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Commercial Ice Machine Configurations

Commercial Ice Machine Configurations

ice machineWe write daily on behalf of your refrigeration experts at American Services in St Louis near Hazelwood MO and today we are beginning a long journey covering many different facets of refrigeration and more specifically, the ins and outs of ice machines of the commercial variety.  These may seem like a small thing in the restaurant or commercial businesses of today, but they are actually imperative to many different business, especially restaurants and hotels/motels.  There also exist so many different styles and types that the selectin process can be a little overwhelming.  “Nearly every type of food service business needs an ice machine. Because there are so many different configurations and styles available, it’s important to understand what is available to find the best ice maker to suit your business’s needs.”

On behalf of your St Louis Commercial Refrigeration Company near Hazelwood, we will begin by looking at all of the different configurations for ice machines.  There are three basic styles, or configurations to know about:  Modular or Ice Machine Head, Undercounter machines and the countertop variety.  The modular ice machines are usually available in 22,30 or 48 inch widths.  They are made to correspond with or work with an ice machine bin underneath or as part of an ice machine dispenser or soda dispenser.  These types can make as much as 1000 lbs per day, depending on the machine itself.

Undercounter ice machines in St Louis are great for small bars, cafes or businesses.  They do not put out as much ice per day, with the max being around 350 lbs per day.  These are sized to fit under most 40” counters, hence the name.  Finally, the countertop variety of commercial ice machines are very compact and used often in health care businesses.  They sometimes also dispense water as well as ice.  They also don’t yield as much ice as a modular style ice machine, their max is usually around 400 lbs a day.  They typically dispense nugget style ice as well, which will be the topic of our next post here on behalf of your Refrigeration and Ice Machine Sales Company in St Louis MO near Hazelwood.

Cooling Equipment Service Contract Must Haves

Cooling Equipment Service Contract Must Haves

Must HaveWhen drafting a heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment service contract, there are some things that you will want to make sure it includes.  Adding these important elements will keep you protected in the best possible way and save you hundred, if not thousands in added costs.  Today, let’s take a look at what you need to include and why!

  • Make sure your contract covers a bi-annual system maintenance check. This will ensure your equipment is being inspected at the beginning of the heating and cooling seasons.  Services like this are often called a checkup or tuneup.
  • Make sure parts and labor are covered in the case that something is found to be broken during one of your check-up visits.  This will continue to save you money on any extras that might come up.
  • Make sure you consider including an “emergency” service piece.  This part of the contract will ensure you avoid extra costs when something comes up unexpectedly.  When adding this type of a service, commercial businesses that need to be up and running 24/7 benefit the most.

Remember that adding on these extras to your contract may increase the initial investment, but overall individuals who take part in these types of plans will save money.

American Services is the leading heating, refrigeration, and cooling service contract provider near Maryland Heights!  In fact, more and more commercial customers have come to rely on the American Services team.  Our professionally trained, expert technicians take great pride in your satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to make you 100% satisfied.  Don’t trust your HVAC or Refrigeration equipment to any other company!  Call American Services to talk about a personalized preventative maintenance contract today!

The Best Cooling Systems are Energy Efficient

The Best Cooling Systems are Energy Efficient

industrial cooling in MOAmerican Services commercial cooling maintenance service near Fenton knows that in today’s market most cooling systems have an energy efficient design in order to save commercial businesses on energy costs.

Cooling systems must be designed with specific qualities in order to meet standards for the commercial industry.  In fact many systems today are almost completely maintenance free.

Other specs include; ensuring the protection or the system so it is free of dust and allergens, providing flexibility for adaptable cooling systems, and energy efficiency-which may be the most important aspect of cooling systems in today’s commercial market.

Many industry experts today say that utilizing water for cooling systems is the most efficient method of cooling today.  This principal is based on the fact that water has a high capacity for transporting energy efficiently compared to air systems.

One such cooling system is called evaporative cooling.  This type of cooling mechanism uses water to cool for spot cooling for approximately five hundred sq. ft. or less

Another energy efficient cooling option is a configuration that blows cool air from all 4 sides.  This type of cooling system does not generate enough cool air to cover as much area as the evaporative coolers.

In commercial buildings, superior climate control one that is energy efficient, will keep your costs down.

Other commercial cooling system options include; single or modular units, roof mounted HAVC systems which connect the  heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems together in one  classification.

When it comes to installation and maintenance of your commercial cooling system, it is recommended to spare no expense when selecting a licensed commercial installation and maintenance contractor.

In commercial buildings, superior climate control one that is energy efficient, will keep your costs down.  To learn more about energy efficient cooling options for your commercial space, contact us today at American Services in MO.

Install Renewable Energy Systems

Install Renewable Energy Systems

cement slab floor method in MOAmerican Services heating and cooling instillation and repair near Chesterfield knows that the heat of summer arrives, many commercial businesses start looking for ways to save money on cooling expenses.

