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Restaurant Equipment Take Two

Take twoToday, we plan to look closer at your St Louis Restaurant Equipment needs and hone in on some of the less obvious things you will need that are not all actual appliances per say, some are smaller thing, too, that may go by the wayside if you are opening your first restaurant in St Louis near St Charles MO.

Prep tables, counters, and cutting surfaces are essential to any commercial kitchen and come in various sizes so we thought we would elaborate to some extent here. It is recommended that you choose preparation surfaces made of stainless steel. According to experts’ advice we read in our research on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Service near St Charles, “Stainless steel is sturdy against corrosion, resists attack from food and meat juices, and can withstand the harsh cleaning products used in commercial kitchens.”  When it comes to cutting, you will want to have plenty of either plastic or wooden cutting boards at your fingertips. Plastic boards are easier to sanitize but can develop deep grooves that can hide bacteria. Wooden boards are generally tougher than plastic ones and don’t develop grooves as easily, but can be slightly trickier to sanitize fully.

Let’s move on to slicers for your St Louis Restaurant Equipment near St Charles, shall we?  “Slicers are often tasked with cutting meat, cheese, or other foods with speed and precision. If you need to purchase a slicer, consider how often you’ll need to use it. If your slicing is low volume or infrequent, a manual food slicer is a better, less expensive option. However, for larger amounts of food or foods that need to be cut to specific proportions, choose an electric slicer instead. Electric slicers are automatic, which can save you time and labor. Moreover, most electric slicers allow you to turn off the automatic function and operate the machine manually.”

Gain Control of Food Waste in Your Commercial Kitchen

food wasteWe have been discussing food waste lately, on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration install and repair since we represent so many commercial kitchens in the St Louis area and since it is a topic that restaurant consumers have most definitely proved passionate over.  We finished the previous post just before going into details about a food waste audit.  What is a Food Waste Audit?

“The first step to reducing waste is to find out how much you’re wasting to begin with and what kind of waste your establishment is producing. The primary goal of a waste audit is to identify where your operation’s waste comes from, so you can then find ways to reduce it.”  How does one go about counting or tracking the food waste they produce?  We set out to answer this and other questions surrounding the subject of food waste in your St Louis restaurant refrigeration near O Fallon MO. “There are two main factors to take into account as you track your food waste. You need to consider how much food is being wasted and how many people are coming through your restaurant. By gathering data for both of these variables, you can get a better sense of what your biggest source of waste is.”

Start by gathering ways to track or log your food waste.  By providing your staff with a simple sheet of paper where they can keep track of what’s being thrown out, why it’s being thrown out, and how much is wasted, you will be on the right track from the start.  We wanted to dig a little deeper, though, on behalf of your Refrigeration Sales and Service in St Louis near O’Fallon MO, so we read and researched a bit more to find that there is an alternative to what could be unrealistically cumbersome for your staff.   “As an alternative, there are waste tracking systems like LeanPath that use a specially designed scale with touch screen terminal and computer software to track how much food you’re throwing out without the hassle of a pencil and paper.”  Either road you choose, this is the beginning of a food waste audit and ultimately gaining control and making the most of food waste in your St Louis Restaurant near O’Fallon.

On a Commercial Range Quest

commercial kitchenWhen on your range quest, in search of the perfect commercial range for your kitchen or restaurant in St Louis near South County, you will want to look at some of the feature options, then determine which ones will best serve you before deciding upon the commercial range you will buy.  On behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Sales and Service near South County MO, we have compiled lists and descriptions to help you with that task.

For starters, we have what are referred to as “Restaurant Ranges”.  They share the following traits and features:  They are designed to stand alone, available in a variety of widths in 12″ increments from 24″ to 72″; they typically have a gas connection that is usually in back.  These commercial ranges are usually lighter duty construction than a heavy duty range would be and yet they are still designed for busy commercial kitchens, just perhaps not best suited for restaurant use.  They are the most prevalent choice in new ranges in the industry, according to stats uncovered on behalf of your St Louis refrigeration sales near South County MO.  These restaurant ranges have burners that provide plenty of BTUs for most cooking tasks, they are less expensive than heavy duty ranges on average.

Heavy Duty ranges, according to the research we have done on behalf of your Commercial Refrigeration Sales in St Louis, are designed, first and foremost, to work with other ranges at the same time.  “Designed to be banked together ‘in battery’ with other ranges or pieces of equipment; gas connection is often on front or side to facilitate this.  These types are designed for heavy, high volume use; often thicker gauges of metal and more welded components exist here too.  You will definitely see even higher energy output per burner than you will on a restaurant range, but with any luck, you will still have low BTU settings for sauces and delicate things of that nature.  These ranges are more expensive that the others, per our research on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Installation near South County.

Look For Restaurant Equipment Sales and Service Advice

expert adviceOn behalf of your refrigeration service in St Louis near St Peters MO, we are here to discuss options for you and your commercial kitchen or possibilities to add or omit from your list of restaurant equipment needs.  There are basically two style refrigeration units near St Peters, walk in and reach in varieties.  “Regardless of the type you choose, your cooling unit will be essential to your business. Seek professional help for installation and make sure you know how to properly maintain your unit as it can be costly to repair.”

