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Down the Halls of HVAC

hallsLooking at heating in St Louis near Sunset Hills, we realize that is has been some time since we perused the halls of an HVAC explanation, looking for new details to point out surrounding your system in St Louis.  So, today, we stumble upon the heat exchanger. “The heat exchanger is found inside your furnace unit’s housing. This component switches on when the furnace is activated by thermostat to produce warmer temperatures in winter.” The way it operates is to pull in cool air, then heat it and circulate it by way of your ducts and our through your vents.

The heat exchanger pulls in cool air, heats it, and circulates the resulting heated air via your ducts and out through the vents.  The evaporator coil is another important heating component to understand.  It has, basically, the opposite job of the heat exchanger and it acts to cool the air when the thermostat is set lower and cooler during the summer months.  “Located in a metal enclosure on the furnace’s exterior, to the top or side, the evaporator coil works similarly to an automobile radiator to produce cool air, which is then circulated through the ductwork.”

Now, we move onto the condensing unit of your heating and cooling system in St Louis near Sunset Hills.  Connected to the evaporator coil, the condensing unit is installed by HVAC contractors on the outside of your home and filled with refrigerant gas in order to properly operate. “When the refrigerant has been cooled to a liquid by heat exchange with the exterior air, the condensing unit pumps the liquid to the evaporator coil to be evaporated into a gas once more.”  This leads us to your refrigerant lines which carry the refrigerant substance to the condensing unit vaporized in the form of gas and return it to the evaporator coil in liquid form.  In order to be resistant to temperature, these lines are typically made of copper or aluminum.

Different Components of Your Cooling System

heat exchangerFrom the world of heating and cooling in St Louis near Wentzville, there exist many different components, all of which are designed to serve a purpose and many of which fly under the radar of our complete understanding.  We set out to change that, one element at a time and we are now looking at the refrigerant lines in your St Louis cooling near Wentzville MO. “The refrigerant lines carry a refrigerant substance to the condensing unit vaporized in the form of a gas, and return it to the evaporator coil in liquid form. These ‘lines’ are actually narrow tubes manufactured from a durable heat- and cold-resistant metal such as copper or aluminum.”

Now we arrive at the ductwork. In an HVAC system in St Louis, the ductwork refers to the system of ducts that transports air warmed or cooled by the system to the various areas of your home. These ducts are commonly made of lightweight aluminum. However, they may also be manufactured from steel, flexible plastic, polyurethane, fiberglass, or fabric.  Then we see the vents in your heating and cooling system in St Louis MO.  These are typically rectangular outlets where heat or cool air is transferred from the duct system to the actual rooms and spaces to be heated and cooled.

Elaborating more completely on the vents, we see that the metal is “Made of high- and low-temperature safe metal, similar to the lines we discussed earlier within the HVAC system.  The vents are located on or near the ceiling and are usually fronted with angled slats (“vents”). “These vents direct the treated air downward to where people are using the room. Often they may be manually controlled or even closed, to control the amount of heating or cooling and the area of the room to which it will be directed.”


Your AC Can Prevent Mold During Cooling

moldDiscussing in greater length, the topic of mold in your cooling system in St Louis near St Charles MO, we are looking for the latest in news and information to pass along to you, our heating and cooling consumer in St Louis MO.  What causes the mold in the first place when it comes to your St Louis Cooling?  Typically, it is conducive to the environment and the more moisture that is present, the more likely the mold. “This mold-ideal environment can be introduced because of an unknown or ignored leak somewhere in your home or high humidity. Air with over 70 percent humidity is a definite breeding ground for mold.”

Once you have mold in motion it is literally just that…in motion.  According to our recent research done on behalf of your St Louis Cooling near St Charles we now know that once the mold begins to grow, the spores can travel through your home’s air causing allergen issues for some or most people.  A small leak in your HVAC system or ignored air conditioner drains and pans, evaporator coils, or air handlers could very well be an origin of mold, so make sure you address things like this as soon as you are made aware of them to minimize any effect or excess damages.

AC can actually help to prevent mold. This is something we uncovered in our recent writing and research on behalf of your St Louis Cooling near St Charles MO.  “As already mentioned, mold thrives in damp, humid environments. Your air conditioner is designed to help dehumidify your home, removing excess moisture and preventing mold’s growth.”  Therefore, keeping your air conditioner running in humid weather and situations is a proactive step to take and is very helpful in the preventative side of things where mold is concerned.  Mold also likes stale air. Running your air conditioner provides proper ventilation and airflow in your home, thereby preventing mold’s growth again.  This is especially important in areas that don’t get much use and are therefore sometimes ignored, such as garages.



The Chemistry of Cooling

hot coldWhen looking at the cooling components of an HVAC system, we spent the last two posts diving into the actual breakdown of parts and what they do in their functioning to contribute to the cooling cause, on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Sales and Service near Hazelwood MO.  We covered the evaporator and the fan and coils therein, we also talked about the condenser and the fan it has to distribute cooling air into your space.  There is more to it and we will wrap up the other parts and functions here in the next two paragraphs on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Maintenance near Hazelwood MO.

