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Whole House Fans For Efficient Cooling

Whole House Fans For Efficient Cooling

fanIn the previous post here, on behalf of your Commercial Cooling Installation in St Louis near Ballwin, we talked about how there definitely exist alternative ways in which to cool your home or office space that do not require a central AC.  We began by covering a whole-house fan that is making a comeback, recalling the energy savings of upwards of 90%.  Besides the potential for monetary savings, you can typically have one installed with ease as well.  According to one article online, “With a helper and basic tools, you can install a whole-house fan in a weekend.”  There are some disadvantages as well, however.  “They can’t cool inside temps any lower than outside temps and they can’t dehumidify. They can make allergies worse. Whole-house fans draw in outdoor pollen and dust.”

You can get better results from larger style fans, according to our research on behalf of your St Louis Commercial Cooling Sales near Ballwin MO, since they will move the air more quickly.  However, you will pay  more to buy a larger one and also face greater charges in order to have it installed.  “They also require significant attic ventilation and make more noise than smaller attic fans.”

It would make the most sense, in order to get the most optimal results, that you match the fan size to your floor plan, cooling needs and available attic ventilation. Call your local utility and check to see which models, if any, qualify for local rebates.  Still, all and all, fans are not a bad option to cool your home, especially in the ideal environment.  In climates that are dry where distribution of air flow can actually “cool” your space, an attic, whole-house fan, can be the most effective and save you the most money over traditional ways of cooling.

Walk-In Refrigerator Cost-Saving Tips

Walk-In Refrigerator Cost-Saving Tips

Scissors cuts word COSTS

When looking at the average restaurant owner’s monthly utility usage, you will find that they most likely spend about 6 percent of it on refrigeration costs alone.  And that only accounts for the energy usage.  Not the maintenance, repairs, or other replacement costs that may come up.  Since refrigeration can be a costly business expense, it’s important to consider how you can cut these costs without any added expense.  Today, the team at American Services will focus on passing along tips as recommended by concerning how you can save on your walk-in refrigeration operating costs.  Let’s get started!

As noted by the experts at, there are a few low cost upgrades and good practice techniques that all walk-in refrigeration owners can consider when wanting to save.  First, take a look at the lighting in your unit.  If you are using old incandescent light bulbs simply swapping those out with low temp compact fluorescent lamps can cut heat output by up to 75 percent.  That’s a huge heat savings that will help your unit hold that cool temperature you need.

Next, you can save outside air infiltration by up to 75 percent by investing in strip curtains and automatic door closers.  These items are easy enough to install on your own and are very low cost.  This is something you should work on today!

Finally, you can reduce fan energy consumption by about two-thirds by adding electronically commuted motors or ECMs to your evaporator and condenser fans.  If this sounds like too big of a job for you, don’t worry!  That’s when you call the American Services team for a free parts and labor estimate.  Our team can help you determine the cost of this simple install and also help you determine how quickly you will get your money back via your extra energy savings.

Get in touch with the Refrigeration Installation Near Hazelwood experts at American Services today!

Why Your Restaurant Needs An Efficient HVAC System

Why Your Restaurant Needs An Efficient HVAC System

Maximize EfficiencySometimes restaurant owners can accidentally overlook energy depleting systems that are costing them hundreds of extra dollars each month.  One of the systems that is often overlooked is HVAC.  An up-to-date and energy efficient HVAC system is key in keeping your heating and cooling costs down and will keep customers comfortable in a reliable way.  Today, let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why having an energy efficient HVAC system is so important.

  • As mentioned above, a huge reason to invest in an efficient system is the money savings.  In fact some can save up to 20% on their energy costs with a more efficient system and recoup their investment in six to twelve months.
  • Reducing your energy consumption lowers your impact on the environment with fewer carbon emissions.
  • With many of the newer systems, business owners gain round-the-clock monitoring and control of settings via the web.  These systems allow you the chance to set parameters around usage that can not be changed by employees.  Some will also offer energy management through a third-party to lessen the burden on management and maximize energy savings.
  • Putting some extra attention on how “green” your business is can attract new customers who share in your care for the environment.  Take advantage of the possibility of local press, positive brand imaging, and even awards for the efforts you make to save energy and help the environment.

