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Deciding on a Bin or Dispensing Ice Machine Set-Up

Deciding on a Bin or Dispensing Ice Machine Set-Up

ice cubes in scoop

Making the decision to use an ice bin or dispensing unit for your ice machine is a very personalized task.  Business owners will have to consider who is using the machine, what their needs are, and how to best fill those needs in a clean, sanitary, and convenient way.  Today, the team at American Services heating and cooling near Belleville are here to help you make this decision.  Let’s get started!

Ice Storage Bins – Ice storage bins are ideal for establishments that need to have a large quantity of ice on hand at all times.  The ice is then transferred to areas where it is dispensed from smaller storage bins.  A few of the basic features found on ice storage bins include: lots of storage, stainless steel finish, large doors, insulation, and drains.  When sizing your ice storage bin be sure that the unit you choose can hold 10-20% more ice than your machine can produce.  This will assure that you have plenty of ice on hand at all times and plenty of space to store it.

Countertop Ice Dispensers – Countertop ice dispensers are particularly helpful in self service areas like employee break rooms or hospitals.  These small units easily fit on a countertop and allow for clean, sanitary dispensing. A few of the basic features found on countertop ice dispensers include: small size, cup dispensing, and a lever system that reduces the risk of cross-contamination.  When using a countertop unit, you will either have to fill the machine with ice made by a separate machine or invest in a modular ice machine unit that can attach to the countertop unit where it sits.  To size your counterop unit properly, account for the fact that each person served from the machine will use 1.5 pounds of ice.

Contact the ice machine experts at American Services for assistance with choosing the right ice machine, accessories, and complimentary equipment today!


The Nugget Ice Phenomenon!

The Nugget Ice Phenomenon!

soda in nugget iceWhat’s with all of the talk around nugget ice these days?  Well, if you are a nugget ice fan you already know what all the fuss is about.  Nugget ice is that small, chewable, crunchy ice that absorbs flavor and cools your beverage like no other ice on the market can do.  It’s also nearly impossible to make at home.  So many consumers seek out establishments that serve this unique ice and continue coming back for more!

Nugget ice has also been shown to be preferred by up to 85 percent of consumers in independent taste test studies.  This style of ice also has a much slower melt time in comparison to the flaked variety, used less water to make, and takes less electricity to make than cubed.

In response to this growing love for nugget ice, companies like GE are bringing nugget ice machines out of the commercial refrigeration space and into the residential realm.  GE’s latest invention called the Opal nugget ice maker promises to give you three pounds of nugget ice in just three hours from six cups of water.  The small, sleek counter top sized machine is finished in stainless steel and is slated to cost only $500.

So, what are you waiting for?  Could the addition of nugget ice machine could be the perfect investment for your restaurant, convenience store, gas station, or other establishment that serve ice cold beverages?  Let the team at American Services visit your site and give you all the details now!  Our professional St. Louis area refrigeration sales team understands the ins and outs of all types of ice machines.  They have the knowledge you need to make the best decision for your growing business and can even provide you with a free estimate concerning the cost associated with upgrading to a nugget ice maker. Give our customer care team a call now to set up your free ice machine upgrade consultation today!

Emerging 2015 Restaurant Equipment Tech Trends

Emerging 2015 Restaurant Equipment Tech Trends

Women EatingWith a new year comes new technology aimed at making restaurant operations run smoother.  In fact, according to B. Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the National Restaurant Association’s research and knowledge group, “Technology will perhaps be the largest arena to see some rapid innovation in 2015. Technology is just another tool in the operator tool belt, but 2015 is poised for a much more substantial integration of the technology into the typical restaurant operation.”  Today, let’s take a look at the trends that will make your establishment stand out in 2015.

POS Upgraded – About 47% of restaurants are reporting an upgrade in their POS system for 2015. This is partially due to the new EMV standards that are being pushed thanks to the many data breach issues of the recent pas.  Establishments are also expressing interest in adopting new payment options like e-wallet.

Dynamic Pricing – The dynamic pricing model allows an establishment to base pricing upon chosen factors such as time of day or a given day of the week.  Thanks to digital menu boards and innovative POS systems, establishments can take advantage of this pricing model to drive traffic as needed.  This also allows for on-the-spot testing of new or improved menu options.

Time & Energy Savings – New technology that allows for saved time and labor costs continues to hit the market and will be popular within the restaurant industry this year.  This improved equipment can reduce cooking times by 20% and new ice machines can take care of the cleaning for you with the use of ultraviolet light oxidation.  There are even new dishwashers with technology that reduces both water usage and drying times.

Are you looking to cash in on the latest trends in the restaurant business?  If so, you can find all the latest restaurant equipment for sale near O’Fallon by contacting the team at American Services!  Call today to find out just how easy upgrading your restaurant can be!


