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More Details on Under Counter Refrigeration

More Details on Under Counter Refrigeration

did you knowSo, you are about to embark on your refrigeration journey and you are out searching for and gathering details in order to best assist you in picking the proper product for your kitchen or bar needs.  Well, we, on behalf of your Refrigeration Sales in St Louis near Maryland Heights MO, have taken the time to narrow down four different brands of under counter refrigeration that all gets the top in ratings all over the appliance scene.

True is the best under counter refrigerator sold in the US, according to many different critics and review sources online.  “It is so well made that every True is UL listed for outdoor use. True Manufacturing, is recognized as a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigerators and freezers in the world of foodservice and soft drink industries. True is manufactured in St Louis, Missouri.”  When it comes to refrigeration near Maryland Heights, not everyone will need and want the very best of the best, but if you are one who does, then True is a great brand of refrigeration to consider, as are the following three options as well: Sub-Zero, Yale and Jenn Air.

All four of the above units offer substantial capacity, elegant appearance, and consistent temperature performance in a new commercial grade under the counter refrigerator.  Here are just a few things being reported about the other three brands that come in just behind True.  “True uses a balanced, forced-air refrigeration system enabling the product to even its temperature using a commercial fan. You can set the temperature as low as 33 degrees, keeping your drinks icy cold.  Meanwhile, Sub-Zero holds the legacy of reliability especially since their refrigerators are tested to last 20 years.  The Yale Exclusive has a stainless front and toe kick making it a stylish unit for any part of the home. The cantilevered fully adjustable shelving system make it incredibly flexible for loading.

Commercial Refrigeration Selection

Commercial Refrigeration Selection

refrigerationWe set out recently, yet not for the first time, to research the subject of Refrigeration for your commercial kitchen in St Louis near Chesterfield MO.  A necessity in the food industry, a commercial refrigerator can have many different facets attached, all of which worth consideration.  “Commercial refrigerators are a necessity in the food industry. They keep diners safe from harmful bacteria growth, and they keep your ingredients fresh. Every restaurant can increase the quality of their food and maintain safe food temperatures with a proper refrigeration solution.”

There exist several common guidelines for your consideration regardless of your kitchen.  We wanted to research some of them to help you in the search on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Sales and Service near Chesterfield MO.  Where will the refrigerator go?  This is a great first question to ask.  “The original design of your facility should determine where refrigeration should be located in your kitchen.”   What you’re your chef be creating in your St Louis Restaurant kitchen?  How much space can you offer for a refrigerator?  Are there any menu items that require freezer space?  If so, how much?  Then, the same question for the refrigeration space must be asked as well.  “The quantity of storage for uncooked and pre-cooked menu items” must also be determined before buying your next St Louis Refrigeration near Chesterfield MO.  The quantity of food is a question to ask.  Also, from your Refrigeration sales and service in St Louis, the questions regarding food quantities over set amounts of time, were all deemed pertinent.

Also important to examine before deciding upon your next St Louis Refrigeration near Chesterfield MO is the planning portion of ingredient distribution and movement.  “Planning: How ingredients move from refrigeration to service, or how they move from refrigeration to the prep or cook line. How are they returned to refrigerated storage?  Will the refrigerator be near a cook line or grilling station? How accessible are the unprepared foods to the line?”  These and many more questions are all applicable to the final decision making process when you set out for your next St Louis Refrigeration Sale near Chesterfield MO.

Refrigeration Tables in St Louis

Refrigeration Tables in St Louis

refrigerationWe spent a little time here, earlier in the week, discussing refrigeration and more specifically, commercial refrigeration needs in your St Louis Restaurant near University City MO.  You will need to buy at least one commercial refrigerator in St Louis if you own and operate a restaurant there and it can be tricky understanding the differences and getting a handle on which one or ones will best fit your needs.  But, did you know that there also exists something called a refrigerated table?

On behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Sales and Service near University City, we have gathered some information on the subject and will share it here.  “There are two types of refrigerated prep tables. Salad and sandwich tables usually have narrow cutting boards and room for several pans to hold toppings for salads and sandwiches like sliced meats, cheese, and vegetables. The pan area doesn’t always span the length of the table, and some of them include room on one end for holding countertop equipment like a panini press or griddle. Pizza tables have wider work surfaces and their ingredient rails are often above the prep area, giving you plenty of room to work with large pies. These commercial refrigerators also include a refrigerated base with cabinets or drawers for storing additional ingredients.”

Depending upon the style and type of restaurant you are running or plan to open, the refrigeration tables may or may not be a good fit for you.  If you are considering one for purchase, though, you will want to do more research to discover which ones have the most reliable raitings and service records, or course.  Then, resort to the option of interviewing others who have or do use one now.  Stay tuned here for more detailed information regarding commercial refrigeration and all of the options for your St Louis and surrounding areas.

Buying a Commercial Refrigerator

Buying a Commercial Refrigerator

commercial refrigeratorSo, you recently found yourself in the market for a commercial refrigerator.  Unlike the household variety, there aren’t quite as many brands from which to choose when it comes to reliable commercial refrigeration for your restaurant or business. On behalf of your Commercial Refrigeration Service in Bridgeton MO near Kirkwood, we did some research to help you when it comes time for you to choose and purchase your commercial refrigerators.

Begin by knowing and wisely choosing the brands you wish to consider for your commercial refrigerator purchase.  “Like most products you buy, your commercial refrigerator’s brand matters. There are a lot of manufacturers out there, so it’s important to zero in on a manufacturer you know you can trust. Some brands are going to focus on producing the highest quality units; other brands will aim to provide uncompromised value at the best possible price.”  Some that we can easily recommend based on consumer and expert ratings would be True, Turbo Air and Delfield.   Once you have narrowed down the brand, check out the refrigeration warranty that they offer.  No matter how great the product, nothing will last forever.  Even the very best of the best in the way of refrigeration will likely need service at some point.  If you need service under warranty or not, call your Commercial Refrigeration Service Company in Bridgeton to come for a visit.  Some commercial refrigerators will come with more coverage than others, depending on the manufacturer.  You will definitely want to compare them to make the best choice available to you.

The last aspect that is very important when buying any kind of refrigeration in Bridgeton is to check out dimensions.  Too many people overlook this, then pay for an install only to discover the refrigerator they bought isn’t going to fit!  They are not standard sizes, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Measure the space in your commercial kitchen, and then go from there.

How to Purchase Energy-Efficient Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

How to Purchase Energy-Efficient Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

Supermarket ShopperThe team at American Services wants to provide the best energy-efficiency recommendations to all it’s commercial clients.  That’s why we wanted to provide you with this quick overview of what the Department of Energy deems an effective guide when purchasing your commercial refrigeration and freezer units.  Let’s take a look at what they recommend!

Efficiency Recommendation

Refrigerator – Basic recommendation for solid-door, reach-in commercial refrigerators and freezers is 0.10V + 2.04 kWh/day or less.  Recommendation for 24.0 cubic feet sized units is 4.44 kWh/day.

Refrigerator-Freezer – Basic recommendation for solid-door, reach-in commercial refrigerators and freezers is 0.27AV – 0.71 kWh/day or less.  Recommendation for 24.0 cubic feet sized units is 7.81 kWh/day.

Freezer – Basic recommendation for solid-door, reach-in commercial refrigerators and freezers is 0.40V + 1.38 kWh/day or less.  Recommendation for 24.0 cubic feet sized units is 10.98 kWh/day.

Ice Cream Freezer – Basic recommendation for solid-door, reach-in commercial refrigerators and freezers is 0.39V + 0.82 kWh/day or less.  Recommendation for 24.0 cubic feet sized units is 10.18 kWh/day.

This efficiency guide information will help you find a unit that meets or exceeds the Energy Star guidelines that will help you save the most money over the lifetime use of your equipment. It is also important to get a unit that is properly sized for the work it will be doing.  If you purchase a unit that is oversized, you will not only spend more up front but you will additionally spend more money on energy usage over time.  Other factors like worn door gaskets and improperly functioning auto closers can cause your unit to run more than needed and can additionally lead to temperature control issues.