At American Services our team of professional HVAC technicians near Florissant are ready to help you make the most informed decision possible regarding the updating of your heating and cooling equipment.  These professionals will come to your place of business, assess your current and future needs, and then give you a free estimate regarding the equipment you will need to save the most on your energy bills.  Give our customer care team a call now to set up your free consultation today!


Save Money Using Energy Star Rated Restaurant Equipment

Save Money Using Energy Star Rated Restaurant Equipment

Reduce your energy billAs a restaurant owner you understand how much overhead you incur just based upon the gas, electric, and water usage your business experiences on a daily basis.  Many restaurant owners with older, outdated equipment may be feeling the sting of higher utility bills more than others simply because the equipment they are using isn’t up-to-date in regards to modern energy savings standards.  Today, let’s take a look at how much you can expect to save on restaurant equipment near Chesterfield just by opting for new equipment that carries the Energy Star label.

Steamers – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star steamer, he or she can expect to save up to $1,000 in water and sewer costs annually and up to $1,100 in gas or electric costs annually.  This equates to up to $2,100 in yearly cost savings.

Fryers – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star fryer, he or she can expect to save up to $100 in electricity costs annually or up to $450 in gas costs annually.

Convection Ovens – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star convection oven, he or she can expect to save up to $190 in electricity costs annually or up to $360 in gas costs annually.

Griddles – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star griddle, he or she can expect to save up to $190 in electricity costs annually or up to $175 in gas costs annually.

Holding Cabinets – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star holding cabinet, he or she can expect to save up to $310 to $880 annually in electricity costs.

Combination Ovens – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star electric combination cabinet, he or she can expect to save up to $400 to $800 annually in electricity costs.

Broilers – When a restaurant owner chooses an Energy Star broiler, he or she can expect to save up to $600 annually by cutting idle times by 3 hours per day.

Contact the team at American Services for pricing on updated Energy Star equipment today!




Choosing An Ice Machine For Quality Ice

Choosing An Ice Machine For Quality Ice

cold ice cubes Choosing an ice machine that gives you clients the quality ice they want is important to all refrigeration clients near O’Fallon.  Today, let’s take a look at just a few tips on choosing the right machine for your needs!

What are the main differences in home-based and commercial ice machines?

The main differences you notice when choosing a commercial ice machine versus what you would have in your home include means of dispensing the ice, energy savings opportunities, and the number of available accessories.

What types of commercial ice machines are on the market?

There are two types of commercial ice machines on the market.  These include water-cooled machines and air-cooled machines.  You will find that the water-cooled machines are more energy efficient and that air-cooled machines are more water-efficient.

What key factors should be considered when selecting the right ice machine?

There are 5 key factors to remember when choosing an ice machine.  These factors are:

  • Melt Times – Think about your typical customer and how long they expect their drink to stay cold.  Larger ice equates to a slower melt and will make a drink last longer.
  • Volume – How much ice do you need per day?  How much will you need in the future as your customer base grows?
  • Customer Preference – Do your customers typically like a cube that can be chewed? How is your water quality?  Should you upgrade with a filter to make the taste of your ice more pleasant?
  • Maintenance – When thinking about maintenance it’s important to remember that all machines will need some.  At the same time, the team at American Services can help you choose a model with a good track record for creating the lease hassle.
  • Locations – Where will you be storing your ice machine?  You may have to get creative if limited on space, but in need of a larger machine that creates a larger volume of ice.

Contact the American Service team for more help with your next ice machine purchase!


Heating & Cooling Incentives for Ameren MO Commercial & Industrial Customers

Heating & Cooling Incentives for Ameren MO Commercial & Industrial Customers

Incentive word in 3d letters on background with motivation, impeAre you a commercial or industrial electric customer with Ameren Missouri?  If so, there are a number of incentives you may be able to use to save even more on your energy efficient upgrades.  These incentives are split into categories including: Standard Incentives; Custom Incentives; and Retro-Commissioning Incentives.  Each incentive category offers commercial and industrial Ameren Missouri customers the chance to qualify for monetary incentives that make energy saving upgrades even more affordable.  Today, let’s take a look at each category and how they work.

