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Refrigeration Interest Climbs Exponentially

Refrigeration Interest Climbs Exponentially

interestedRefrigeration has many facets of interest in the real world as the global appetite for refrigeration is growing at an unprecedented rate according to experts.  On behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration sales near Overland, we bring you some of the details to back up the facts. Not only is there increasing demand for commercial refrigeration for food storage and transportation, but the domestic refrigeration market is also booming according to the sales of area refrigeration retailers in and around St Louis MO. “In mature, saturated regions like North America, home refrigerator and freezer sales are primarily driven by replacement. In emerging markets such as the Middle East, Latin America and China, the growth is spurred by a new, more affluent middle class demanding modern appliances and improved food quality and variety.” To back this up is the fact that in India, for example, purchase of home refrigerators grew by double digits last year alone.

The rapidity with which the market continues to grow has consequences, according to much that we read on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Repair near Overland.  “This rapid and continued growth has serious economic and environmental consequences. With the increase of refrigeration units in use comes the corresponding increase in energy consumption and environmental impact.” We can do the math by counting the approximate 1.4 billion domestic refrigerators and freezers in use worldwide, each with an annual average consumption of 450 kWh.

If we look at this from a different angle, on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Maintenance near Overland MO, home refrigeration units consume 649 TWh annually all together, which is equal to the entire energy consumption of the American Midwest, including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin, for one year. And, these numbers are expected to climb, as the global appetite for refrigeration continues to increase.

Energy Efficient Integrated HVAC System

Energy Efficient Integrated HVAC System

commercial HVAC Service in MOAmerican Services HVAC installation service in Missouri knows that new trends for sustainability in Commercial buildings are becoming more and more popular.

High Performance buildings are one of the most recent concepts in sustainable energy for commercial buildings.  There are certain criteria that define high performance buildings including properties that improve efficiency and decrease water consumption.

Of course HVAC systems are one of the largest energy consumers in commercial spaces, the focus has always been on improving the HVAC system itself.  But today the attention is more on all of the systems in the building which interconnect instead of just the HVAC system.

Monitoring and control of building systems allow for more control of the overall energy use.

According to Robert Wilkins, VP of Public Affairs states; “While the energy efficiency of individual components and HVAC equipment has risen sharply over recent decades, the trend now is toward considering the overall energy performance of integrated subsystems and integrated building systems.”

High Performance buildings are very efficient and less expensive to operate and they provide a high level of comfort while reducing overall energy and water consumption.

According to Kevin C. McNamara, VP of Commercial Air Conditioning Division, LG Electronics;: “Today’s high-performance buildings take sustainability to the next level with a holistic approach that considers the building’s total environmental impact as well as occupant comfort.” He also referred to the high performance of buildings as a “cradle-to-grave approach to sustainability.”

As more commercial building owners seek high performance building components, the need for communication between HVAC technicians and building owners has increased.

Integrated design is a common trend in the industry of building construction today and project teams composed of architects, engineers, and contractors will work together in order to design a high performance commercial building.

Proper maintenance will keep the building running at a high level after installation of new systems are complete.

To learn more about high performance energy saving systems, contact us today at American Services in MO.


Using Absorption Coolers in your Cooling Design

Using Absorption Coolers in your Cooling Design

industrial cooling chillers in  PAAmerican Services industrial cooling equipment installation knows that whether you’re cooling a home or a commercial sized building, not only can it be expensive, but there are environmental costs as well.  One way to help mitigate both of these “expenses” is to employ an absorption cooler into your overall cooling design.

The absorption cooler is not only an energy efficient and effective piece of equipment, but its environmental impact is also minimized.  The basic principle behind absorption coolers, which also makes them efficient, is that they use heat as their energy source rather than electricity.  This heat source can be fed to the absorption cooler through a variety of methods including; propane, solar power and even a geothermal heat source.  Of course the solar and geothermal sources offer the least environmental impact, but there are options if those don’t work for your particular application.

