality ahead of time and to share the practices with those who you employ.  Today, the Fenton area heating and cooling experts at American Services will give you some top ways to provide fresh air during the cold weather months.

  • If you use a humidifier, be sure the system is cleaned regularly.  This will ensure that you are not letting old germs and toxins back into the air.
  • Consider investing in an air purifying system.  These systems can get rid of up to 99% of air pollution and provide clean air without much added effort.
  • Be mindful of chances to ventilate the air.  For example, if you experience an unseasonably warm day, open a few windows and let the fresh air in.
  • Get rid of aerosol cleaning sprays and consider using environmentally friendly alternatives like a simple water, vinegar, and dish soap solution to clean surfaces.
  •  Add exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms.  Be sure these units are sized to empty the space properly and are used regularly.
  • If you use a dryer in your business space, be sure that the unit is properly vented to the outside of the building and that the ventilation is clean.
  • Make sure that any vacuums being used have clean canisters and are sanitized regularly.
  • Consider having your duct work professionally cleaned.
  • Regularly replace furnace air filters with those that address your specific pollutant issues.
  • Get a quote on having antimicrobial treated door mats put at all entrances to your building to reduce outdoor pollutants from coming into your space.

The American Services team hopes these effective tips will keep your space clean and fresh during the upcoming winter months!

Choose American Services As Your End-Of-Season HVAC Contractor

Choose American Services As Your End-Of-Season HVAC Contractor

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At the end of each season, many commercial business owners look into the possibility of trusting a new HVAC team to complete any needed service, repair, or maintenance work. The possibility of letting another company win your business leaves you open to save some money and get your equipment in better shape for the future.  Today, the team at American Services wants to convince you of their ability to do all of that and more.  Let’s get started with the top five reasons why you should choose American Services as your end-of-the season HVAC contractor.

  • Reason #1 – Our Technicians.  At American Services we only employ the most knowledgeable technicians in the business and we make sure they stay that way with the latest training and certifications.
  • Reason #2 – Our FREE estimates.  At American Services we are always ready to give you a FREE estimate concerning any upcoming project you are considering. Your FREE estimate will tell you just how much you will need to spend and take the guess work out of saving for upcoming HVAC projects.
  • Reason #3 – Customer Service. – When you choose American Services you can know that you will always be met with the best customer care in the business. This includes interactions with our technicians, office staff, and other key team members.
  • Reason #4 – 24/7 Service.  At American Services our technicians are ready to take care of all of your emergency needs with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service. This includes all holidays and weekends.
  • Reason #5 – Customizable Preventative Maintenance.  Our unique customized preventative maintenance contracts take the guess-work out of service contracts and only focus on the services you need – never anything extra, and that saves you money!

Call the team at American Services for a FREE Wentzville area heating and cooling maintenance service review before the cold weather arrives and your system isn’t ready!

What To Do As the Cooling Season Comes To An End

What To Do As the Cooling Season Comes To An End

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Fall is almost officially here and that means your cooling system will soon get a much needed break.  Don’t make the mistake that many commercial cooling system owners make by ignoring your air conditioner and moving on to your furnace without any regard for needed inspections.  Now is the time to get your cooling unit ready for next year and your heating system ready for months of use.  This is what the American Services team recommends you should do now to keep your entire HVAC system running smoothly as we transition from summer to fall.

When getting your heating and system ready for fall, the following maintenance tasks should be addressed:

  • Filter replacement.
  • Full inspection of a gas unit’s burner assembly and heat exchanger.
  • Full inspection and adjustment of the ignition switch on gas units.
  • Full inspection and sequence of electric heat and AMP draw check.
  • Full inspection and adjustment of indoor blower components.
  • Full inspection and tightening of all electrical components.
  • Full blow out service of condensate drain and pan cleaning.
  • Heating and cooling unit cycling.
  • Full inspection of outside air economizer if applicable to your unit.