Standard Incentive – Ameren’s Standard Incentives are designed for non-residential Ameren Missouri electric customers who want to make quick and easy energy efficient upgrades.  These upgrades do not need pre-approval from Ameren unless the total incentive is expected to exceed $10,000.  Examples of upgrades that fall under this incentive program include: Lighting Incentives; Motor Control Incentives; Electric Water Heating Incentives; Commercial Cooking Equipment Incentives; and more!

Custom Incentives – Custom Incentives are used for energy efficient equipment upgrades that do not fall under the Standard Incentives category.  These incentives will be calculated based upon the estimated annual energy savings from the upgrade. Some examples of the upgrades that fall under this category include: Chiller Replacments; Lighting System Redesign; and Pump and Fan Motor Drive Additions.

Retro-Commissioning Incentives – A project that optimizes your overall system performance is one that falls under the Retro-Commissioning Incentives category. Examples of projects that fall under this category include: Compressed Air Systems; Refrigeration Systems; and Building Control Systems.

Ameren Missouri also offers incentives for New Construction projects.  To get more information on these programs or to apply, simply visit the informational ActOnEnergy BizSavers Program page at today!

Let the Hazelwood area heating and cooling experts at American Services help you take advantage of the savings available for Ameren Missouri customers by giving us a call about HVAC, refrigeration, and other commercial equipment upgrades today!

Emerging 2015 Restaurant Equipment Tech Trends

Emerging 2015 Restaurant Equipment Tech Trends

Women EatingWith a new year comes new technology aimed at making restaurant operations run smoother.  In fact, according to B. Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the National Restaurant Association’s research and knowledge group, “Technology will perhaps be the largest arena to see some rapid innovation in 2015. Technology is just another tool in the operator tool belt, but 2015 is poised for a much more substantial integration of the technology into the typical restaurant operation.”  Today, let’s take a look at the trends that will make your establishment stand out in 2015.

POS Upgraded – About 47% of restaurants are reporting an upgrade in their POS system for 2015. This is partially due to the new EMV standards that are being pushed thanks to the many data breach issues of the recent pas.  Establishments are also expressing interest in adopting new payment options like e-wallet.

Dynamic Pricing – The dynamic pricing model allows an establishment to base pricing upon chosen factors such as time of day or a given day of the week.  Thanks to digital menu boards and innovative POS systems, establishments can take advantage of this pricing model to drive traffic as needed.  This also allows for on-the-spot testing of new or improved menu options.

Time & Energy Savings – New technology that allows for saved time and labor costs continues to hit the market and will be popular within the restaurant industry this year.  This improved equipment can reduce cooking times by 20% and new ice machines can take care of the cleaning for you with the use of ultraviolet light oxidation.  There are even new dishwashers with technology that reduces both water usage and drying times.

Are you looking to cash in on the latest trends in the restaurant business?  If so, you can find all the latest restaurant equipment for sale near O’Fallon by contacting the team at American Services!  Call today to find out just how easy upgrading your restaurant can be!


Commercial Cooling Energy Saving Ideas

Commercial Cooling Energy Saving Ideas

Save EnergyWhen it is estimated that 6 percent of the energy you use is created by your cooling system, it’s no wonder so many of us want new ideas on reducing usage!  That’s where the team at come in to play.  Today, we will explain a number of the tips they give to help reduce cooling costs.