Absorption coolers operate on a basic thermo-chemical principal that uses a refrigerant and an absorbent.  Many absorption cooler systems use a lithium bromide solution as the absorbent, which is efficient and more environmentally friendly than the chemicals found in a standard HVAC system.  Water is the next ingredient that is used and acts as the refrigerant.  These two liquids work in conjunction to transfer heat and help to create a coolant by using what is normally wasted heat in a standard HVAC configuration.

The application of absorption chillers is as diverse as the variety of chillers themselves.  The chillers can be driven by a variety of “fuel sources” and are used in everything from large factories to commercial buildings looking for more cost effective and energy efficient plans.  In especially large facilities, absorption coolers can be used in conjunction with other current cooling equipment and can save owners money by acting as support equipment to an overall design.  Owners might also find that absorption coolers can provide virtually free cooling because of their ability to use waste heat, which can end up saving business owners a great deal of money.

Absorption coolers can’t be utilized in every application, but when they can it  means a tremendous energy and cost savings for the business owner.  In addition, absorption chillers are a time proven application that represent both an efficient use of energy and a technology that is good for the environment.  And with a combination like that you really can’t go wrong.



Industrial Heating for Apartment Complexes

Industrial Heating for Apartment Complexes

heating service for schools in MOAmerican Services heating service near Sunset Hills knows that heating an apartment complex can be an expensive and daunting task.  Depending on the location and climate, a heat pump might be a viable option.

A heat pump can be used as a part of an HVAC solution, which can save users money and lessen their potential environmental impact.  A heat pump serves as a transfer device that takes heat energy from a source and transfers it to a heat sink.  One way to think about it is looking at a computer that uses a fan to distribute air and a heat sink, which is a corrugated piece of metal, that absorbs the heat to keep the inside of the computer cool.  The principle behind a heat pump is similar except that the heat can be utilized to keep occupants warm.

Heat pumps come in a wide range of configurations.  The heat pumps can gather heat from air/water, rock, surface soil, or standing bodies of water.  Some heat pumps can also capture excess heat waste, like heat that comes out of exhaust vents or heat produced by a machine, such as a dryer.  This recapturing of waste heat is something that can be done easily and has the potential to save users hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Heat pumps have been popular in Europe for some time and are gaining popularity state side.  Geothermal heat pumps offer the best of both worlds because they can maintain a constant temperature in a building no matter the temperature outside.  Air/water heat pumps are dependent on warm air to keep a consistent ambient temperature so they might not be applicable to all climates.

Heat pumps can be an option to help reduce costs and limit the CO2 that is pushed out into the environment.  So if you  are looking for an environmentally friendly solution that is also cost effective, then a heat pump could be just the option you need.

Refrigerant for Commercial Refrigeration

Refrigerant for Commercial Refrigeration

commercial refrigeration in MOAmerican Services commercial refrigeration installation near Media knows there are many choices when choosing a refrigerant to run in your commercial refrigeration system. Research studies may recommend one type while a professional may suggest another. There is no official “correct choice” when it comes to commercial refrigeration refrigerant. 

In Europe, R404A is the most commonly used refrigerant. It is non-toxic and has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). However, it does have a high Global Warming Potential (GWP). Ideally, a refrigerant that minimizes ODP and GWP is recommended by environmentalists and professionals.

Some systems have begun using all natural refrigerants such as R744 which offer the advantage of close to zero direct emissions. Unfortunately, they have higher energy consumption, indirect emissions and a higher investment cost.

Common commercial refrigeration systems include centralized direct expansion, distributed direct expansion, cascade systems, secondary systems, and R744 booster transcritical systems. Current research indicates that in direct expansion systems, the use of state-of-the art compressor technology gives the lowest energy consumption and switching to R407A refrigerant will give the best possible environmental impact. Cascade systems that transition to R134a refrigerant significantly improves the total equivalent warming impact (TEWI) but there is a considerable cost increase. An alternative to reduce cost significantly, is to switch to a R407A refrigerant but it will increase the TEWI about 4%.

Each system and application allow for different refrigerant options. Within each of those refrigerant options you need to take a look at your operation and application. Ideally, by going to a natural refrigerant it will benefit the environment compared to conventional refrigerants. However, this is not fiscally possible for every operation.

To schedule an estimate for commercial refrigeration inspection or installation, contact American Services today.