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Finding the Right Restaurant Equipment for Cooking

Finding the Right Restaurant Equipment for Cooking

chefWhen you set out to buy restaurant equipment in St Louis near Ladue for your recently opened restaurant, you will want to do a bit of research first.  Whether you were looking for used or new cooking supplies for your restaurant, having the right information is essential in making the right buying decision.

“Apart from having the right information, it is equally crucial to find the right store from which to buy. Ideally, with the right cooking tools, a restaurant should be a place ready to serve food for any number of customers at any given time.” So how do you go about choosing the best commercial cooking equipment for your restaurant?

It is of the utmost importance to choose the right cooking essentials.  After all, the tools you choose need to be suited for the specific needs of your restaurant, including the exact food you offer for sale there.  “For instance, if your restaurant makes pizzas, then it is certain that you will need ovens and grills for preparing pizzas. Therefore, it is important to choose cooking equipment based on your restaurant offerings. On the other hand, if your restaurant is the buffet type, then cook and hold ovens will be ideal.”  When it comes to restaurant equipment in St Louis near Ladue, we know that one of the most important aspects in cooling equipment is in the ventilation department.  We will spend time in the next post going over all of the details surrounding ventilation.  For now, just know that your restaurant equipment service and sales in St Louis is available to help you find all that your new commercial kitchen needs in the way of cooking equipment and other restaurant equipment for the kitchen you are building.  Getting experts involved in the process is essential to the success of your restaurant.

Commercial Ranges You Can Use at Home

Commercial Ranges You Can Use at Home

the topBefore researching and writing about commercial and industrial restaurant equipment, I used to actually be involved in appliance sales.  There are many brands that sell ovens, grills, convection ovens, freezers, ice machines, etc, that can be used either commercially in St Louis or in your very own kitchen.  One of my personal favorites, that could be serviced by American services in St Louis near Kirkwood, should the need arise, is made by Wolf.  They always seemed to have some of the best commercial cooking equipment that was nice looking and worked really well for restaurant use as well as high end home kitchens.

Selling to a wealthier community in Chesterfield Mo, convincing them to spend the extra on a commercial range for their home was rarely an issue.  They also have a greater need to keep up with the Jones’ so, once again, they wanted the best of the best.  “Ranges have come a long way since they first appeared in the late 17th century, and considering they can cost several thousand up to tens of thousands of dollars and are a major purchase in any household, it’s important to know what’s out there.”

Ranges, personal or commercial come in a few different styles and sizes.  They are ranked by width and come in 30 inch standard, customized narrower if need be, and 36, and 48 are the standards for free standing ranges.  There are also commercial restaurant equipment supplies in St Louis that offer slide in and drop in varieties of ranges.  Burner strength and type is the next thing to consider when looking into a Wolf or Viking range (the top two brands for home or restaurant equipment purchases.)   We will revisit this topic soon and cover all of the differences in burner strength and styles.


Heating & Cooling Incentives for Ameren MO Commercial & Industrial Customers

Heating & Cooling Incentives for Ameren MO Commercial & Industrial Customers

Incentive word in 3d letters on background with motivation, impeAre you a commercial or industrial electric customer with Ameren Missouri?  If so, there are a number of incentives you may be able to use to save even more on your energy efficient upgrades.  These incentives are split into categories including: Standard Incentives; Custom Incentives; and Retro-Commissioning Incentives.  Each incentive category offers commercial and industrial Ameren Missouri customers the chance to qualify for monetary incentives that make energy saving upgrades even more affordable.  Today, let’s take a look at each category and how they work.

Standard Incentive – Ameren’s Standard Incentives are designed for non-residential Ameren Missouri electric customers who want to make quick and easy energy efficient upgrades.  These upgrades do not need pre-approval from Ameren unless the total incentive is expected to exceed $10,000.  Examples of upgrades that fall under this incentive program include: Lighting Incentives; Motor Control Incentives; Electric Water Heating Incentives; Commercial Cooking Equipment Incentives; and more!

