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Keeping Your Refrigeration Healthy

refrigerationAlong the same lines as our previous post where we introduced the fact that restaurant equipment in St Louis, including and especially commercial refrigeration, has a bad and a worse time of breaking down, we will continue our discussion here in terms of the details surrounding such a disaster.  Form one online reputable source of restaurant equipment information, we gain the following two cents, “If you’ve been in the business for a while, you’ve certainly experienced the anxiety (even panic) that occurs when a critical refrigeration unit goes down during a busy dinner shift. You can lose thousands of dollars in wasted product and lost business in a very short period of time. Not to mention the repair bill, which can often cost you double if it happens at night or a weekend, which of course it will!”

Luckily, avoiding commercial refrigeration repair isn’t as impossible as it may seem as most breakdowns of commercial refrigeration equipment can be prevented with simple regular maintenance, such as what is offered at your Refrigeration Maintenance and Sales in St Louis near Fairview Heights IL. You’re probably aware that your heating and air conditioning equipment needs to be cleaned and inspected twice each year. But many restaurant owners don’t realize that their refrigeration equipment also needs to be maintained and cared for on a regular basis in order to continue to be reliable to your restaurant business in St Louis MO near Fairview Heights IL.

In the post upcoming, we will cover an actual list of things to take care of on a routine basis in order to keep your refrigeration in St Louis MO and other commercial restaurant equipment in top running condition in order to keep your business as healthy and profitable as it can be for as long as you see fit.


Restaurant Equipment and a Love Hate Relationship

commercial kitchenIt is our job to bring you the latest in information surrounding the restaurant equipment maintenance in St Louis near Kirkwood MO and all other applicable categories in the commercial restaurant equipment business.  We pride ourselves in doing our best to keep you informed and so we want to discuss, today, commercial refrigeration and how to best maintain its health and function for your St Louis Restaurant Equipment needs.

Say there is a big event hitting your town that involves local food and restaurants, or really even an ordinary weekend when you know your restaurant will be busy and the equipment in high demand.  If your commercial refrigeration equipment fails at the wrong time, you’ll be sending all those potential new customers home dissatisfied or worse. So, in advance of restaurant needs, we’ll be posting great tips and resources on how to keep your equipment (and your head) cool!  This is an important concept to avoiding disaster at the worst possible time for your restaurant business.

Refrigeration equipment is your best friend and can be your worst enemy, according to one source we found online when researching the subject of everyday commercial restaurant equipment in St Louis near Kirkwood and its daily health and general upkeep. “Anyone who manages a food service operation probably has a love-hate relationship with refrigeration equipment. On one hand, they help you serve fresh and appealing fare. Without your coolers, chillers and walk in freezers, you’d be serving lukewarm drinks, wilted greens and melted ice cream. And that’s exactly the problem: when they break down, your business quickly comes to a screeching halt.”  Stay tuned for more information in the posts to follow from your St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales and service near Kirkwood on what to do to avoid the above scenario.

A Few Commercial Oven Pointers

HVACIn the commercial restaurant equipment category of discussion, it becomes important to discuss the ins and outs of you options before you buy one and find out that you didn’t think ahead.  When it comes to the style of your range in the St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales near Overland MO, you can pick from a few different designs and styles of ranges.  Consumer Reports covers them at length.  We will brush up on the differences here.  You can go with a slide in or drop in range for your St Louis Commercial Restaurant Equipment near Overland MO.  There are many things to keep in mind when shopping for your commercial Restaurant equipment though.  Such as the following point made by consumer reports, “We note features on the model page for each range. Here’s something to keep in mind when shopping. On some pro-styles the oven may be relatively low to the floor, making it a bit inconvenient to use the low-rack position.”

Some pro-style ranges, which are another pretty common choice for restaurants, have smaller ovens than you may imagine.  Despite their extra width and space for additional burners, some are so well insulated on the inside that the usable oven capacity is small compared to what you may expect.  “Given their commanding look and width, typically 36 inches or wider, it’s surprising that some pro-style ranges have small ovens, but that’s what we found when we measured their usable space. The $7,200 Viking VGSC536-4G is one of the 36-inch ranges tested that has a small oven, and among 30-inch ranges, the KitchenAid KDRS407VSS, $4,000, Thermador PRG304GH, $4,500, and Wolf GR304, $4,900 have small ovens, to name a few.”

Last point to make regarding your commercial grade oven and range in the pro-style category is that despite what you may expect, many of these St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Overland are without self-cleaning ovens.  This is a shock for many people who definitely want that convenience.  If this includes you, then make sure you ask and don’t assume anything.

Commercial Ranges in Kitchen

rangeWhen you shop the ranges at your local appliance dealer, especially if you are looking for Commercial Restaurant Equipment in St Louis near St Charles MO, you will likely encounter the pro style line of ranges that vacillate between commercial and home use.  The pro style ranges are anything but discreet.  “There’s nothing subtle about the look of a pro-style range and that’s the point. But when you’re thinking of spending $6,000 for a range, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.”