Food prep counters can also be part of your St Louis refrigeration needs and are definitely a part of the restaurant equipment list for many different styles of kitchen.  Essential to any commercial kitchen, prep tables, counters, and cutting surfaces come in various sizes from which to choose. According to our research on behalf of your St Louis refrigeration sales near St Peters, you will want to select preparation surfaces made of stainless steel. This material is sturdy against corrosion, resists attack from food and meat juices because it is completely non porous.  Stainless steel is also able to withstand the harsh cleaning products used in St Louis MO commercial kitchens.

As for cutting surfaces, choose either plastic or wooden cutting boards. Plastic boards are easier to sanitize but can develop deep grooves that can hide bacteria. Wooden boards are generally tougher than plastic ones and don’t develop grooves as easily, they may be a little trickier to sanitize, however, so make sure you keep them completely clean after each use.  On behalf of your St Louis restaurant equipment sales near St Peters, you will want to know that you can always rely upon experts in the field to guide you in the proper directions when it comes to the best restaurant equipment for your commercial kitchen and it’s specific needs.  Contact your restaurant equipment sales near St Peters for more detailed advice on sales, service and installation today.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

commercial kitchenWhen in the planning phases for your new restaurant in St Louis near Edwardsville IL, you will want to do just that…lots of planning.  “If you’re planning to start a restaurant, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is how to set up your kitchen.”  We know that you will have start up fees in the way of St Louis Restaurant Equipment for your new business, but how much do you plan for and what exactly do you need?

“The kitchen will be the center of your business and the place where your menu comes to life. That being the case, you’ll need high-quality restaurant equipment that can withstand the pressures of daily use…” You will want to spend your own personal time and effort in the planning and research phase of your restaurant and the restaurant equipment that goes into the kitchen.

“Careful planning and research are necessary to maximize the efficiency and functionality of your kitchen. Consider the following 10 essential restaurant equipment as you brainstorm and design the layout of your establishment. If you already have a restaurant, do you have these 10 essential pieces of restaurant equipment?”  We will begin here and go on to discuss the remaining pieces in future posts.  Freezers and refrigeration is required regardless of the restaurant type and style. In St Louis MO, all commercial kitchens require a refrigeration unit of some type. Refrigerating food items prevents them from perishing quickly, preserves freshness, and provides cold food storage space.  We will go into much more detail in the following posts, but for now, understand that the industrial grade refrigeration units are designed to meet the unique needs of the food industry in St Louis near Edwardsville IL, so they are a key purchase for any food handling operation. There are many varieties of coolers and freezers available on today’s market for the restaurant equipment buyers, but your purchasing decisions will generally involve two types, they are reach-in or walk-in units.

Commercial Kitchen Range Prices and Differences

commercial kitchenKnowing that a basic range for a home or commercial kitchen can be obtained for under 1000 dollars, we set out to figure the differences in the higher dollar models on behalf of your Commercial Cooling Service in Earth City near Ladue.  It turns out that when you bump up to the $1,000- $3,000 price range you gain options in the form of cooking modes, more styles from which to choose and stainless is definitely obtainable in this price range.  Anyone looking for a slide in or drop in model which is more of a built in look, will likely be in this price range as a minimum as well.

From our recent research done on behalf of your Cooling install in Earth City near Ladue, we found the next step up in price to be the $3,000-$6,000 range.  This is steep for most home ranges, though some will foot the bill.  “Here is where you can start to get fancy with options like dual-fuel power, slide-in design and convection fans.”  Also, when looking at gas, say for instance, in the Viking Ranges, you will be offered higher and lower btu burners in order to provide more powerful and delicate heat settings.

“$6,000-$10,000: Products in this price range emulate professional-grade appliances you’d see in commercial kitchens. For ranges, you’ll see all-stainless steel construction (not just a finish on doors and control panels), models that are wider than the standard 30 inches to accommodate six or more burners, along with special options such as modular tops that allow for change ups between burners, woks, griddles, grills and other options for some.  Over ten grand is sort of crazy land for most people and you get a customized piece entirely.  Check them out by visiting your Earth City Cooling sales near Ladue MO today.

Further Convection Oven Details for Your Restaurant Equipment Needs

wall ovenWe know, based on our recent research on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Service near St Louis City, that there are multiple choices in commercial convection ovens on the market today.  The trick to finding the best one for you and your restaurant equipment list is to figure out first just what you feel you will need in functions and features.  Then, it is always best to read the reviews and narrow your search to as few models as possible.  Some of the deciding factors for your oven selection may need to be space and internal capacity needs.

In the article prior to this from your Restaurant Equipment Sales near St Louis City, we discussed the Waring Commercial Convection oven, model number WCO500X.  It is a high rated, affordable convection oven that you will see in many small commercial kitchens.  This over is loaded with features and the next ones have slightly fewer by design.  The Wisco 620 is another commercial oven worth consideration for your list of restaurant equipment needs.  This oven is known for its wide range of temperature capabilities and can take the internal temp all the way down to 100 and up to 450.  This is amazingly flexible and all-encompassing when it comes to handling things like proofing bread.

