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Preparing To Save On This Season’s Heating Bills

Preparing To Save On This Season’s Heating Bills

thermostat with money

The Labor Day holiday has come to pass and cooler fall days are on the horizon.  As a business owner, this change of weather should be a welcome one thanks to more manageable temperatures that help to reduce energy costs.  Today, the team at American Services wants to help your prepare for savings this fall with some energy saving tips specifically for commercial heating system owners.  Here are our top tips!

As we usher in a new season, all heating and cooling system’s should have a thorough maintenance check-up.  This check-up will go over the general function of the unit and include some other maintenance tasks designed to maintain optimal efficiency and operation.  Some of the areas covered during your maintenance check will include a filter replacement, inspection of ignition and burner assembly (gas), inspection of heat exchanger (gas), inspection of AMP draw (electric), inspection and tightening of electrical connections, and a cycling of heating and cooling units.

Once you know your system is ready for the transition into fall, you can begin to focus on ways to save money on your utility bills with some smart usage.  Saving money on your heating and cooling bill isn’t too hard during the fall season thanks to comfortable outside temperatures.  Use this time to take advantage of opening windows in your office space where available.  You can even prop open the front door of your business to both welcome new shoppers while also letting in the nice fall breeze.  When the temperatures start to cool off, use sunlight to your advantage by opening blinds or curtains.

Don’t let the change of seasons go by without having your commercial heating and cooling system near Ballwin serviced!  Call the team at American Services for a free maintenance check-up estimate now and save the hassle of unforeseen repairs later!


Common Cooling System Issues You May Encounter This Spring

Common Cooling System Issues You May Encounter This Spring

Air Conditioning RepairIt’s that time of year when everyone starts up their air conditioning systems for the warmer weather.  But what happens if things don’t go as planned?  Today, the O’Fallon area cooling experts at American Services will answer some common questions related to cooling system start-up issues.

What if my system isn’t cooling properly?

When you start-up your air conditioner and find the cool air isn’t as cool as it should be, there are a few problems you may be encountering.  Common reasons for this issue include low refrigerant levels due to a leak, sensor issues, thermostat issues, drainage problems, or a dirty filter.  Start by making sure your filter is in good shape. If it seems to be okay, you will need to contact a professional for an inspection.

What if my unit will not turn on?

If you go to start-up your system and it will not turn on, you may be experiencing an electric control failure or a thermostat issue.  Make sure your thermostat has good batteries and is functioning normally.  If it looks good, contact a professional to check out your unit’s electrical connections.

What if I notice limited air flow issues?

Detecting limited air flow could mean that you have a ductwork issue or dirty filter. The first thing to do is to replace your air filter.  If this doesn’t fix the issue, your HVAC technician will need to check your ductwork for leaking air, a clog, or other obstruction.

If you find yourself in one of the above situations, simply call the team at American Services for a free estimate.  Our technicians will diagnose the problem and offer a reasonable solution in no time.  Don’t risk loosing customers or having uncomfortable employees!  Get any issues fixed now and you will be ready when the warm weather arrives.

Get Your Pre-Season Heating Check-Up Now!

Get Your Pre-Season Heating Check-Up Now!

Technician Servicing Heating BoilerSummer is coming to a close and that means you will want to assure the proper function of your heating equipment before cooler weather hits.  In fact, experts with Farmer’s Almanac are predicting a cooler than normal winter season that will require your increased need for a well functioning heating unit.  Here is a quick check list of the areas covered by a typical routing maintenance visit.

  • Thermostat Check – You’ll want to make sure your technician checks your setting to ensure your comfort.  This will also allow your unit to run less while you occupants are no longer in the building – saving energy and money.
  • Inspect Electrical Connections – Having proper connections will ensure the longevity of your unit.  Make sure your technician tightens all connections, measures voltage, and measure the current on the unit’s motors.
  • Lubrication – All moving parts should be lubricated so as to avoid any friction in the motors.
  • Condensate Drain Check – Your technician will make sure the drain is clear to avoid water damage and unwanted spikes in humidity levels.
  • System Controls Check – This test will ensure the proper and safe operation of the system start, operation, and shut-off process.