Beer Cave Refrigeration For Your Convenience Store

Beer Cave Refrigeration For Your Convenience Store

Drink CanWalk into any convenience store right now and you are sure to find a wide variety and large selection of beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.  This shouldn’t be a surprise since the majority of alcohol sales come from convenience store establishments.  So, why not take your sales to the next level by having the commercial refrigeration experts at American Services help you with the installation of a beer cave?

A simple addition like a beer cave will not only help you to attract more buyers into your store, but it will also give your customers a place to get the cold beverages they need for parties and other large gatherings.  Also consider the fact that as a business owner you will not just benefit from increased sales, but you will additionally gain storage space for the extra supply of cold beverages in your store.  Having all available products out in front of your customers will allow them the chance to make an informed decision, will encourage them to try new products, and will leave a lasting impression on their buying habits.  Plus, you get to re-locate your inventory and make room for other non-refrigerated staples.

If you want to offer your customers access to the “coldest beer in town”, the addition of a beer cave makes perfect sense.  Get started on this fun and profitable project by giving the American Services team a call today.  At American Services we offer free estimates and can handle all of your HVAC, refrigeration, beverage system, ice machine, water filtration, and restaurant equipment needs.  Our commercial refrigeration services near St. Louis City are the most reliable in the area, making us a great choice for maintenance, repair, installation, and service.  Don’t delay increased profits and more customer satisfaction – get your beer cave installation started now!

Restaurant Equipment Spotlight – Water Filtration Systems

Restaurant Equipment Spotlight – Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtering SystemThe team at American Services is proud to add water filtration to their long list of areas of expertise.  If you are considering a water filtration system, make sure to take the following in consideration:

How likely is it that my water is safe to drink straight from the tap?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, more than 90 percent of the water supply in the United States is perfectly safe for drinking. Most individuals choose to have a water filtration system installed to further assure not only that their water is safe, but also free of any unpleasant smells or tastes.

Common health and safety reasons that may require the use of a water filtration system:

  • Water testing that indicates high lead levels.
  • Water testing that indicates contaminants in the water including radon for those who use water from a well.
  • Individuals who suffer from a compromise immune system.  This could include someone who is undergoing chemotherapy.

What will a water filtration system eliminate from my water?

The use of a water filtration system can eliminate contaminants from the water you drink.  These contaminants are a concern because they have the potential to make you sick or can simply affect the feel or taste of your water.  Some of these contaminants include:  Arsenic, Nitrates, Radium, Radon, Lead, Various Microbes, and byproducts from disinfecting products.

Adding a water filtration system to your restaurant equipment near Maryland Heights will defiantly set you apart from other establishments.  With this type of system, you will be able to provide clean, tasteless, and odorless water to your customers on the most consistent basis possible.  Your customers will appreciate the attention you have given to their health and their overall satisfaction.  Now is the time to get your free estimate!  Call American Services today and we will be out to serve you ASAP!


Refrigeration-Commercial Ice Machines

Refrigeration-Commercial Ice Machines

ice machines refrigeration in MOAmerican Services refrigeration ice machine maintenance near Sunset Hills, knows that when it comes to refrigeration, the right commercial ice machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment for the food industry.

Ice machines store a vital substance for any food service industry-ice.  Ice is not only used to cool beverages, it is also utilized to make blended drinks-both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, used as flakes and nuggets in many types of food preparation and other cooking preparation methods.

Most commercial food service businesses utilize ice machines that can store ice as well as an attached water source for producing and freezing ice as well.  Ice machines can make a substantial amount of ice each day as and freeze it into nuggets, flakes, and other configurations.

Regular maintenance to your commercial ice machine is very important to keep it working properly.  Cleaning and water filtration lend to clean, great tasting ice on a consistent basis.

Selecting the correct type of machine for your business is important.  There are many types and configurations of machines, as well as different types of ice that is produced.   American Services can help you to ensure you select the right equipment for your business.  Examples of commercial ice makers;

Full Cube Ice machines measure produce cubed ice that is 7/8th inch in diameter.  The benefit of this type of ice is that it can keep drinks cold a long time because it melts slowly and some feel it adds to the visual esthetics of cold specialty drinks.  Cubed ice is best for cocktails, bagged ice, for use in salad bars, and hotels.

Half-Cube Ice-used for a wide range of different applications and measures 3/8ths X 7/8ths X 7/8ths.  This type of ice has a unique characteristic that enables it to fit more compactly into spaces in relation to liquid.  Half cubed ice provides very cold drinks and blends more readily making it the best choice for smoothies or blended coffee drinks as well as iced coffee and soft drinks.  Half cubed ice is also great for different types of therapeutic applications.

Flaked Ice– this type of ice compresses very well and is perfect for any type of food display with ice.  It can be used in salad or seafood bars in grocery stores.  Flaked ice is great for keeping food cold and is less likely to bruise or damage things like fresh produce.  It has a great visual appeal as well.