All processes must have a starting point.  Here is how the cooling of your space will begin, “In between the evaporator and the condenser, is an expansion valve. The expansion valve has a crucial but simple job. It simply regulates the flow of the compressed refrigerant to the evaporator, for the cooling process to begin.”

Liquid changes over to gas.  Not sure if you realized there was chemistry involved in the process of heating and cooling your home, but where there is temperature change, there is typically chemistry and in this case, it comes in the form of phase change.  “Once the refrigerant is in the evaporator, the liquid changes states of matter. It changes into a gas. That’s where the next part of the cycle comes into play. The compressor is a pump that does just that. It compresses the refrigerant back into a liquid to start the process all over again.”  And, there you have it. That is the second part in a series regarding cooling your commercial, business and personal space and how it happens from start to finish, on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Installation near Hazelwood MO.

Evaporator Refrigeration Maintenance

routine maintenanceIf you are doing all that you can to keep your refrigerator running at the best level with which it is able, then make sure you do all that routine maintenance that we have been discussing on behalf of your Refrigeration Service in St Louis near Ladue.  Evaporators, for example, need to be checked.  “Check the evaporators monthly for proper defrosting. Ice accumulation on the evaporator coil can cause inefficiencies in the operation of the system, and can be detrimental to the coil surface itself.”

You will want to tighten the connections in the electrical panel, says your St Louis Refrigeration Service near Ladue. Also, make sure to watch for and correct any frayed wiring insulation and corroded terminals, and make sure that all spade connections are made tight again with any of your refrigeration evaporators.  You will also want to check your fan motors and blades as you would need to with any refrigeration in St Louis near Ladue for service longevity and performance.

Ask yourself the following, according to the research we did on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Maintenance near Ladue MO, “Do the blades turn freely? Check the blades for unusual wear patterns or stress fractures. Clean the surface of each fan blade. Replace any worn blades and tighten the fan set screws.”  You will want to replace any motor that is hard to rotate or has worn bearings. And, anything that is supposed to have lubrication needs to be lubricated such as fittings or anything else requiring lubrication.  One last piece of advice with refrigeration routine service is to check over all defrost heaters in your system, this will allow for maximum heat transfer to the evaporator coil.

Cooling Components

cooling componentsWhen it comes to cooling your space, there is some basic knowledge that will prove helpful to you in the quest of efficiency and weighing of all the options.  We set out, on behalf of your St Louis Heating and Cooling service near Bridgeton in order to answer some of the most common questions with mostly knowledge gap filling.

Let’s start with Air Conditioning and the cooling of your commercial, business or personal space.  This is best understood by looking first at the individual components involved in the cooling process to begin with.  There are four main components in any air conditioning unit. Each plays a significant role in cooling and maintaining the temperature in your home or office space.

The first component in your cooling system from St Louis is the evaporator.  The evaporator is fed liquid refrigerant.  The evaporator and the refrigeration coils, or cooling coils are synonymous.  The refrigerant is the liquid substance that is found in the evaporator and is typically the key ingredient for cooling the unit.  The evaporator has coils and also a fan for cooling your space.  This distributes the cool air away from the evaporator and out into the space.  The condenser is next in the cooling process according to our research done on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Repair near Bridgeton MO.  “The condenser is also referred to as the hot coils. The condenser is in charge of facilitating the heat transfer, from inside the home to the outside. There is a fan associated with this part also, similar to the evaporator’s job.”  We will move on to more parts in the next post here regarding cooling your space in St Louis.

Refrigeration Longevity

routine serviceDid you know that St Louis Refrigeration near St Peters offers maintenance for all of your commercial refrigeration needs?  Did you know that your refrigeration products had routine maintenance needs?  Well, it does and similar to your vehicle, it will extend the life of your St Louis Commercial refrigeration if you comply with the needs of the product before something screams for help in the form of a breakdown.

Here is what ACHR News has to say on the subject, “When equipment constantly breaks down or doesn’t perform to expectations, it’s often because there has never been any preventive maintenance — only emergency service. Remember, equipment is only as good as the service performed on it.”  There exist no piece of mechanical equipment that does not need periodic service in order to keep it in the best operating condition possible.  Commercial Refrigeration near St Peters is no exception to the rule.  The better the service and regularity therein, the better the product performance.

“To properly maintain a system, all the major components should be included in the maintenance schedule. These include the evaporator(s), compressor unit, and condenser.”  Writing on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Sales and Service near St Peters, we will address in the following two posts, all of the details of what each refrigeration component requires in order to properly keep the unit running well, but we can tell you, for starters, that every major component should be and will be addressed in order to keep your commercial refrigeration running at its best at all times.  Also, it is important to know that the routing maintenance that goes into air cooled condensing units is what we will focus on.  The refrigeration units in St Louis that have towers or water cooled condensers are done using other specific means.


