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Hydronic Heating

Hydronic Heating

hydronicLooking for the best means of heating and cooling your home in St Louis near St Charles MO brings us to a discussion regarding your health as it pertains to air quality. Using hydroponic heat can avoid certain health risks.  “Even short-term exposure to dust, allergens, and other contaminants can irritate existing cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses. They can make it more difficult to breathe, putting more stress on your heart and lungs.”

There are greater risks associated with long term exposure to these contaminants that can damage cells and prematurely age the lungs. People who are healthy may develop respiratory conditions like asthma, emphysema, or bronchitis when air quality is poor. The pollutants that are blowing around your home can even put you at risk for some types of cancer, so you can see why you may want to take the time to research more closely just what you use in your heating and cooling environment at home.

When it comes to air quality in your HVAC, your St Louis Heating and cooling sales near St Charles, MO has found to pay special consideration to children, seniors, and people of any age who already have respiratory or cardiovascular disease and/or a weakened immune system.  According to our heating and cooling research, these are at the greatest risk of illness due to poor air quality in the home. This risk is completely eliminated with a hydronic system. According to your St Louis Heating Sales near St Charles MO, the “Hydronic heating doesn’t blow allergens and contaminants around your house or give them a place to hide in the ductwork.”  Just remember this, there is really no trade-off between healthier air and a more comfortable living space. It would be great to consider the differences found in our St Louis heating and cooling research and decide for yourself on which method of heating delivery works best for you.

Tips To Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Safe During Construction

Tips To Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Safe During Construction

indoor air quality modelDuring a construction or remodel project many don’t realize that their building’s indoor air quality could suffer.  This disruption in satisfactory air quality can cause a number of issues including respiratory problems and other more concerning health issues. For this reason it is very important that all business owners who undergo a construction or remodel project consider the impact such a project can have on both their employees and customers.

So, what unhealthy substances do you need to be on the look out for in this situation? The most common of these irritants include hidden mold growth, excessive dust, bacteria, lead paint, harsh chemicals, and asbestos.  As you can see, some of these substances are simply irritating, while some can be very dangerous.  Let’s take a look at how you can keep your building’s air quality safe from these issues.

Tip #1 – Talk to your contractor before your project begins and voice your concern about keeping these irritants at bay.  Come up with a plan that tackles excessive dust, harmful substance removal, and other issues that may occur.

Tip #2 – Avoid spreading any contaminants to other areas of your building by sealing off all HVAC registers in the construction zone.

Tip #3 – Have your HVAC technician put a new filter in at the start of construction and then replace that filter once construction is complete.

Tip #4 – Use fans to remove irritants from the building during construction.

Tip #5 – Be sure that you and your contractor are mindful of any manufacturer instructions concerning harmful irritants in the materials being used.

Tip #6 – Call in a professional to make sure your ventilation system is able to handle the removal of irritants that may accumulate during the project.

Tip #7 – Don’t forget to protect your building’s existing systems during the remodel, especially your HVAC units.

If you have an upcoming project and need help understanding how to protect your Wentzville area commercial heating and cooling system during the construction project, call American Services.  Our team understands indoor air quality and can help you make sure your HVAC unit is ready and able to handle the project you have in mind.

Benefits Associated With Dehumidifiers

Benefits Associated With Dehumidifiers

DehumidifierUsing a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air offers a number of smart benefits to the user.  During the summer months this is especially true in the midzwest where humid weather is very common.  Today, the HVAC experts at American Services will give you some of the top benefits and reasons why you should consider adding a dehumidifier to your space.

First, dehumidifiers are key in keeping the air quality in good shape around your space. Humidity levels higher than 50% will cause your indoor air to hold onto contaminants such as dirt, mold, dust, spores, and other annoying allergens.  These contaminants will make it hard for those who are sensitive to air born allergies to work comfortably.  In addition to contaminating the air, high humidity levels will also cause mold and dust mites to become a problem within your space.