During a heating specific check, your technician will also need to check the following components: gas connections; gas pressure; burner combustion; and heat exchanger. The proper operation of all of these parts is imperative due to the fire hazard and health problems they can cause when not functioning within spec.

Don’t wait until the cold weather hits to get your heating components checked for proper operation and safety.  Call the Clayton area commercial heating experts at American Services to schedule your routing heating maintenance check-up now!

Common Cooling Equipment Failures

Common Cooling Equipment Failures

Heating Air Conditioning TechnicianAccording to, there are some common areas that commonly cause air conditioning units to fail.  These five areas include refrigerant leaks, inadequate maintenance, electric control failure, sensor problems, and drainage issues.  Today, we will explore all of these areas and give tips on how to handle them.

Refrigerant Leaks – Refrigerant leaks can not be repaired by the consumer and require proper handling, as refrigerant is a chemical that is harmful to the environment.  If you are experiencing performance issues and suspect a refrigerant leak, call a professional to fix the problem and charge the system properly.

Inadequate Maintenance – It is vital to perform the proper maintenance on your air conditioning equipment.  Failing to change your filters and having dirty coils will cause your compressor and fans to prematurely need attention.

Electric Control Failure – If your unit is oversized, you may experience a number of on/off cycles that is higher than normal.  This can cause corrosion of wires and terminals and thus bad electrical connections and contacts.  Have your service professional check for this issue during routine maintenance stops.

Sensor Problems – If your unit begins cycling constantly or erratically, you may have a bad sensor.  This can happen if it is knocked out of place.  Call your HVAC tech to have it re-positioned.

Drainage Problems – In humid conditions, your unit will need to drain properly and in order to do so, will need a clear condensate drain.  This is something you can check and rectify on your own.

Don’t delay giving attention to any of these common issues!  Contact the Sunset Hills area industrial cooling equipment experts at American Services to schedule an appointment today!


Walk-In Cooler Maintenance Tips!

Walk-In Cooler Maintenance Tips!

refrigerator unitIf you are in the restaurant, convenience store, or grocery store business, the walk-in cooler or freezer is a part of your daily life.  Since these units are a big investment, it is important to keep them well-maintained.  Today, let’s take a look at some tips that will ensure you unit is kept in proper running order.

  • Make sure your unit’s door is closed when not being used.  Never leave the door propped open for an extended period of time.  The best practice is to only have the door open when entering or leaving the the walk-in.
  • At least twice a year, you need to be cleaning the evaporator and condensing coil of the unit.  If your coils are outside, it is best to cleans them even more often.
  • Check your fan motors to ensure they are running at optimum speed.
  • Reduce drag by cleaning the fan blades.
  • If your condensing unit is located outside, make sure you keep the area clear so that there is adequate air flow.
  • Make sure airflow isn’t restricted by anything stacked around the coil.
  • The insulation on the suction lines between the condensing unit and the evaporator should be checked for damage or decay on a regular basis and replaced when needed.
  • Don’t let your unit waste energy.  Have a technician check your electrical connections for loose spots on a regular basis.
  • Lubricate all hinges on a yearly basis to ensure the unit is closing properly.

The South County area commercial walk-in refrigeration specialists at American Services hope these tips will get you started on maintaining your units in the best possible way.  If you have any questions, or would like for an expert to take a look at your walk-in cooler or freezer, contact American Services today!

Restaurant Cooking Equipment Installation

Restaurant Cooking Equipment Installation

Missouri restaurant cooking equipmentAmerican Services restaurant equipment installation and repair in St. Louis, knows there are hundreds of ways to save money in the restaurant business, but skimping on the installation of cooking equipment shouldn’t be one of them.  Whether you’re having a range, double oven,  stove or fryer installed, it is better to have it done right the first time, than to spend hundreds of dollars getting it corrected later.

With all of the pipe fittings, electrical connections and building codes restaurant owners need to hire professionals to get their equipment installed correctly.  Not only will it save you money in the long run, but the quality of food is dependent on the equipment you are using, and more importantly if it was installed the right way.

