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Commercial Warm Air Heating

Commercial Warm Air Heating

heating equipmentIn the heating and cooling world of which we are a part, we try to bring to you some of the latest information on behalf of your Heating Installation in St Louis near O Fallon MO.  Some of the most intriguing data comes from subjects that are somewhat fundamental, yet mysterious to most, such as how heating systems actually operate. Today, we will talk about the two main types of heating systems:  warm air and radiant heating in St Louis near O Fallon.

Warm air heating is classified as the first type of heating system and makes use of fan to draw air across a heat exchanger, which increases the temperature of the air and distributes it evenly throughout an area or space. These are ideal for environments requiring constant temperature.  The process involved here is for a warm air heating commercial system in St Louis and starts from a gas or oil fired burner as the initial source of warm air.  Then, hot water circulates throughout the heat exchanger or the electric element.

How are these particular heaters in St Louis installed?  Well, they can be situated by suspending them above the space being heated or mounted on the walls or even on the floor.  For those of you heating a commercial space who need to resort to the floor installation, the following may be important to note, “The floor standing models may use outlets to direct the warm air to specific areas or they can be directed to a duct work system to distribute the warm air to a bigger area. The choice will depend on the floor area or layout of the space.”  There is more to discuss here, regarding the warm air heating process and specifics on how these particular heaters work.  Stay tuned for future posts on the subject on behalf of your St Louis Heating Installation near O Fallon MO.

Heating and Cooling Efficiently

Heating and Cooling Efficiently

puzzleWe have been discussing heating and cooling your space in St. Louis near Wentzville MO and so far have covered many different facets of such.  Our most recent point covered insurance and really pertains much more to heating since some heat sources can be high risk for disasters and dangerous situation, such as a wood burning stove or a space heater.  Insulation is the next thing to discuss and it definitely pertains to both the heating and cooling of your home, office or commercial space in St Louis MO.  “Insulation pays for itself quickly in heat retention, cutting your heating bill by as much as 50%.”  This is also true when working to cool a space.  The more cool air you can keep in your space, the less your system will have to work and the more money you will save.

When it comes to different furnace types, the forced-air system is the most applicable to home workshops, according to your St Louis Cooling Service research.  “Specifically targeting home workshops, manufacturers have recently introduced more and more forced-air furnaces onto the market — both gas and electric — making it easier to find an affordable model for nearly any shop size. Fan-circulated, heated air raises a room’s temperature quickly, making a forced-air unit an economical choice if you heat only intermittently.”

When you are considering the electric forced-air furnace, specifically, you are getting a 100% efficient furnace since all of the power sent through the element is converted to heat.  There is nothing lost along the way so this is a great system.  Electric furnaces are also on the lower end of the price range.  “Installation is inexpensive and simple — often little more than plugging or hard-wiring into your existing electrical service.”  The downside then?  Well, in most parts of the country, electricity is the most expensive of all the utilities we pay to use.  Therefore, if you live in a moderate enough climate, then it will likely be a good choice.  Otherwise, however, you may want to explore other options, such as gas.

Chimney Balloons and Other Heating Solutions

Chimney Balloons and Other Heating Solutions


From your Heating Sales in St Louis near Belleville IL, we have spent the past couple post discussing some of the best practices that you may wish to follow in order to minimize heating costs for your commercial space this winter.  We already covered the importance of weather stripping and sealing areas of heat escape as best as possible, along with the potential use of space heaters in order to reduce commercial heating bills.  Now, we will move on.

It would be wise to close off unnecessary vents.  “Close vents in unoccupied rooms. If you have an office that’s not being used, shut its vents and doors. Why spend money to heat areas where no one’s working?”  Saving up to 14% on your heating bill is possible with the simple use of plastic.  That’s right, according to the research we recently conducted on behalf of your St Louis heating and cooling installation near Belleville, we found that by purchasing and using a transparent plastic film kit for covering windows and doors (obviously only those you will not need to open), you can save up to 14% on your heating costs.  According to a recent heating and cooling article found online, “The film is easy to install and adds an additional layer of insulation.”