The above commercial convection oven is also unique and favorable for its insulated double walls and cool-touch tempered glass door that ensure that nothing can get burnt from touching the exterior of the oven. The removable door and racks make it easy to clean, and three custom baking trays are included with the product.  Either this Wisco or the Waring discussed before would both make for excellent convection oven choices, but you will want to compare the capacities to that of others on the restaurant equipment market in St Louis City MO.  You will have success with ratings information on sites such as Appliance Magazine and Consumer Reports.


Commercial Convection Ovens

ovenWhen it comes ovens in the commercial category for your needed restaurant equipment in St Louis near Kirkwood, you will want to shop some of the ones with the best ratings and make sure you get the set up that will best serve you.  If, for starters, you are unsure of whether a convection oven is your best bet, you need to read here to find out the details of all that a commercial convection oven can do for your lineup of St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Kirkwood MO.

From our research, we found the following information on behalf of your commercial restaurant equipment installers near Kirkwood, “A convection oven can be used to warm up, bake, broil, roast or even rotisserie food, so commercial kitchens often need a good oven to create their dishes.” It can be tricky to choose just which over or ovens will best serve you and your restaurant equipment needs.  If you follow this article, along with the next one, we will give you some insight into the differences in some of the top commercial oven options on today’s market.

The Waring Commercial convection oven with model number WCO500X is a really wonderful choice in convection ovens, with so many above-and-beyond features that you will not want for any extra abilities in your oven realm with this guy in your commercial restaurant equipped kitchen.  One article describes it as the following, “A user can set it with a timer or leave it on for an indeterminate amount of time. It is designed for a standard ½ sheet baking tray and has settings for baking, roasting, convection baking and broiling. The clear double pane glass front, stainless steel drip pan and easy to use dials create a fantastic user experience.”  Check out the next article for a few other top models of commercial grade convection ovens.

What Does a Wok Do?

When it comes to restaurant equipment sales and service in and around the St Louis area, we want you to know that we are thinking of you and on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment Install near Jefferson County MO, we want to update you on all of the latest in the area of commercial and business restaurant equipment, especially if we think that something we read can be of some benefit to you.  We plan, today, to pass along a little knowledge for Asian cooking woks.

Used for many different styles of cooking, like stir frying, pan frying, deep frying, poaching, boiling, braising, searing, smoking, steaming, and roasting vegetables, there exist many different commercial kitchens that will want one on their list of necessary restaurant equipment.   Woks are described by many as essential and very unique, “They are extremely versatile and an essential cooking tool in many kitchens and can help you create delicious meals for many years with the proper care.”

They can be made of a variety of materials and though we don’t sell them at your St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Jefferson County MO, we do want to offer you some advice on how to handle them, beginning with the seasoning process.  “Most modern woks are either made from carbon steel or cast iron. Before you use a new wok you need to season it. By seasoning a new wok, you seal the cooking surface and prevent rust. As a result, you will not need much oil to cook and food will not stick to the wok’s surface. It also helps ensure your wok lasts a long time even with heavy use.”  The process will vary depending on the material from which your wok is made.  Read the next post on steps involved for seasoning one versus the other.

Polishing Your Refrigeration

stainless refrigeratorWhen it comes to your Commercial Refrigeration near Ballwin MO, did you know that keeping the outside clean, you can go the natural approach, even with stainless steel?  That’s right.  “Naturally clean. For a DIY approach to cleaning using pantry items, the sustainable-living team at Eartheasy advises dampening a cloth with undiluted white vinegar or olive oil and wiping in the direction of the grain.”  Some other options for naturally cleaning your stainless steel commercial refrigeration and other restaurant equipment, are as follows:  Diluted vinegar (for cleaning limescale),Baking soda (to remove coffee deposits) Alcoholic solvents, such as acetone (for removing adhesives), Chloride-free glass sprays (especially efficient for polished, mirror-like surfaces).  You can also use specific pastes and sprays that may or may not be all natural, but make sure they don’t have chloride in them.

Why no chloride?  Well, this is a simple answer and it involves the not-so-stainless concept of stainless steel.  You see, if the first line of defense on your stainless steel refrigeration is breeched, which is a protective coating of sorts, then it can and will be subject to rust underneath.  For the above reason, it is also suggested that you do not clean with anything abrasive at all, no steel scrubs especially.  Also, make sure you are wiping with the grain as opposed to against it, according to your St Louis Refrigeration Maintenance near Ballwin MO.

Polishing is a great idea for a little added protection for your stainless steel commercial refrigeration as well.  “Shine on. Spray cleansers made specifically for cleaning decorative stainless steel surfaces usually contain silicone oil, and although they will remove fingerprints and smudges, they will not prevent them. The ESDA says the silicone oil can be completely removed by washing with mild soap and water.” Polishing past is another favorite in commercial kitchens to help maintain that shine on your commercial refrigeration products.