Apparently, they are not always the very best of the best when it comes to functionality.  However, one thing that consumer reports leave out, the pro-style ranges are more commercial grade in terms of BTUs in the burners.  There aren’t too many ranges in the Restaurant equipment near St Charles that will do the job with puny number of BTUS, which is primarily what you will find in the non commercial style ranges and ovens.  According to Consumer Reports, Kenmore has the best for the money in the non-range category.  Kenmore is traditionally made by someone else, however, so to say this is rather vague.  Also a bit skewed in the analysis is the fact that standard BTU burners cannot really be compared to those of greater ability like the ones on the pro-style range lineup in the Wolf, Viking, Kitchenaid, Thermador and Dacor lineup.

Some have six and others have four burners.  This is typically based on the width of the range itself.  “You’ll see pro-styles with six burners such as the $7,500 Thermador PRG366JG—and all six are high-powered—while other pro-styles have four burners. Some ranges have an oven dial for setting the oven temperature; some have a touchscreen.”  Also, when shopping for restaurant equipment in St Louis near St Charles, look at any and all ranges with ovens for proper height of the oven.  The last thing you want to do is have to bend ultra-low each and every time you use the oven in a restaurant.

How to Get the Best Refrigeration For Your Needs

We recently wrote a post on behalf of your American Services, a company that handles Refrigeration Service in St Louis MO near Ladue.  In it, we discuss the importance of research before you buy and the limited number of reviews available when it comes to commercial refrigeration and commercial restaurant equipment of all kinds.  You will, instead, need to do your research in the form of buying guides and actual product specifications and possibly brand preference.

Here is some advice from the experts who deal in commercial refrigeration online, “Just like you’d do with buying residential equipment, using the research you’ve already done, get specific brand name and model numbers of equipment you may be interested in and see if there are reviews written in various places across the web.”

You will want to be broad at first, but quickly narrow your search phrases to hone in one specific models in order to discover any good or bad info on the piece.  If you keep your search too broad, like anything else, your specific needs will get lost in the shuffle.   You may also wish to utilize product videos on the internet, discussing St Louis Commercial Refrigeration near Ladue, before you make any buying decisions.  Though restaurant owners may not have the time to write a review, they may take a few minutes to record a video.  “While you’re doing your search, make sure to switch over to ‘videos’ (in Google, it’s one of the options below the search box) and take a look at product videos that may exist. There are usually comments below the videos that could help with your research as well.”

Commercial Convection Ovens

ovenWhen it comes ovens in the commercial category for your needed restaurant equipment in St Louis near Kirkwood, you will want to shop some of the ones with the best ratings and make sure you get the set up that will best serve you.  If, for starters, you are unsure of whether a convection oven is your best bet, you need to read here to find out the details of all that a commercial convection oven can do for your lineup of St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Kirkwood MO.

From our research, we found the following information on behalf of your commercial restaurant equipment installers near Kirkwood, “A convection oven can be used to warm up, bake, broil, roast or even rotisserie food, so commercial kitchens often need a good oven to create their dishes.” It can be tricky to choose just which over or ovens will best serve you and your restaurant equipment needs.  If you follow this article, along with the next one, we will give you some insight into the differences in some of the top commercial oven options on today’s market.

The Waring Commercial convection oven with model number WCO500X is a really wonderful choice in convection ovens, with so many above-and-beyond features that you will not want for any extra abilities in your oven realm with this guy in your commercial restaurant equipped kitchen.  One article describes it as the following, “A user can set it with a timer or leave it on for an indeterminate amount of time. It is designed for a standard ½ sheet baking tray and has settings for baking, roasting, convection baking and broiling. The clear double pane glass front, stainless steel drip pan and easy to use dials create a fantastic user experience.”  Check out the next article for a few other top models of commercial grade convection ovens.

Restaurant Equipment Air Temp vs Product Temp

refrigeratorWe brushed on the subject of oil-filled temperature sensors in restaurant equipment, namely in the commercial refrigeration unit used by most any commercial company who needs to refrigerate their product.  They can be very advantageous to the right business, given their accuracy in measure for your commercial restaurant equipment when it comes to product temperature.  “These Oil-Filled Temperature Sensors are most commonly used in situations where the monitoring point is intended to mimic internal product temperature, rather than to precisely measure the surrounding air.”

Our research on behalf of your Commercial Restaurant Equipment sales in St Louis sites a few examples in the form of experiments.  One, was rather simple, yet does a stellar job at demonstrating the difference that an oil-filled sensor in your St Louis Restaurant Equipment can make for you in terms of functions.  The experiment is described below.