Next, you must think about what the humidity in the air is doing to both your structure and the belongings you have with in it.  Moist, humid air can cause permanent damage to the structural integrity of your building and will also speed the bread down of your belongings, especially those made of wood.

Finally, when the air is humid it also feels hotter.  This means that you will be spending more money trying to cool a space that is simply too humid to feel comfortable in.  Adding a dehumidifier to you space will not only make it feel cool and comfortable, but will also help to reduce your cooling costs and prolong the life of your air conditioner.

If you are looking for a heating and cooling technician near Fenton that can help you choose the right dehumidifier, simply call the American Services team.  Our team of professionals can assist you in choosing and installing the perfect dehumidifier unit for your space today!

Effiecient Heating and Cooling Starts With A Clean Air Filter

Effiecient Heating and Cooling Starts With A Clean Air Filter

Close-Up Clean Paper Furnace Air FilterAs your system’s first line of defense against dust, debris, and other contaminants a clean air filter can change the way your system operates.  Changing your air filter is also cheap and can easily done by you or another member of your staff.  Today, let’s take a look at some facts surrounding the importance of a clean air filter.

Besides inefficiency, there are a number of problems that can occur due keeping a dirty air filter in your HVAC system.  The most common of these problem is slowed airflow due to an excessive ice buildup on the unit’s evaporator coil.  All of the issues that arise from a dirty filter will cost you money and a loss in comfort throughout your space.

Along with saving you money on energy costs, a clean air filter will help to maintain better indoor air quality.  This is because a clean air filter not only helps with airflow, but because it can also easily clean dust and pet hair from your air as well.  To maintain both airflow and good indoor air quality, a basic fiberglass filter will work fine.  Yet, if you have a specific concern about pollen, tobacco smoke, or other irritants, simply ask your American Services HVAC technician for a recommendation.

The Ballwin area heating and cooling team at American Services wants you changing your air filter on a regular basis and can help you do just that!  Our unique approach to maintenance is one that will have your equipment running for a very long time. When you call American Services you will always be greeted by a professional customer car expert and your service will be performed on time and according to your liking.  Don’t put off having your HVAC system taken care of any longer.  Call the American Services team for a free estimate today!


Furnace Filter Importance

Furnace Filter Importance

Replace Air FilterDust and debris.  Yep, we all have it floating in our air and our furnace filter is our first line of defense against these pesky contaminants.  If this is true, why do so many ignore their furnace filter and allow their system to run with one that is clogged?  Well, the best answer we have to that question is simple – out of sight, out of mind.  Many don’t even think about their furnace filter because it’s simply not something they look at every day.  It can also be attribute to the fact that the issues a filter one will cause happen slowly without many realizing until there is a major issue.  Here are a few of our top reasons why you need to make sure you are changing your furnace filter on a regular basis.

  • Keeping dust, debris, and pet hair out of your HVAC system will allow it’s parts to move more freely and heat or cool your space in the most efficient way.
  • Running your HVAC system with a dirty filer will slow air flow, cause extra ice buildup on the evaporator coil, and reduce heat transfer.
  • A dirty filter will interfere with the function of your unit’s air handler leading to extra energy usage.
  • Dirty air filters interfere with the quality of your indoor air.  If a filter isn’t changed, the dust, debris, and pet hair it is designed to help eliminate will instead be left to contaminate your air.  This can cause added issues for those with allergy or asthma issues.

The best part about making a commitment to keep your air filter clean is that it is a fairy inexpensive part.  Depending on your needs, you can simply use a basic filter or you may opt for one that has the ability to address specific concerns like dust mites, pollen, tobacco, or other contaminants.

If you have questions about your Collinsville area HVAC furnace filter needs, simply contact the team at American Services for a quote today!

Are These Indoor Air Contaminants Polluting Your Commercial Space?

Are These Indoor Air Contaminants Polluting Your Commercial Space?