If you haven’t yet noticed, the tone of this post and the two that precede it is mostly all about preventing air flow and heat escape.  Another way in which to accomplish this is by installing a chimney balloon.  “Maybe your office is located in a home with a chimney that doesn’t get used. Even with the flue closed, warm indoor air can escape. The solution: Install a chimney balloon to seal it.”

The Space Heater

The Space Heater

heaterIn the previous post, here, written on behalf of your commercial heating installation near Webster Groves, we talked about the benefits of going the extra mile in order to minimize heating costs and most effectively heat your commercial space in St Louis.  By replacing weather stripping, you can begin the process around the windows and doors of your commercial heating space, but that’s not the only place to seal.

Also, you will want to seal electrical outlets. “Outlets on exterior walls can allow outside air into your office. To stop this, fill any small gaps between the sides of the box and the wall with acrylic caulk. (Do not inject caulk into the box where the wires reside.) Next, install a rubber gasket behind each wall plate.”  Honestly, the sealing can be anywhere there is a potential air leak.  You will want to seal other holes to keep heating costs low and space effectively warm over the winter.  “Anywhere a pipe, a cable, or another fixture goes through an exterior wall, seal the space around it. Replace old, cracking caulk with expanding foam.”

Your St Louis Heating Service near Webster Groves recommends you also consider using a portable heater.  This is especially valid advice if your office has only a couple of employees.  If you consider turning down the furnace and using space heaters, there will be a definite savings to you when it comes to heating your space. Once you use the space heater, you will find that you can turn your thermostat down and for every degree below 70 that you lower your thermostat will save about 3 percent on your utility bill.  Some offices have even made the switch entirely to space heaters and stopped using their heat altogether.  This may or may not be an effective heating solution for your commercial space.  Typically, the space heater is meant for just that, heating a small “space” and as a supplement to a larger system, but depending on energy costs and the area you are attempting to heat, you may be able to pull this off effectively.

The What’s & Why’s of Commercial Refrigeration

The What’s & Why’s of Commercial Refrigeration

who, why, when, what, where and how

Depending on what type of business you run, you may be at a point where investing in a commercial refrigeration unit near St. Charles has become necessary.  Yet, many first time commercial refrigeration buyers don’t understand how to determine if they need such a unit and, if so, what type of unit to invest in.  Today, the team at American Services will give you a few tips concerning how you can determine if a commercial refrigeration unit is for you and what type you may consider.

Commercial refrigeration units are made for businesses that need a free-standing unit that will provide cold or frozen storage often found in a commercial kitchen or dining area.  When business owners go to purchase such a unit, they will find that they can get either refrigeration or freezer units that come in a variety of options such as small reach-in coolers all the way to large walk-in freezers.  Here are examples of situations that would require you to invest in a commercial refrigeration unit:

  • If you have cold or frozen items that need to be stored before use.
  • If you have produce on-hand that needs to stay fresh, crisp, and cold for longer periods of time.
  • If you need to maintain the integrity of prepared food items.
  • If you need to keep perishable items out of the food danger zone.

Now that you understand why you may need one of these units, here are some examples of what is on the market:

  • Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Refrigerated Prep Tables
  • Undercounter Merchandisers
  • Bar Refrigeration

All of these units come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes so they can be totally customized to your needs.  Yet that all have one thing in common, the ability to keep foods chilled or frozen according to your needs.  Talk to the team at American Services about customizing a unit for your commercial space today!

Controlling Sources of Poor Air Quality

Controlling Sources of Poor Air Quality


Poor indoor air quality is something that can defiantly have an adverse effect on your business.  After all, no one wants to shop or eat in space that is uncomfortable to be in or aggravates their respiratory system.  Plus, many indoor air quality irritants are harmful to ones health and that is something that customers are not going to okay with.  For this reason the Overland area heating and cooling team at American Services wants to help you avoid and remove these irritants from your commercial space with tips on controlling them.  Let’s get started!