Because of the complexity of modern cooking equipment hiring professionals to install it just makes good business sense.  The installer will also be able to help you determine how to power your appliances, either through gas or electric connections.  This primary step is important because it will determine what kind of equipment you need to buy and also any precautions that will need to be taken.  Gas and propane can be used, but of course this requires hosing and special connections to insure that gas leaks don’t occur.  Electrical connections might need to be hard wired into the building, or special breakers and outlets might need to be installed if the building isn’t up to modern electrical standards and codes.  All of this requires knowledge and a certified professional to install the equipment and  make sure your restaurant meets all safety and health standards.

Commercial cooking equipment is nothing like residential equipment and requires a special level of expertise to install.  Grease traps, venting hoods and combustible clearance standards are just some of the differences that need to be noted between commercial cooking equipment installation and putting an appliance in at home.  Take the time to research professional installers and follow their advice on the installation process.  The cost is certainly more than doing it yourself, but for the safety of your employees and customers, this is one job you want to leave to the pros.

Preventative Maintenance Heating Services

Preventative Maintenance Heating Services

industrial heating system maintenance in MOAmerican Services preventative maintenance heating service near Ladue knows that every heating system is different and often times business owners just want a simple customizable preventable heating maintenance plan.  Heating maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult, but the key is in developing an understanding for simple tasks to ensure your heating system remains safe and properly functioning.  Systems that do not operate at their full potential will lead to future problems and unwanted costs.

As a business operator or homeowner wanting to develop a customize a preventative maintenance plan to ensure your heating system is working properly, you will want to begin by inspecting, cleaning, or changing the air filters once a month.  A dirty filter can increase energy costs and damage your equipment.  This is the easiest, most effective preventative maintenance task.

A typical heating service-maintenance check will include checking the thermostat settings and ensuring the heating system can maintain a comfortable temperature.  All electrical connections need to be tightened and motors need to have the voltage checked.  Moving parts will frequently require lubrication and all drains must be checked to ensure they are not plugged.  Lastly, the controls of the system must be checked to ensure safe and proper operation.  Many times these checks are typically completed by a professional but the simpler checks that don’t require equipment can be added to your plan.

Additional items to check are pipes, steam traps, couplings, and fittings that may develop a leak.  A simple visual check will also ensure that radiators, convectors, air intakes and air diffusers are not obstructed.  It is important to ask a service technician for additional suggestions, specific to your heating system, to add to your preventative maintenance plan.

What’s Involved in Commercial Cooling Maintenance?

What’s Involved in Commercial Cooling Maintenance?

cooling maintenance in MOCooling maintenance begins with a basic understanding of the cooling system.  When the cooling system is turned on, electrical power is used to cool a gas in a coil to its liquid state.  Warm air is then cooled by coming in contact with the cooling coil.  The cooled air is channeled to the various rooms at your location through ducts and out registers.

Typically, cooling maintenance is very simple provided you have it done in a timely manner to avoid  problems with your cooling system.  There are several benefits of performing timely preventative maintenance tasks.  Through these tasks your cooling system will run more efficiently, the air quality will be greater, and potential problems can be caught before they turn into major problems.

Prior to beginning any maintenance tasks always ensure the power to the system is turned off.  The main disconnect must be tripped and there should be proper lock-out, tag-out notifications on the main disconnect.  Utilizing the manual provided with the system, locate the cooling maintenance section.  If you do not have the manual or one was not provided, contact the manufacturer and ask about cooling maintenance and preventative repair procedures for your cooling system.   Every system is different and although many of the procedures are similar, they are typically not identical.

Typical maintenance includes checking the thermostat settings, tightening all electrical connections, lubricating all moving parts, check and inspecting the drains, checking the controls of the system.  At least once per year you will want to clean the evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils, check the refrigerant level, and clean and adjust the blower components.  Most importantly, inspect, clean or change the air filters regularly.

To schedule an estimate for commercial cooling maintenance near Edwardsville, contact us today at American Services heating and cooling.