For full details on energy efficient commercial refrigeration equipment near Sunset Hills, the experts at American Services can help!

Refrigeration is at the Top of Restaurateurs’ Priority Lists

Refrigeration is at the Top of Restaurateurs’ Priority Lists

missouri refrigeration serviceCommercial refrigeration units are necessary pieces of equipment for most restaurant kitchens. They are one of the most important areas of any restaurant or commercial kitchen. Made specifically to keep cold foods cold and reduce the risk of food borne illnesses, the standard reach-in refrigerators and freezers are the most common types purchased or leased. However, more specialized units are also available for more specific applications.

Owning a restaurant is a can be a stressful and labor intensive undertaking. The process of starting, expanding or renovating one can be even that much tougher. There are so many details to account for and to manage. Careful planning and resourceful decision making needs to be part of the process for things go smoothly. Locating a reputable and helpful distributor and equipment service firm can help immensely. That is where American Services comes in.

Restaurant owners and managers have to ensure that perishable goods are kept at the appropriate temperature for safe use.  For restaurant refrigeration service in Illinois, contact American Services. With the vast selection of commercial refrigerators, they can help find the perfect fit for your food service operation. With their refrigeration options, you’ll find money saving energy efficient models that cut utility costs. A variety of stainless steel refrigeration help reduces costs with renowned durability and long life span.

Commercial refrigerators are much more powerful than residential models and cost more, but quality distributors carry selections at reasonable prices. Consumers need to feel secure in knowing that their cooling equipment can be trusted to withstand even the busiest of kitchens. The main goal is to optimize and sustain refrigeration systems and to balance utility, efficiency and expenditures. Restaurant owners can design and evaluate each project individually to insure that your best interests are carried through.

Refrigeration Options for Your Restaurant

Refrigeration Options for Your Restaurant

commercial refrigeration maintenance in MOA commercial refrigerator or freezer is typically a necessity for most any commercial kitchen. Refrigeration units are essential for storing perishable food and beverage product. Top-quality refrigeration equipment provides the peace of mind you need when storing items in your restaurant. Commercial refrigerators and freezers offer safe food storage options, regardless of whether you need a reach-in, an under-counter unit or a full-size walk-in and these units are incredibly user-friendly.

There are many options available to enhance the performance and functionality of your commercial refrigerator. Many refrigerators come with aluminum exteriors. Consider stainless steel or vinyl, which can be easier to clean and more durable. Casters are a good choice rather than having one with legs for better mobility. Health departments may require commercial equipment to be mobile for improved cleanliness.

Additional shelving can increase the storage capabilities in your commercial refrigerator. After reviewing how many shelves come standard with your unit, think about how you want to arrange your cold storage items. Consider adding additional wire shelves to provide the maximum cold storage benefits in your commercial kitchen. If your only need is to store sheet pans or hotel pans of prepared, chilled items before sliding them straight into the oven, then pan slides are even better than storage shelves.

Most solid door refrigerators can be modified to come with glass doors. Often the hinge can be placed on either side of the unit to improve efficiency in the kitchen. On glass door units, sliding glass doors may be an option. For prep tables, drawers in place of doors are another great alternative for effective cold storage. For assistance with commercial refrigeration near Illinois, American Services can help with service or product needs.

Restaurant Refrigeration Equipment Efficiency

Restaurant Refrigeration Equipment Efficiency

restaurant refrigeration in MOAmerican Services refrigeration repair service near Fairview Heights knows that restaurants often use about 5 to 7 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings, such as office buildings and retail stores. High-volume fast-food restaurants may use up to 10 times more energy per square foot. Most commercial kitchen appliances are designed to be energy intensive. For instance, a typical electric deep fat fryer uses more than 18,000 kilowatt-hours of energy per year. This translates to an excess of $1,700 in electricity annually, for just one piece of equipment. 

As energy costs increase, investing in energy efficiency is the best way to protect your business against these rising prices. You can reduce your restaurant’s energy consumption by following certain cost saving tips. Select Energy Star qualified appliances when you’re in the market for new equipment. Energy Star qualified commercial refrigerators and freezers can lead to an average energy savings of 30 percent.