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality Irritant #1 – Air Pollutants from Combustion Devices: These pollutants from from sources such as a natural gas-fired furnace, oil-burning furnace, gas stove, space heater, wood-burning stoves, or dryers.  All of these units produce pollution particles that are sources for poor indoor air quality especially if the unit is not installed and maintained properly.  To avoid these pollutants, be sure that they are vented properly through an exhaust system or chimney as well as maintained on a regular basis.
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality Irritant #2 – Smoke: Smoke is actually one of the easiest indoor air quality irritants to control since simply not allowing it removes any chance of it getting in.  Smoking and its second hand effects cause cancer and can be especially harmful to children.  Avoid this irritants by never allowing anyone to smoke inside of your establishment.
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality Irritant #3 – Mold & Radon: Dark, moist environments are where mold love to live.  To avoid this irritant from creeping into your space, you will need to keep those conditions under control.  Radon is a naturally occurring irritant that comes from a degradation of uranium in the soil under a building’s foundation.  Radon can be indicated with a very simple soil test and mediated easily by professionals.  To avoid Radon, simply test your soil and take proper measures from there!

Heating An Inefficient Space Is Costing You Money!

Heating An Inefficient Space Is Costing You Money!

increase efficiency.

Do you realize that heating a space that isn’t energy efficient could be costing you thousands of extra dollars each year?  Spaces that aren’t allowing for commercial heating systems to work properly cost business owners in ways they don’t even understand.  That’s why now is the time to make sure your commercial space is able to handle the upcoming winter months.  Let’s talk about how that can be achieved.

When looking at your commercial space for ways to make it more energy efficient, you will first want to consider having an official energy audit.  An energy audit is conducted by a professional who understands just how buildings waste energy.  They also understand how to address these issues with both easy, inexpensive solutions as well as more complicate, costly solutions.  An energy audit is perfect for a business owner who doesn’t mind spending a little money to address the issue of wasting energy.

If you want to audit your space on your own, there are a few things that you will want to do.

  • Look at the age and condition of your windows and doors.
  • Consider the insulation used in your building.
  • Think about open windows or doors that could be letting cold air in.
  • Examine the space for other openings that could be letting the cold air in.

And these are just a few examples.  Basically, you will want to look at all areas of your space and address any areas that are sabotaging your heating system’s ability to work properly.

At American Services, Ballwin area commercial heating customers are given all of the vital information they need to make the best decisions regarding their heating and cooling systems.  Be sure to contact the professionals at American Services today to schedule a free estimate service now.  This service will give you all of the tools you need to make an informed decision regarding your HVAC system before you end up wasting money over the coming winter months.  Call today!

Refrigeration Options For Your Commercial Space

Refrigeration Options For Your Commercial Space

freezer in grocery store

As a business owner that takes advantage of selling cold and frozen goods in your space, it is important to utilize all of the latest refrigeration and freezer options available to you. This often means pairing with a professional team of refrigeration and freezer experts that understand all of the latest option and how they can maximize your profits.  Today, the Fenton area refrigeration team at American Services wants to help you find the right equipment options by giving you a short list of what the market has to offer.  Let’s get started!

Your Refrigeration Options Include:

  • Slide Door Refrigerators
  • Display Refrigerators
  • Undercounter Refrigerators
  • Glass Door Refrigerators
  • Chef Bases
  • Worktop Refrigerators
  • Milk Coolers
  • Open Air Merchandisers
  • Dual Temperature Refrigerators
  • Roll-In Refrigerators
  • Commercial Floral Coolers
  • Walk-In Coolers

Your Commercial Freezer Options Include:

  • Slide Door Freezers
  • Display Freezers
  • Undercounter Freezers
  • Glass Top Freezers
  • Worktop Freezers
  • Glass Door Freezers
  • Commercial Chest Freezers
  • Ice Merchandisers
  • Walk-In Freezers
  • Roll In & Rack Freezers
  • Blast Chillers
  • Batch Freezers