Once you know that you are finished using the cooling portion of your system, there are a few additional items to take care of.  These items include:

  • Turn off the air conditioner disconnect switch to kill all power to your unit during the winter.  This will prevent the unit from accidentally turning on during the cold weather months and prevent electrocution as you perform the next few tasks.
  • Clean all debris from around your outside unit and take a hose to the unit to remove dust and dirt.  Now you need to let the unit set and dry.
  • Once the unit has completely dried, cover your air conditioner with a waterproof cover like a tarp.  This will keep the unit clean and dry during the winter months.  Just make sure to remove any snow or ice build-up form the unit as needed.

If these tasks are something you would like to hand over to a professional, the team at American Services would be glad to offer help.  Contact our customer care staff now to set-up your very own commercial heating and cooling maintenance check near Clayton today!


Duct Noise – When Should You Worry?

Duct Noise – When Should You Worry?

Woman closes her earsIt’s winter and your duct work may be experiencing a little expansion due the sudden bursts of warm air being used to heat your space.  But what if that very normal function begins making a lot of unsettling noise?  Well, not to worry!  Most duct noise is very normal and harmless.  As mentioned before, your duct work is just expanding and making way for the air that is being used to keep you comfortable in the cold weather.  But it there ever a time to worry?  Let’s find out.

So, when should duct noise be of concern?  Duct noise is only of concern when the noise is actually come from your furnace and not your duct work at all.  Gas furnace owners know that there are burner elements as a part of their system.  As time passes, these burners can become dirty, clogged, and/or corroded.  When this happens, interference happens in the ignition process. The noise you hear from this issue will occur just after your furnace kicks on due tot the ignition sparks lighting the extra gas that has filled the chamber during missed ignition.  When you notice this type of issue, it’s time to call a professional HVAC service technician as this can turn into a very dangerous issue.

As you can see, duct noise itself is not of concern.  Yet, if the noise you hear is actually coming from your furnace, service is needed.   If you are in need of heating or cooling service near Wentzville, contact the team at American Services today!  Our professional technicians are ready to take care of your entire list of commercial HVAC, refrigeration, cooking equipment, water filtration, industrial equipment, and beverage systems needs in one short visit.  We can even give you a free estimate on upgrading your existing equipment with new, energy efficient models!  Why not give us a call today?

It’s Not Too Late To Weatherize & Save!

It’s Not Too Late To Weatherize & Save!

Caulking WindowsWhen heating and cooling bills can add up to as much as 48 percent of an average utility bill, it’s no wonder so many business owners want to cut the fluff and start saving!  This leaves us with one question.  Did you weatherize your buildings before the cold weather season began?  If so – awesome!  If not, don’t worry.  There’s still plenty of time to get in on the savings this year.  Let’s explore some ways you can do this.

During the winter, it’s vital to make sure you are not letting in the cold air from outside.  Drafty windows, doors that are left open, or areas that aren’t properly sealed all allow that cold air into your building and drive up your energy costs.  The good news is that fixing these issues is fairly simple.  If you are a business owner who likes to do things on their own, go around your building and do a quick audit of the doors, windows, and other areas that are leaking cold air.  From this point, you can visit your local hard ware store for sealing products that can be used to eliminate the drafts.  On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to leave things to the experts we would suggest having an energy audit.  An energy audit inspector will do basically the same thing as described above.  This individual will evaluate the areas that are leaking and then make suggestions on how to eliminate the leaks.   Either way, this simple weatherizing task is sure to save you dollars on your next utility bill.

The team at American Services is excited to help your commercial business save the most money this year on heating costs.  Our commercial heating experts near O’Fallon are ready to help you upgrade, repair, maintain, or replace your HVAC systems in order to do just that.  Call us for a free estimate today!

Winter or Spring – When’s the best time to do cooling system maintenance?

Winter or Spring – When’s the best time to do cooling system maintenance?