Shrewd business people think in terms of life-cycle costs, which include purchase price, annual energy costs, and other long-term costs associated with the equipment. Higher efficiency appliances typically cost more up front, but significantly lower utility bills can make up for the price difference.

Refrigeration is often one of the most expensive tasks that certain businesses must account for. Having equipment that is running properly is very important. If you leave your equipment ON when it is not performing useful work, it costs you money. Properly maintaining and performing timely repairs is vital. Leaky walk-in refrigerator gaskets, freezer doors that do not shut, all add up to money wasted money. Don’t let everyday wear and tear drive up your energy bills.

The performance of your kitchen equipment changes over time. Thermostats and control systems can fail, or fall out of calibration and need to be readjusted. Take the time to do a regular thermostat check on your refrigeration equipment and reset them to the correct operating temperature. Features that could potentially save energy include improved insulation and components such as high-efficiency compressors and motors. For restaurant refrigeration near St Louis contact American Services.



Tips for Organizing your Refrigeration System

Tips for Organizing your Refrigeration System

commercial refrigeration in moAmerican Services commercial refrigeration repair in St. Louis knows that when it comes to organizing your cooling and refrigeration system for your commercial restaurant, it may not be one of the most exciting tasks on your list of things to do, but did you know that the efficiency of your cooling system will be maximized if you organize the food properly?

A poorly arranged freezer and refrigeration system could even cause your equipment to work harder than it should and wear out quickly as well as raising your utility bills.

Commercial refrigerators and freezers require a specific organized method for efficiency to be maximized.  This includes installation of interior pan rack slides and shelves.

With just a few changes in your commercial refrigeration system, you can increase safety and cleanliness and prevent hot spots, follow the tips below;

1. Space food items appropriately and be sure to allow adequate space between food boxes so cold air can properly circulate.

2. Refrain from storing food items on the floor- make sure all items are located at least 6 inches higher than the floor by using shelving units or dunnage racks in your walk-in cooler.

3. Be sure to keep meat stored on the lowest shelf to ensure that any spills will not end up thawing and contaminating other food items.

4. Store the fresh produce away from fans which could potentially damage fresh food resulting in freezer burn.

5. Use stickers with dates on every product and keep the newest items stored in back to ensure that the oldest food gets used first to avoid spoilage.

6. Label refrigerator shelves to keep storage organized and to make identifying food quicker for employees.

Keeping your commercial refrigerator clean and well organized will save time and money in the long run while at the same time ensuring safety and longevity of the food quality.

Used Refrigerator Can save on Restaurant Equipment Costs

Used Refrigerator Can save on Restaurant Equipment Costs

commercial restaurant equipment service in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment installation and repair in St. Louis knows that if you plan to save on costs for equipment for your restaurant, buying  a used commercial refrigerator is a great idea.  However you need to exercise caution and thoroughly inspect any commercial refrigeration unit you intend to buy because parts and repairs on a worn out unit can end up costing you more money in the long run.

Based on experience there are a few purchasing tips when shopping for a used commercial refrigerators, because there’s no real guarantee how long it will continue to be in working order. However there are a few things you can do to make sure you purchase the best possible pre-owned commercial refrigeration unit.

– Thoroughly inspect the unit.
When looking for a used commercial refrigerator it is best to physically inspect the unit yourself, so this means online shopping is out. You’ll want to check everything inside and out for excessive wear and tear. Special attention should be paid to the door gaskets an evaporator fins. A cracked or dried out door gasket will need to be replaced immediately. Upon inspection if the evaporator fins are bent, you can expect your machine to suffer decreased performance.

– Look for signs of mold for corrosion.
Check the frame and doors or anything else that is metal for signs of corrosion which indicates poor maintenance. If you are physically inspecting the unit smell the inside. If it smells musty or moldy do not purchase this used commercial refrigerator, because the musty smell can affect the flavor of your food.
– Call the manufacturer with any questions.
If you have any questions about the performance of the unit, it is best to call the manufacturer because they can give you an idea of what might be going wrong and how much repairs can potentially cost.