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Refrigeration Options For Your Commercial Space

Refrigeration Options For Your Commercial Space

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As a business owner that takes advantage of selling cold and frozen goods in your space, it is important to utilize all of the latest refrigeration and freezer options available to you. This often means pairing with a professional team of refrigeration and freezer experts that understand all of the latest option and how they can maximize your profits.  Today, the Fenton area refrigeration team at American Services wants to help you find the right equipment options by giving you a short list of what the market has to offer.  Let’s get started!

Your Refrigeration Options Include:

  • Slide Door Refrigerators
  • Display Refrigerators
  • Undercounter Refrigerators
  • Glass Door Refrigerators
  • Chef Bases
  • Worktop Refrigerators
  • Milk Coolers
  • Open Air Merchandisers
  • Dual Temperature Refrigerators
  • Roll-In Refrigerators
  • Commercial Floral Coolers
  • Walk-In Coolers

Your Commercial Freezer Options Include:

  • Slide Door Freezers
  • Display Freezers
  • Undercounter Freezers
  • Glass Top Freezers
  • Worktop Freezers
  • Glass Door Freezers
  • Commercial Chest Freezers
  • Ice Merchandisers
  • Walk-In Freezers
  • Roll In & Rack Freezers
  • Blast Chillers
  • Batch Freezers

Your Refrigerated Prep Table Options Include:

  • Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables
  • Pizza Prep Tables

Your Refrigerated Display Case Options Include:

  • Bakery Display Cases
  • Deli Display Cases
  • Sushi Display Cases
  • Meet Display Cases
  • Poultry and Fish Display Cases
  • Oyster Display Cases

Your Walk-In Refrigeration Options Include:

  • Walk-In Coolers
  • Walk-In Freezers

Your Extra Specialty Options Include:

  • Back Car Coolers
  • Horizontal Bottle Coolers
  • Direct Draw Beer Dispensers
  • Glass Frosters & Plate Chillers

As you can see, the options for those selling cold and frozen goods are endless and all commercial business owners should be utilizing them.  Why not start increasing your profits now by getting a FREE estimate from the American Services team today!  Simply call our customer service professionals to set-up a no obligation appointment by calling 855-733-1776.  The appointment will be quick and you will be amazed by the options our team can offer!

Half Door Refrigerators For Commecial Restaurant Equipment

Half Door Refrigerators For Commecial Restaurant Equipment

commercial restaurant equipment in MOAmerican Services refrigerationl restaurant equipment repair near Sunset Hills knows that in today’s restaurant operations it is imperative that the highest level of efficiency is achieved in all aspects of the business. Many restaurants are integrating new restaurant equipment technologies into their operation as a way to say ahead of the competitors. Half door refrigerators are becoming more and more popular as they provide many opportunities over the traditional refrigerator with added convenience.

Half door refrigerators allow for dual temperature zones within one unit. Often times, a restaurant will opt for a combination of a solid door and glass door as opposed to the traditions style of two solid stainless steel doors. This allows for easier access to product by quickly visually inspecting what is inside. Anything to speed things up is the key to this game.

When looking for a half door refrigeration, ensure that is constructed of stainless steel material or a combination of stainless steel and aluminum. Exterior digital thermometers will ensure the system is operating at peak efficiency while allowing for increased speed in monitoring such equipment. Most units will run on 120 volts that can be plugged into a standard outlet. However, large half door refrigerators have been known to require 240 volts.

Some manufactures have incorporated new concepts into the interior construction of half door refrigerators to allow the restaurant operator to customize the interior shelving and storage capacity with the purchase of a few accessories. Manufactures know that all restaurants operate differently and have different storage requirements so they are now producing differing storage rack styles and configurations to meet the needs of all customers in today’s market.

For maintenance and repair of your commercial restaurant equipment in Missouri, call us today at American Services.