Question Mark And ThinkerWhen it comes to “shutting down” you cooling system for the winter months, most will agree that you can perform any needed maintenance as what ever time of the year best fits your needs.  As the months get colder and you no longer need your air conditioner, you may choose to have a professional come out and perform annual maintenance.  You can also wait and have this done as the cooling season begins in the late Spring.  Either way, it is important to remember that the most substantial factor is that the maintenance is being done before the unit is turned on again- no matter what time of year it is performed.

One task that you should consider doing once you are not longer using your air conditioner, is to invest in a cover for your outdoor unit.  Investing in a cover will allow you the chance to keep any unwanted debris like leaves and insects from building up over the cold weather months.  This is something that will help in keeping your unit to function properly once it is put back into use.

The bottom line is that all air conditioning units need to be properly maintained at regular intervals during the year.  Timing your maintenance is something that needs to be discussed with your HVAC contractor in order to ensure proper functioning and a successful start to your heating and cooling seasons.

If your a commercial building owner looking for cooling maintenance services near South County, your best bet is to ask the American Services team for a free quote today!  At American Services, St. Louis are business owners and commercial building tenants find the complete service they need.  In fact, American Services can help with everything from HVAC to refrigeration and beverage machines.  Contact the American Services team for complete details today!


Get Your Pre-Season Heating Check-Up Now!

Get Your Pre-Season Heating Check-Up Now!

Technician Servicing Heating BoilerSummer is coming to a close and that means you will want to assure the proper function of your heating equipment before cooler weather hits.  In fact, experts with Farmer’s Almanac are predicting a cooler than normal winter season that will require your increased need for a well functioning heating unit.  Here is a quick check list of the areas covered by a typical routing maintenance visit.

  • Thermostat Check – You’ll want to make sure your technician checks your setting to ensure your comfort.  This will also allow your unit to run less while you occupants are no longer in the building – saving energy and money.
  • Inspect Electrical Connections – Having proper connections will ensure the longevity of your unit.  Make sure your technician tightens all connections, measures voltage, and measure the current on the unit’s motors.
  • Lubrication – All moving parts should be lubricated so as to avoid any friction in the motors.
  • Condensate Drain Check – Your technician will make sure the drain is clear to avoid water damage and unwanted spikes in humidity levels.
  • System Controls Check – This test will ensure the proper and safe operation of the system start, operation, and shut-off process.

During a heating specific check, your technician will also need to check the following components: gas connections; gas pressure; burner combustion; and heat exchanger. The proper operation of all of these parts is imperative due to the fire hazard and health problems they can cause when not functioning within spec.

Don’t wait until the cold weather hits to get your heating components checked for proper operation and safety.  Call the Clayton area commercial heating experts at American Services to schedule your routing heating maintenance check-up now!

Energy Efficient Windows Save Money on Cooling Expense

Energy Efficient Windows Save Money on Cooling Expense

cooling efficient windows in MOAmerican Services commercial cooling service near Florissant MO knows that business owners are always looking for ways to save money.  Depending on the size of your commercial building, heating and cooling expense may be one of the most significant costs in running your business.  American Services is pleased to assist business owners in learning about ways to save on heating costs; one way is to learn some tips on efficient windows to reduce heat loss particularly in very cold winter climates.

Energy Efficient Windows to Save on Cooling Costs

New and innovative energy efficient windows have low emissivity coatings and the technology is based on solar controls.  But an all-new technology was recently developed, an alternative type of window coating that allows for users to control just how much heat and light enters the interior space through the windows.  This technology lowers the need for lighting and cooling.

The new window coating utilizes an affordable “nanocoposite electrochromic” material that may help to reduce costs once this innovative product is available on the market.  Windows can cause your commercial space to lose as much as 25% of its heat in the winter while raising cooling costs in the summer months.