Custom Incentives – Custom Incentives are used for energy efficient equipment upgrades that do not fall under the Standard Incentives category.  These incentives will be calculated based upon the estimated annual energy savings from the upgrade. Some examples of the upgrades that fall under this category include: Chiller Replacments; Lighting System Redesign; and Pump and Fan Motor Drive Additions.

Retro-Commissioning Incentives – A project that optimizes your overall system performance is one that falls under the Retro-Commissioning Incentives category. Examples of projects that fall under this category include: Compressed Air Systems; Refrigeration Systems; and Building Control Systems.

Ameren Missouri also offers incentives for New Construction projects.  To get more information on these programs or to apply, simply visit the informational ActOnEnergy BizSavers Program page at today!

Let the Hazelwood area heating and cooling experts at American Services help you take advantage of the savings available for Ameren Missouri customers by giving us a call about HVAC, refrigeration, and other commercial equipment upgrades today!

Tips for Proper Care of Commercial Cooking Equipment

Tips for Proper Care of Commercial Cooking Equipment

restaurant equipment in MOAmerican Services knows that restaurant equipment such as new ranges for your commercial kitchen are not cheap.  Therefore you probably want to take good care of your new equipment once you select your new equipment.

For optimal energy conservation, be sure to select the right cookware for optimum heat transfer  Be sure to use sturdy, flat-bottomed cookware. Pots with uneven bottoms do not heat evenly. Copper-bottom pots are some of the best for heat conduction.

Ensure that the pan covers the burner completely to eliminate heat loss.  For example, don’t use a 6 inch pan on an 8 inch burner for maximum heat distribution.

Be sure to put a cover on pots and pans to hold heat in instead of losing heat unnecessarily.  This will also shorten cooking times.

In order to keep your cooking equipment performing at optimum efficiency, be sure to set up a regular maintenance plan.  American Services will be happy to help you with this.

Cleaning your stove top properly is also important to ensure optimal heat transfer.  Dirty burners must work harder and waste energy in order to transfer heat to your cookware.  Be sure to keep your cook top clean for the most efficient use of energy in the kitchen.

“Any time your flame turns more yellow than blue or loses its bullet-shaped appearance, it is time for an adjustment. Loosen the adjustment screw and move the shutter until once again you have a blue, bullet-shaped flame. Then tighten the screw and prepare for more energy savings,” according to

Be sure to clean gas ranges each day as well to remove cooked on food and grease, but don’t use an excess amount water because it can damage electrical components.

For restaurant equipment maintenance near Edwardsville contact American Services today.


Restaurant Equipment Tips for Maintenance and Energy Efficiency

Restaurant Equipment Tips for Maintenance and Energy Efficiency


commercial restaurant equipment maintenance in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment repair and maintenance service near Fairview Heights knows that with smart energy solutions implemented in commercial kitchens, restaurant owners can work smarter, not harder.

Energy Saving Tips

  • Reduce preheating time-do not preheat any longer than the manufacturer recommended settings, lower your preheating time for underfired charbroilers to 15 or 20 minutes.
  • Turn off your broiler-know that your broiler utilizes more energy than six fryers combined,  so leaving it on stand-by results in huge unnecessary energy costs.  Turing the broiler off during slow times up to 3 hours per day can result in a savings of $600 per year in energy costs.
  • Use only cooking equipment needed-save money on energy costs by eliminating stand by times and turning off cooking equipment when not in use.
  • Do not overload your charbroiler-use your charbroil to capacity but be sure not to overload it which could possibly damage it.
  • Use your griddle whenever possible- the thermostat lets you lower the heat level which means you will utilize less energy.  There are even models with grooves to simulate grill marks on the food allowing you to save money on more expensive charbroil cooking methods.
  • Properly ventilate the cooking area-broilers require more ventilation than any other commercial cooking equipment because 25 percent of the heat is lost in the kitchen space, resulting in increased cooling costs.