Routine Heating and Cooling Advice

HVACDid you know that the condenser coil in your heating and cooling commercial system will degrade quickly because of dirt?  We are on our third article covering the importance of routine maintenance of your HVAC in St Louis near O Fallon.  This is important for optimum performance, but even more so when you are dealing with a commercial heating and cooling system since air quality will affect not only you and your family, but the lives of others who reside or work in your commercial environment.  We already talked about filter replacement and most everyone handles this in a timely fashion because it is inexpensive and routine, plus most of us do this with our home heating and cooling system, so it is top of mind.

When it comes to cleaning, we mentioned before to clean the condenser and evaporator coils.  This, too, is rather simple, but easily overlooked because it is an “out of sight, out of mind” possibility.  The condenser cleaning in your commercial HVAC is way more important to conserve energy than air quality.  In fact, the condenser doesn’t affect the air quality at all, but your heating and cooling bill in St Louis will be super glad you kept it clean as it will make a big difference in the efficiency of your system.

If you have coils that have NOT been well maintained, you are at greater risk for really nasty stuff growing on them.   “Coils soiled with microbial growth are hard to clean. A cleaning product with an appropriate dwell time is required to eliminate the micro-organisms. Built-up fungal growth is difficult to clean from metal surfaces, but don’t use an aggressive cleaner. Keeping the coils clean from the start will cut down on the time you spend on maintenance. Antimicrobial treatments are a good option to interrupt the growth of mold.”

Commercial Kitchen Refrigeration Ins and Outs

refrigerationThere are so many choices when it is time for you to get that commercial kitchen up and running.  Just where do you begin?  Well, we have become experts in the field of refrigeration, writing on behalf of your Refrigeration Service Company near Hazelwood.  We will cover all that we know about how to go about the shopping and selection of your next commercial refrigerator.  For starters, be sure to think about the importance of the investment.  Try not to cut corners on quality when it comes to a commercial refrigerator.  After all, it will hold all of your inventory and so must be capable and high quality.  If you want to save money on the purchase, you can do so by focusing on the ones that use less energy.

You have top mounted compressor options that are generally the preferred design.  Preferred in the refrigeration world, mostly because of the way they release heat away from the cabinet and are easier to clean and for companies, such as your St Louis Refrigeration install near Hazelwood, to repair as well.  “With mechanicals placed atop the unit, evaporator coils attract far less dirt and dust than when positioned near the floor.”

You will need to put some thought into the installation of your commercial refrigeration in St Louis as well.  Have a plan that is thought out with details including from the time the refrigerator leaves the truck and all the way to the place it will sit.  You may very well need to hire someone if you are buying a refrigerator second hand, or from a source that does not provide delivery.  American Services, for whom we are writing this piece, will gladly offer you their services in the area of refrigeration sales, service, installation, the whole nine yards.  Here is what the experts say exactly about the installation of your commercial refrigeration in St Louis MO, “Formulate a well-thought-out plan to get that unit off the truck and into your facility when taking delivery from an online source. Some buyers aren’t prepared to manage the sheer weight of refrigerators or aren’t aware that most don’t come mounted on casters (HOSHIZAKI 2 & 3 Sections come with factory installed casters and roll-in under a standard doorway).”  There are plenty of brands and manufacturers that will fit your needs.  You just need to do your homework.

Level That Refrigerator!

refrigeration installIn our previous post covering some of the ins and outs of commercial refrigeration at your local American Services near Fenton, we talked about the unfortunate event of bad leveling and the consequences that surround it.  Basically, if the evaporator on your commercial refrigerator freezes because of a poor installation job, then you will be out the money to repair it since a warranty won’t cover such an occurrence.  “The bad news is this poor leveling issue may not be covered by the warranty and you may be out a day’s worth of profit as you wait for new food. The good news is, the situation is completely – and easily – avoidable with the twist of a wrench at install.”

So, make sure you employ professionals to handle the installation job.  That would be our advice on behalf of your Commercial Refrigeration Installation near Fenton MO.  The thing is, and something many people don’t understand, is that the chance of your commercial refrigeration unit being level right off the bat are slim to none.  Consider the following information, if you will, taken from a professional installation company online, “With variations in the manufacturing process, bumps on the delivery truck’s route, and variations in the floor of your kitchen, there’s a chance your commercial cooler won’t be exactly level at first. Unfortunately, whether someone in-house installs the unit or a contractor does that work, there’s no guarantee they’ll realize that might be an issue or know how to fix it if it is.”

“The easiest and best way to avoid having a catawampus commercial refrigerator or freezer is to hire a certified service company to handle all the refrigeration leveling work.”  Anyone who is qualified to install commercial refrigeration, such as those we write for at American Services Refrigeration Service, will know just what to do to properly install a unit, including the necessary steps to level the refrigerator as well.