Nugget Ice-soft and chewable, but it melts faster  and adds more water displacement than other types of ice-which can produce a higher profit margin for beverages sold in establishments which serve this type of ice in their drinks. Of course it cools things off quickly and provides an ideal source of chill factor for quick blended drinks and smoothies-it also helps maintain the flavor in drinks.  Nugget ice is used a lot in health care facilities for patients because it’s the best type of ice for chewing on.  

Industrial Air Conditioning Options

Industrial Air Conditioning Options

cooling maintenance in moFor those in need of a cooling system for your business, there is a certain amount of research and planning that has to be done. A cooling system is especially vital in workplaces which are equipped with various electrical or electronic components. These can generate a high amount of heat making the environment excessively warm.

Structures with a large number of workers, equipment that generate heat, the presence of temperature sensitive substances, such as paints or chemical agents, are all factors that will require greater cooling capacity from equipment. Some businesses which require commercial air conditioning are hospitals, factories, information technology firms, hotels, restaurants.

The modern air conditioning systems are designed in various forms, such as split air conditioning units. With split air conditioners, the condenser and cooling system are located in areas that are far away from the zone that needs to be cooled down. Most of the times, these systems are installed on top of the roofs. Thermostat control, either manual or electronic, allow for temperature setting changes.

A glycol cooling system is a more complex system which ensures low temperatures as low as 10 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, these units are able to provide cool air in large areas which are compartmented in multiple work places. It is ideal for large establishments with several offices and production sections.

A water cooling system comes with a cold water reservoir. The system uses a cooling tower to function. On the downside the maintenance of such a system can be more costly than with other air conditioning options. There are numerous other avenues in industrial cooling to explore. Sifting through all of the information and various possibilities can be time consuming and frustrating. American Services cooling maintenance in Missouri can help.







Ventilation & Customizable Preventative Cooling Maintenance

Ventilation & Customizable Preventative Cooling Maintenance

commercial cooling service in MOAmerican Services offers customizable preventative cooling maintenance in St. Louis County for many types of commercial establishments including; restaurants, hospitals, school, supermarkets, commercial offices, warehouse spaces, and more.

What many business owners may not be aware of is that fact that proper ventilation is the least expensive and most energy efficient methods of cooling buildings.  The way that proper ventilation works is that it prevents heat build-up in your office or commercial building.  Natural ventilation including spot ventilation, ceiling fans, or window fans may be the only method of cooling necessary, depending on your geographic location.  For some areas that cool off sufficiently at night, simply providing ventilation to open your commercial space up and allow the outside cooled air in, can keep the area sufficiently cool when the temperature rises during the day.

Even in very hot climates, “interior ventilation is ineffective in hot, humid climates where temperature swings between day and night are small. In these climates, natural ventilation of your attic (often required by building codes) will help to reduce your use of air conditioning, and attic fans may also prove beneficial,” says

There are 3 principals of ventilation for cooling that should be given attention when using this cost efficient method of cooling, including; keeping heat outside, using spot ventilation, and avoiding heat generating activities indoors when possible.

Landscaping the building to provide a lot of shade is another way of passively keeping commercial spaces cool without the need to reach in your pocket to pay huge energy bills.  Using light colored materials for the roof will also help to reduce heat in your building by reflecting it.  And last but not least, proper insulation will keep heat out during the day and trap the cool air from cool nights inside.

Restaurant Equipment Installation of Commercial Ice Makers

Restaurant Equipment Installation of Commercial Ice Makers

restaurant equipment service in MOAmerican Service restaurant equipment installation near Fenton knows that from classic cubes to specialized nugget ice, there is a commercial ice machine for any operation. When shopping for a commercial ice maker, take the time to consider what type of ice cube machine would best suit your operation. Restaurants, bars, hotels and even medical clinics and hospitals all have different requirements.

Besides ice types and sizes, there are other factors to consider as well when selecting the right ice machine. Yield, storage capacity and filtration factor into the decision-making process as well. Cubed ice, flake ice and nugget ice are all possibilities here. Flake ice is often used for food display applications. Cubed ice makers are further broken down into full-cube producing and half-cube making versions. Nugget ice is pellet-sized and perfect for frozen drinks or for carbonated beverages.

Ice is something that establishments can’t afford to be short on, so calculating maximum daily usage and making sure to buy a machine or machines that can out-produce demand is vital. It is estimated that 1 and ½ pounds of ice per person in a restaurant setting. Hospitals, on the other hand need to produce around 10 pounds of ice per bed, while hotels need to have machines that can whip up 5 pounds per day, per room.

As for the types of machines, there are under-counter, cube ice, combination ice, flake ice, and nugget machines to choose from. Undercounter ice machines are convenient because they make and store ice in the same unit. Cube ice-makers create ice with a larder surface area for slower melting. Combination machines make store and dispense ice and flake ice-makers are good for keeping food temperatures low and are more visually appealing when on display. Finally, nugget ice machines produce a more chewable type ice, otherwise known as pellet ice or pearl ice.