To keep your equipment performing efficiently and with the least amount of energy, establish a regular maintenance plan with these maintain and save tips.

Keep Your Charbroil Cooking Equipment Maintained

Inspect your charbroil frequently for signs of metal fatigue and corrosion which could result in inefficient performance and increased energy usage. Make sure to clean your charbroiler properly and never raise the heat in order to cook off debris-this is a huge waste of energy and can damage gas valves.  Use proper cleaning tools and take preventative measures to ensure your charbroiler remains clean. To keep your charbroiler functioning properly, remove the radiants and scrub them in a sink with a wire brush daily, be sure to clear ashes away to ensure proper heat transfer.

Restaurant Cooking Equipment Installation

Restaurant Cooking Equipment Installation

Missouri restaurant cooking equipmentAmerican Services restaurant equipment installation and repair in St. Louis, knows there are hundreds of ways to save money in the restaurant business, but skimping on the installation of cooking equipment shouldn’t be one of them.  Whether you’re having a range, double oven,  stove or fryer installed, it is better to have it done right the first time, than to spend hundreds of dollars getting it corrected later.

With all of the pipe fittings, electrical connections and building codes restaurant owners need to hire professionals to get their equipment installed correctly.  Not only will it save you money in the long run, but the quality of food is dependent on the equipment you are using, and more importantly if it was installed the right way.

Because of the complexity of modern cooking equipment hiring professionals to install it just makes good business sense.  The installer will also be able to help you determine how to power your appliances, either through gas or electric connections.  This primary step is important because it will determine what kind of equipment you need to buy and also any precautions that will need to be taken.  Gas and propane can be used, but of course this requires hosing and special connections to insure that gas leaks don’t occur.  Electrical connections might need to be hard wired into the building, or special breakers and outlets might need to be installed if the building isn’t up to modern electrical standards and codes.  All of this requires knowledge and a certified professional to install the equipment and  make sure your restaurant meets all safety and health standards.

Commercial cooking equipment is nothing like residential equipment and requires a special level of expertise to install.  Grease traps, venting hoods and combustible clearance standards are just some of the differences that need to be noted between commercial cooking equipment installation and putting an appliance in at home.  Take the time to research professional installers and follow their advice on the installation process.  The cost is certainly more than doing it yourself, but for the safety of your employees and customers, this is one job you want to leave to the pros.

Commercial Restaurant Equipment Repair-Cooking Equipment

Commercial Restaurant Equipment Repair-Cooking Equipment

industrial restaurant equipment maintenance in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment and cooking equipment repair near Webster Groves knows that  steamers may be one of the best pieces of equipment to ensure food is cooked evenly, easily, and very healthy as well.  Restaurant operators regularly utilize steamer cooking equipment as an integral part of their operation.  It is the easiest method for cooking meat, fruits, vegetables, and pasta all the while ensuring the food is tasty and moist.  Restaurant staff will often cook several items on multiple perforated tiers to increase production.

There are also many health benefits to integrating steamer cooking equipment into your restaurant equipment lineup.  Through the process of steaming meat, the fats are left in the water to be discarded.  This lowers cholesterol in the food.  Just as meats become healthier to heat, there are also health benefits with other foods.  Steaming vegetables for example, preserves the fiber, ensures the colors are vibrant, and gives you the best possible natural flavor.

Typically, when searching for a piece of commercial cooking equipment you first need to identify the electrical requirements.  Standards restaurant equipment steamers will require 208/240 volts and come in either single phase or three phase.  If your application does not have the proper electrical requirements, that will be an added expense to budget for.  Additionally, most restaurant equipment does not come with the stand.  This is the same with most steamers.

There are many makes and models to choose from.  American Services recommends first analyzing the volume of food produced each day.  Contact a manufacturer and explain the workload that the cooking equipment will be put through each day.  The manufacturer will provide you with the ideal model, or feel free to contact American Services and schedule an estimate with a professional technician for all of your commercial restaurant equipment repair and maintenance needs.