One cost effective way to cool industrial buildings is to consider passive solar design to cool your business.   Passive solar systems can really help lower cooling costs when they are designed correctly with overhangs using reflective coatings on windows, exterior walls, and roofs.  Consider placing thermal mass, like concrete slab floors or heat absorbing walls, close to windows for another passive cooling method that can really save on cooling costs.

Solar arrays and wind turbine systems are a couple of examples of renewable energy cost effective systems.  Thinking about installing a renewable energy system at your building, like solar arrays or a wind turbine? Increasing the energy efficiency of your commercial building is a great plan if you are preparing for commercial renewable energy systems.

According to, “efficiency upgrades can shrink the energy load of your building by as much as 35 percent, which will allow you to maximize the proportion of clean power generated on-site at the least cost. In other words, energy efficiency gives you the most bang for your renewable energy buck.”

The Environmental Protection Agency offers the following resource sites to help businesses learn more about renewable energy products at; “EPA’s Green Power Partnership”, or “EPA Guide to Clean Energy Financing Programs”, or “Power Purchase Agreements.”

If you consider the Power Purchase Agreement program, there are actually no upfront costs because according to, “the end-user, don’t own the solar panels. Instead you buy solar power as a service much like you already do for grid-based energy from a utility. At the end of the month, you pay only for the solar energy produced on-site and purchase the remaining energy you need from your utility. A solar energy services firm assumes all performance and economic risks because it owns and maintains the equipment on your site.”

To learn more about renewable energy sources for your commercial building, contact us today at American Services today.

Commercial Heating Efficiency Options

Commercial Heating Efficiency Options

heating service in MissouriIn order to maintain a comfortable climate, most commercial buildings must pay out a significant amount in energy expenses each year. Reducing those expenses can be challenging for most commercial businesses, although the use of solar heating systems can offset some of this energy expense. There are some methods available for “reducing” the energy used by this system, helping recovery of some energy costs.

Air Filters Need Regular changing
the number one way to keep heating and air systems operating at peak.  A monthly changing of the air filters is recommended particularly during winter and summer months. These filters effectively prevent dust and other materials from building up throughout the duct system.

Give your commercial heating system a tune up annually. Professionals recommend that both commercial and residential structures have a certified HVAC technician such as American Services HVAC maintenance in Florissant give your heating system a complete physical tune up. This should include ductwork. These annual physical checkups by professional HVAC technicians will insure that commercial systems run smoothly and efficiently. These complete heating system evaluations will also help identify any potential hazards, or mechanical breakdowns, resulting in prevention of major repair costs down road.
Seal Ducting-Seal the furnace and cooling ducts in your building, this will prevent the treated air from escaping. Ducts move the warm air throughout your building; if cracks, holes, or deterioration are present warm air will escape leaving cold spots throughout your building. Sealing and insulating your ductwork can save as much as 20 percent of your monthly energy costs.
Install a programmable thermostat-controlling the temperature in your building on a consistent basis, even when no one is present is accomplished by the use of a programmable thermostat. In commercial settings keep the building cooler at night and warmer during the day.

In summary; your commercial heating and air systems need a regularly planned maintenance plan. Systems over 10 years of age should be evaluated for upgrades or installation of newer models. Your American Services technician can provide information and guidance in these maintenance matters. Remember newer models or system upgrades operate much more efficiently than systems built 10 years ago.

Prompt Service for Your Refrigeration Service Needs

Prompt Service for Your Refrigeration Service Needs

refrigeration installation in MissouriAmerican Services commercial refrigeration repair in Edwardsville knows that most commercial refrigeration contractors are familiar with the customer’s requirements and possess the skills and equipment to complete the installation successfully.

The commercial refrigeration process includes many facets in the chain to accomplishing a successful installation. At American Services, our installation specialists take complete responsibility for the entire process from beginning to end in order to ensure that all goods and parts in the refrigeration units are maintained at the highest quality level.

The service provider professionals at American Services are recognized for their support in maintenance repairs. The next support level comes from the refrigeration service providers; they are concerned with maintaining the customer’s reputation at all costs. With years of experience behind these successful companies, it has enabled them to come up with bright and innovative techniques for maintaining the commercial refrigeration unit and commercial refrigeration installation process.

When breakdowns occur, commercial businesses need prompt attention prompt attention, immediate evaluation and technical expertise. Our company provides just that, and will also have a strong technical support package available on short notice.

Our reputation as a contractor in this business depends partially on how quickly we respond to commercial refrigeration repair.  Delays in repairs can quickly accumulate cost for your business which translates to thousands of dollars in downtime.

The professional commercial refrigeration installing contractor at American Services will insure that the installation project and maintenance tasks will not conflict with the daily operations of your business under any circumstances. Providing experienced engineers to respond to any emergency situation will keeps us at the top of our profession and keeps you doing business as usual.