Air PollutionSecondhand Smoke, Radon, Mold, and Pesticides.  Are any of these contaminants polluting your indoor air?  If so, you may not realize the hazard they actually bring to you and your building’s inhabitants.  Today, the Maryland Heights area heating and cooling team at American Services will tell you just how important it is to get rid of these pollutants!

We should all know by now the dangers associated with tobacco smoke.  Those who directly inhale this substance are at high risk of getting cancer and other diseases, but did you know that secondhand smoke can be just as dangerous?  This is why most businesses have eliminated tobacco smoke.  If eliminating this contaminant is not a possibility for your business, having the American Services team install a HEPA filter is highly recommended.

Radon can contaminate a space via the basement or crawl space.  This is a naturally-occurring substance that can be tested for and fixed fairly easily.  It is important to take radon seriously since it is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.

Mold and mold spores are more than an annoyance for allergy sufferers.  Having mold in your space can also cause life-threatening illness when one is chronically exposed.  Keeping all leaks under control and having mold properly removed is a must when keeping your indoor air quality at healthy levels.

Pesticides are something that are used for good reason, but should also be used with caution.  If storing these substances, be sure they are outside of your working space and locked up away from those who could be harmed by them.  It is also important to properly ventilate when using them.

If you believe your indoor air quality is in need of an inspection, simply call the team at American Services for a free indoor air quality check-up today!

Cooling Your Commercial Space This Spring

Cooling Your Commercial Space This Spring

Keep Your CoolWhen the weather begins to warm in the St. Louis area and the humidity levels are still fairly low, it is possible to keep your commercial space cool using some alternative cooling methods.  Utilizing alternative cooling methods will help to reduce your overall energy consumption and thus save you money on your monthly utilitly bill.  Today, let’s explore a few of the most common ways you can keep cool when running the air conditioner isn’t necessary.

There are three common and very inexpensive ways to keep your space cool with running the air conditioning during spring time.  The first is by opening windows. Letting fresh air in will not only help you cool your space, but it also get fresh air in which can help eliminate indoor air contaminants.  If the space you need to cool doesn’t have windows that open, you could consider propping a door open for the same effect.  Just be careful not to let in unwanted pests like birds or bugs.  The second way to cool a space without the use of ac is via ceiling fans.  Ceiling fans are an inexpensive addition to any space and give-off a cooling wind-chill effect to those who are in the space.  The final way to cool a space with out turning on the air conditioning is by closing window treatments to eliminate sunshine warming in specific rooms.  Window treatments can be fairly inexpensive and provide the barrier needed to keep the sun out of specific areas as needed.

Remember, not all of these tips will work for all spaces.  In order to get the best effect be sure to evaluate the type of space you are looking to cool and then make a decision as to what alternatives will work for you.  If you still need help determining ways to keep your University City area commercial cooling bills lower this spring, feel free to contact the team at American Services.  The American Services team can help you with a professional over view of exactly what you can do to save money and reduce energy across your entire HVAC system.  Contact the American Services customer care team about a free estimate now!

Keep Your Ice Clean With Ultraviolet Light

Keep Your Ice Clean With Ultraviolet Light

Three ice cubes Ice machines can be a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other biological contaminants.  That’s why it is so important that all businesses that work with ice machines and/or water filtration understand the importance of how to keep the products they serve clean and hazard free.  One of the options you have when looking to serve cleaner, better tasting ice is in the form of ultraviolet light.  Choosing to keep your ice clean with UV light is fairly inexpensive, easy to install, and offers a safe alternative to chemicals used to clean in a more traditional way.  Using ultraviolet light can also improve the performance and extend the life of your ice machines.

So, how does ultraviolet light work?  In the ice machine setting, UV germicidal lamps are first installed in your machine by a professional refrigeration expert.  The lights then go to work killing off all the biological hazards by using UV-C rays to damage the structure of bacteria, virus, and mold cells.  When the structure of these cells is damaged, they are killed off and leave your machine 99.9% free of contaminants.