Your Refrigerated Prep Table Options Include:

  • Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables
  • Pizza Prep Tables

Your Refrigerated Display Case Options Include:

  • Bakery Display Cases
  • Deli Display Cases
  • Sushi Display Cases
  • Meet Display Cases
  • Poultry and Fish Display Cases
  • Oyster Display Cases

Your Walk-In Refrigeration Options Include:

  • Walk-In Coolers
  • Walk-In Freezers

Your Extra Specialty Options Include:

  • Back Car Coolers
  • Horizontal Bottle Coolers
  • Direct Draw Beer Dispensers
  • Glass Frosters & Plate Chillers

As you can see, the options for those selling cold and frozen goods are endless and all commercial business owners should be utilizing them.  Why not start increasing your profits now by getting a FREE estimate from the American Services team today!  Simply call our customer service professionals to set-up a no obligation appointment by calling 855-733-1776.  The appointment will be quick and you will be amazed by the options our team can offer!

Ventilation Options Designed To Keep You Cool

Ventilation Options Designed To Keep You Cool

Air Ventilation DuctAs the weather begins to transition into fall, finding cooling options that utilize less energy can help your business save lots of money on utility bills.  That’s why it’s so important to consider how well your building’s ventilation systems are being used to your advantage.  Today, the team at American Services wants to give you some ideas on how to ventilate your commercial space this fall.

Your first option is natural ventilation.  Natural ventilation is accomplished by opening doors and windows that allow for fresh air to flow through your space.  To create the best air flow, be sure to open two windows across the same space.  If possible, keep windows open at night and then close them up in the morning to trap that cool nighttime air in your space.

The next option to consider is fans.  Ceiling fans work great to create a nice breeze across a room that can make it feel about 4 degrees cooler than it actually is.  Box fans are another great option and can be place in a window to draw air inside a space. Using fans in combination with your open windows will cool your space faster.

Finally, consider a whole house fan.  Whole house fans are installed in attic spaces and are designed to bring air up through your space.  The warm air is then exhausted from your roof.  When using a whole house fan it is best to run it at night with the windows open.  Then, simply turn off your fan and close the windows in the morning. Whole house fans use minimal energy and can reduce the time you need to run your air conditioning during the day.

If you feel like your commercial space could be better ventilated, feel free to contact the St. Louis city heating and cooling experts at American Services for a free estimate today!

Are These Indoor Air Contaminants Polluting Your Commercial Space?

Are These Indoor Air Contaminants Polluting Your Commercial Space?

Air PollutionSecondhand Smoke, Radon, Mold, and Pesticides.  Are any of these contaminants polluting your indoor air?  If so, you may not realize the hazard they actually bring to you and your building’s inhabitants.  Today, the Maryland Heights area heating and cooling team at American Services will tell you just how important it is to get rid of these pollutants!

We should all know by now the dangers associated with tobacco smoke.  Those who directly inhale this substance are at high risk of getting cancer and other diseases, but did you know that secondhand smoke can be just as dangerous?  This is why most businesses have eliminated tobacco smoke.  If eliminating this contaminant is not a possibility for your business, having the American Services team install a HEPA filter is highly recommended.

Radon can contaminate a space via the basement or crawl space.  This is a naturally-occurring substance that can be tested for and fixed fairly easily.  It is important to take radon seriously since it is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.

Mold and mold spores are more than an annoyance for allergy sufferers.  Having mold in your space can also cause life-threatening illness when one is chronically exposed.  Keeping all leaks under control and having mold properly removed is a must when keeping your indoor air quality at healthy levels.

Pesticides are something that are used for good reason, but should also be used with caution.  If storing these substances, be sure they are outside of your working space and locked up away from those who could be harmed by them.  It is also important to properly ventilate when using them.

If you believe your indoor air quality is in need of an inspection, simply call the team at American Services for a free indoor air quality check-up today!