Window Tips for Saving on Cooling

  • Consider a light or medium colored window drapery covering with white plastic backing which could lower cooling needs by as much as 30%.
  • Install energy efficient windows such as EnergyStar windows.
  • Replace any single paned windows with double pane high performance glass with selective coating to reduce heat gain during summer months

If you choose NOT to replace your windows, there are still some ways to save money include;

  • Apply a heavy-duty, clear plastic sheet to the inside of your window frames to reduce drafts
  • Install tight-fitting, insulating window shades
  • Close curtains and shades at night to protect against cold drafts; open them during the day to let in warming sunlight in cold weather months
  • Install storm windows, which can reduce heat loss by up to 50%
  • Apply  weather stripping to every  movable joint
  • Install white window shades, drapes, or blinds to reflect heat away during summer months
  • Close curtains, particularly those  south- and west-facing during the day in summer months
  • Consider installing awnings on south- and west-facing windows to shade sun in the summer
  • Apply reflective films particularly on south-facing windows to reduce solar heat gain in the summer


12 Ways to Reduce Commercial Heating Cost-Part II

12 Ways to Reduce Commercial Heating Cost-Part II

heating maintenance in Saint LouisAmerican Services is committed to helping business owners to save on heating expense.  Below are the remaining 6 tips for energy savings for commercial business owners;

7. Check and replace weather stripping on doors and windows.  Leaking air around faulty weather stripping on doors and windows contributes to increased heating expenses in interior spaces of your building. Check for drafts and be sure to repair and replace stripping when necessary.

8. By installing storm windows you create double pane window efficiency for reducing heat loss obviously these storm windows must be kept closed , Make a check of all your storm windows to assure you have closed them when cold weather arrives.
9. Operate your kitchen and bath vents minimally throughout the winter cost season. Bath and kitchen vents exhaust heated air and moisture to the outside. If your home is dry during the winter, you may not need to operate these vents at all. However if condensation appears on windows use your vents to remove cooking and bathing moisture being sure to turn them off when no longer needed.

10. Lower the thermostat set point on your water heater. Water temperatures above 145 degrees are not needed for most tasks, and drives up energy efficiency costs.

11.Install a water heater insulation kit. Older water heaters may not have adequate insulation, by installing one it will keep heat in.  Exercise caution and be sure to follow manufacturer’s recommendations and be sure not to cover the thermostat unit.

12. Monitor hot water usage regularly.  Reducing hot water usage is effective in reducing the cost of heating water.  Installing low flow plumbing fixtures and repairing leaky faucets and defective plumbing joints saves on water and water heating energy costs.

To learn more about cost effective heating systems in Missouri,  contact American Services heating installation in Missouri today, you won’t be disappointed.

12 Ways to Reduce Commercial Heating Cost-Part I

12 Ways to Reduce Commercial Heating Cost-Part I

heating services in MOAmerican Services commercial heating repair in Saint Louis is committed to helping business owners reduce heating costs.

Below are 12 ways heating industry contractors and experts have developed to reduce heating costs in commercial installations.

1. Reduce thermostat setting to 68 degrees. Cold weather or winter heating costs storm windows and doors will be closely related to interior temperature. Reducing your thermostat setting can save substantial energy savings and heating costs.

2. Drop temperature down at night and when the business is unoccupied.
Lowering the thermostat setting by 10 degrees at night or when the office is unoccupied can save up to 15% on heating costs. The furnace may have to run longer to bring temperatures back up, but the energy saved while the business was cooler offsets the extra run time to reheat your building.

3. Obtain an install a programmable thermostat.  Thermostats that are programmable provide the ability to lower the temperature at night and during the day, and still have the building warm when you arrive in the morning. Programmable thermostat prices have become more affordable and many can be found for less than $100.

4. Change furnace filter regularly.  Dirty clogged furnace filters lower the heat effiency by impeding proper air flow through your furnace and heating system.

5. Having your furnace cleaned and tuned helps assure a safe and efficient furnace, cleaning the blower and burners to assure maximum air flow and complete combustion is also required.

6. If possible open window blinds on the south side of your home during winter days and then close them at night. The angle of the sun is low in the winter allowing substantial solar type heating through all southern windows subsequently heating your building.  Clear all vegetation that may impede sunlight from shining through windows facing south. East, West and North does did not contribute to the winter heating effort.