Keeping the ice you serve as clean as possible is a must for anyone who serves cold beverages.  That’s why more and more St. Louis area businesses have turned to the experience provided by the American Services team.  At American Services, we not only serve Florissant area heating and cooling clients, but we also serve those in commercial settings that require water filtration and other food service equipment.  Our long list of specialties includes cooking equipment, ice machines, refrigeration, industrial equipment, and beverage systems.  This long list of provided services means we can fully serve our area clients in a complete and quick manner.  Don’t risk down time and waste money on a service provider who cant meet all of your needs.  Call American Services for a free estimate now.



Indoor Air Quality Issues In Large Commercial Buildings

Indoor Air Quality Issues In Large Commercial Buildings

gas maskNo matter how safe you may think your indoor air quality may be, it is always a good idea to take the time to re-think areas where you can improve.  This is especially important for those who own large commercial buildings that operate in the winter.  During the colder months, we try to get our buildings as tight as possible to keep them warm and running efficiently.  But too much closed-up air can cause a build-up of contaminants that can prove dangerous.  Here are some resources you can use to improve your IAQ this winter.

Resources to check out when thinking about the indoor air quality of your large, commercial building:

  • Get a free IAQ Design Guide from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).  In it you will find valuable information for architects, design engineers, contractors, commissioning agents, and all other professionals working on the IAQ in relation to a commercial building.  This guide also includes all the AHSRAE reference materials at no cost.  Download your copy of the The Indoor Air Quality Guide: Best Practices for Design, Construction and Commissioning by visiting
  • Environmental Protection Agency’s or EPA’s Green Building Portal is a gateway to finding information on Energy Star, Water Efficiency, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, and other IAQ-related resources.  You can find this site by visiting
  • The IAQ Scientific Findings Resource Bank can be found by visiting and gives scientific information related to the effects of IAQ on the health of humans.
  • You can also reference – IAQ Building Education and Assessment Model (I-BEAM), Building Assessment, Survey and Evaluation Study (BASE), Building Air Quality: A Guide for Building Owners and Facility Managers, Building Air Quality Action Plan, and Energy Cost and IAQ Performance of Ventilation Systems and Controls Modeling Study.

If you would like help improving the IAQ in your commercial buildings, give the South County area heating and cooling experts at American Services a call today!

Being Mindful Of IAQ During Winter Months

Being Mindful Of IAQ During Winter Months

contact usThe IAQ or indoor air quality in your commercial building is something that can suffer during the winter months as many try to create an airtight environment to help reduce winter heating costs. Yet, the practice of sealing out the cold air needs to be in balance so that the environment you and your employees are exposed to isn’t compromised.  Use these tips that take the eliminate, isolate, and ventilate principals into account when considering your IAQ this winter.

First, you need to think of ways to eliminate contaminants from entering your indoor environment.  Some simple ways to do that include: choose cleaning agents that are not made with chemicals that can be harmful to you and your employees; be sure to outfit your building with carpeting, furniture, and other finishings that are free of harmful chemicals; and make your indoor environment a cigarette smoke-free area.

Next, you will need to think of ways to isolate your indoor environment from contaminants.  A few ways to isolate include: keeping any pollutant containing chemicals in an area separate from you and your employees; sealing any appliances in sealed combustion units; and inspecting all natural gas units for proper ventilation.

Finally, check for and ensure proper ventilation.  This can be achieved by opening windows as the weather permits or by contacting your Bridgeton Area HVAC dealer about having a mechanical ventilation unit installed in your building.  These units need to be sized and installed by a professional HVAC technician to ensure proper ventilation according to your building size.

Start taking your indoor air quality seriously and contact the team at American Services now!  Our team can help you determine your IAQ needs for the winter and get all of the proper equipment installed quickly and at an affordable price.  Contact our team at 314-733-1776 for more details about a free estimate today!