Restaurant Refrigeration Equipment Efficiency

restaurant refrigeration in MOAmerican Services refrigeration repair service near Fairview Heights knows that restaurants often use about 5 to 7 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings, such as office buildings and retail stores. High-volume fast-food restaurants may use up to 10 times more energy per square foot. Most commercial kitchen appliances are designed to be energy intensive. For instance, a typical electric deep fat fryer uses more than 18,000 kilowatt-hours of energy per year. This translates to an excess of $1,700 in electricity annually, for just one piece of equipment. 

As energy costs increase, investing in energy efficiency is the best way to protect your business against these rising prices. You can reduce your restaurant’s energy consumption by following certain cost saving tips. Select Energy Star qualified appliances when you’re in the market for new equipment. Energy Star qualified commercial refrigerators and freezers can lead to an average energy savings of 30 percent.

Shrewd business people think in terms of life-cycle costs, which include purchase price, annual energy costs, and other long-term costs associated with the equipment. Higher efficiency appliances typically cost more up front, but significantly lower utility bills can make up for the price difference.

Refrigeration is often one of the most expensive tasks that certain businesses must account for. Having equipment that is running properly is very important. If you leave your equipment ON when it is not performing useful work, it costs you money. Properly maintaining and performing timely repairs is vital. Leaky walk-in refrigerator gaskets, freezer doors that do not shut, all add up to money wasted money. Don’t let everyday wear and tear drive up your energy bills.

The performance of your kitchen equipment changes over time. Thermostats and control systems can fail, or fall out of calibration and need to be readjusted. Take the time to do a regular thermostat check on your refrigeration equipment and reset them to the correct operating temperature. Features that could potentially save energy include improved insulation and components such as high-efficiency compressors and motors. For restaurant refrigeration near St Louis contact American Services.