“…if you put two room-temperature thermometers in your home refrigerator, but have one sitting in a small cup or vial of cooking oil, you will notice that the non-oil-suspended thermometer very quickly shows the correct temperature inside the fridge (usually about 35ºF). The one suspended in oil will typically take significantly longer to reflect the temperature change. Same thing when you take them out of the fridge and put them on a countertop. The bare thermometer quickly reflects the actual air temperature, while the oil-filled sensor shows a slower change that resembles the internal temperature of food.”  There are many different scenarios in which this oil filled temperature sensor can present itself as beneficial.  In the next post we will cover the application of this restaurant equipment device and how it can work for you and your commercial business needs.

Deciding on a Commercial Food Processor for Your Restaurant

food processorOur previous post here, on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Sales and Services near Clayton MO, covered some of the different styles of commercial food processors, all of which centered around capabilities and exactly what the commercial food processor can do for you in your commercial kitchen.  Finding the one you can benefit most from is as simple as knowing what you will be doing in your commercial kitchen in St Louis MO near Clayton.  Beyond that, though, there will be several options once you determine the functions you need.  There will still be many from which to choose once you have decided on the category of food processor best for you and your restaurant equipment needs.

For example, there are certain features you will want to look for in your commercial restaurant equipment near Clayton.  You will want, “Commercial grade, high performance motors that can handle large commercial kitchen jobs.”  Also important are controls that are easily accessible for use and equally as easy to keep clean.  One article we found online talks about the importance of “high impact, unbreakable polycarbonate or stainless steel bowls that meet your capacity needs” and safety features such as a reset button and an interlock to prevent the machine from operating if it is not assembled properly.

Don’t forget that, like all other restaurant equipment in your St Louis MO commercial kitchen, you will want to have things that are dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.  “Dishwasher safe blades, accessory discs, bowls, covers and food pushers that are easy to clean”, are all too important in your St Louis Restaurant Equipment list of needs.  Add on accessories are also nice to have or at least know are available with the commercial food processor that you decide on for your St Louis Restaurant Equipment needs.

Do Your Restaurant Equipment Homework

commercial kitchenWhen looking for new restaurant equipment near O Fallon, make sure you do your homework and start by making sure it is all commercial and new in nature.  As mentioned in the first post here on your American Services website, saving a few bucks isn’t worth it in the end since your business is riding on the ability of your restaurant equipment to serve you in the ways in which you need.  “Purchase new equipment. Price is the big temptation for buying used restaurant equipment, but used restaurant equipment is less reliable because components are starting to wear out and can be costly to repair. New restaurant equipment, on the other hand, is in tip-top shape and comes with a factory warranty.”

You will want to look at the cost involved and decide what kind of quality you need and seek as well.  You don’t want cost to be the only factor when shopping for your new Commercial Restaurant Equipment in St Louis, but it will weigh in.  Remember that, like anything you buy, certain manufacturers will charge you more for higher end materials, etc and some will be charging you for their name and reputation as well.   “Different manufacturers use different materials and technology that affect reliability, performance and longevity. Each restaurant owner needs to determine for him- or herself the best quality of restaurant equipment that will fit within their budget and suit their particular needs.”

You would be wise to set a budget for yourself before you set out to buy that new Commercial Restaurant Equipment for your new business.  If you do not set parameters, then you are likely to overspend and that would be a negative way to start out in any business. “Stay within a budget. For any purchases you make, it is important to set and stay within a budget, otherwise you’ll end up over-spending which will hurt your bottom line.”  From there, do your research and find out what commercial equipment best suits your restaurant’s specific needs.


Don’t Skimp on Your Restaurant Equipment

commercial kitchenWhen talking about commercial restaurant equipment like the types sold, installed and serviced by your Commercial Restaurant Equipment in St Louis near St Peters, there are so many things to consider on the sales end of it.  If you are in the market, there is definitely a certain amount of research you will want to do before purchasing all of that expensive, but necessary equipment for your commercial kitchen, especially because, we are talking about a lot of money.

One advice column on the subject writes the following, “Commercial kitchen equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on what you are buying and how many pieces. When you’re investing that much money, you’ll want to make the best decision possible for your establishment.”  Today, on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales near St Peters, we will start with broad direction, though, depending on what you are looking for, there are more specific tips we can dive into later as well.  The following advice will apply to whatever restaurant equipment for which you seek.


You would be wise to invest in only commercial grade restaurant equipment, for starters.  Many folks make the mistake of buying something that is coined “commercial”, but really isn’t designed for the demand of commercial restaurant use.  Also, keep in mind the following, “Local health departments are adamant that only commercial-grade equipment is used in commercial kitchens. This is because commercial-grade food service equipment is easier to clean and is infinitely more durable than its residential counterparts and better able to withstand the rigors of a commercial kitchen.”  Make sure you buy new stuff.  Some might disagree and want you to search for a bargain, but in the long run, this is a huge risk since you will have no warranty and a lot is riding on the quality and ability for your new restaurant equipment to function properly.  This is your business.  Don’t skimp.