  • Become aware of your cooling load and takes steps to reduce it.  A few of the easiest ways to do this include: adding insulation to your walls; add shades or blinds to the windows; or think about adding high-albedo (white) surfaces like a cool roof to your building.  Also take a look around for appliances that may be adding to your cooling load.  This would include a stove or cloths dryer.  In humid climates, you will also want to make sure to eliminate an excess air leaks.
  • Think about areas of your building that don’t need to be cooled.  To do this, you can simply isolate that area by shutting the register that feeds that room.  Just be mindful not to do this to too many rooms as it can reduce airflow across the entire system due to pressure build-up.
  • Get an efficiency check-up.  This can be accomplished by calling the team at American Systems.  Our St. Peters area commercial cooling experts can come to your place of business and give you a free estimate on upgrading, replacing, repairing, or maintaining your equipment so that you are getting the most from your unit.  It is also important to continue with regular maintenance check-ups to get the most from your cooling system over time.

Now that you have a few expert ideas on keeping your cooling energy costs down, get a full energy savings check-up by calling the team at American Services!  We look forward to helping you maximize your energy dollars!

ActOnEnergy BizSavers From Ameren Missouri

ActOnEnergy BizSavers From Ameren Missouri

Energy CertificateThe team at American Services wants you to save on your upcoming heating and cooling upgrades near Wentzville.  That’s why we want you to understand the incentives you could take advantage of if you are an Ameren Missouri customer.  Below is a brief overview of the programs that are currently available to those who qualify.

Ameren Missouri ActOnEnergy: BizSavers – HVAC

This incentive program is designed to give incentives to business owners who upgrade their outdated HVAC equipment with energy efficient technology in the form of a complete system upgrade, system-wide controls, motor controls, or economizers.

Ameren Missouri ActOnEnergy: BizSavers – Refrigeration

For businesses that utilize refrigeration equipment, this BizSavers program will pay incentives for upgrading to energy efficient equipment and controls.  Some of the qualifying upgrades include strip curtains, vending machine controls, cooler and freezer doors, night covers, LED lighting, and more.

Ameren Missouri ActOnEnergy: BizSavers Commercial Cooking & Water Heating

This incentive program is designed to save any business that uses commercial cooking or water heating equipment.  Participants can gain savings when they choose to upgrade their equipment with energy efficient units.  Some of the qualifying equipment includes steam cookers, freezers, refrigerators, ice machines, water heaters, pre-rinse spray valves, and low-flow faucet aerators.

Standard incentives for these programs are for those totaling less than $10,000 and may be processed via the fast track application process.  There are additional Custom Incentives for qualifying lighting and non-lighting upgrades that base incentives on annual energy savings. For complete details and application access, simply visit the Business Energy Efficiency page at  

Contact the American Services team to talk about the upgrades you should consider at your area business now!  This is the perfect time to give your space a fresh, more comfortable feeling for both your employees and customers.  Let us heap you save on energy costs with an upgrade this season.

Benefits Related To Cleaning Your Heating & Cooling System

Benefits Related To Cleaning Your Heating & Cooling System

Man Looking Into Air DuctHaving a clean environment for your employees and customers is always a top priority and that’s why adding regular heating and cooling system clean-ups is so important.  This type of cleaning process will ensure that the indoor air quality is optimal for those whom you serve.  Here are the top two reasons why you should consider cleaning your heating and cooling system.

Energy Savings – When your heating and cooling system is clear of contaminants, it can work more efficiently with less energy.  In fact, it is estimated that a dirty system contributes to the 25 to 40 percent energy wasted by the average unit.  Regularly cleaning your system will allow it to work less, do it’s job better, and will even add life to your equipment.

Air Quality – Your indoor air quality matters.  Dander, dust, and chemicals are just a few of the contaminants that build up over time.  When you don’t consider this build-up, occupants will start to notice the indoor air quality diminishing.  The only way to effectively remove this contaminated build-up is to have a professional properly clean your system using a negative pressure approach. Keeping up with this cleaning process is the only way to keep those with respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders, or environmental allergies comfortable and free of symptoms.

Don’t miss this important step when serving your commercial heating and cooling system near Overland.  In fact, the team at American Services can visit your place of business and help you with a number of HVACR services that will benefit your bottom line.  We offer 24/7 service, a full lineup of specialties, and free estimates. This means we can take care of all your needs, save you time, and save you money.  Don’t worry with the condition of your heating and cooling equipment any longer. Contact the American Service team now and get the peace of mind you deserve.