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Choosing the Perfect Ice Machine In 4 Easy Steps!

Choosing the Perfect Ice Machine In 4 Easy Steps!

close up ice cubes and stainless ice scoop

Step 1 – Decide what type of ice you will need your commercial ice machine to make. When most think of ice machine needs they only think of the ice applied to drink service, but there are other uses also.  In the restaurant space, ice is also used for salad bars, chilling bottled beer and wine, or for other food-related display purposes. Yet, other commercial establishments use ice including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, office buildings and much more.  Be sure to think of your needs as well as your customer or employee needs when making this decision.

Step 2 – Decide how much ice you will need daily and pick the appropriate sized machine. This is probably the most important decision you will make when choosing your commercial ice machine.  You will need to be sure your machine is sized so that it can produce enough ice for your daily needs and can also keep up with any increase in demand for the near future.  The O’Fallon area refrigeration and ice machine experts at American Services are always eager to help with this part of the decision making process.

Step 3 – Decide between an air-cooled versus water-cooled condenser.  The biggest difference between these two styles of machine is this: Water-Cooled units cut down on noise and can be more reliable in hotter climates; Air-cooled units save on water costs.  Talk to your dealer about the advantages and disadvantages to both before making a final decision.

Step 4 – Decide on what options and accessories you will need for your machine. These add-on’s are important because they will allow you to get the most out of your machine on a daily basis.  Just a few of your choices include: Remote Condensing Unit (for air-cooled machines), storage or ice bins, dispensers, bin adapters, water filtration, scoops, and ice totes or carts.  These can usually be ordered upon the initial installation of your machine or even after you have your machine and find a need for them.

Walk-In Refrigerator Cost-Saving Tips

Walk-In Refrigerator Cost-Saving Tips

Scissors cuts word COSTS

When looking at the average restaurant owner’s monthly utility usage, you will find that they most likely spend about 6 percent of it on refrigeration costs alone.  And that only accounts for the energy usage.  Not the maintenance, repairs, or other replacement costs that may come up.  Since refrigeration can be a costly business expense, it’s important to consider how you can cut these costs without any added expense.  Today, the team at American Services will focus on passing along tips as recommended by concerning how you can save on your walk-in refrigeration operating costs.  Let’s get started!

As noted by the experts at, there are a few low cost upgrades and good practice techniques that all walk-in refrigeration owners can consider when wanting to save.  First, take a look at the lighting in your unit.  If you are using old incandescent light bulbs simply swapping those out with low temp compact fluorescent lamps can cut heat output by up to 75 percent.  That’s a huge heat savings that will help your unit hold that cool temperature you need.

Next, you can save outside air infiltration by up to 75 percent by investing in strip curtains and automatic door closers.  These items are easy enough to install on your own and are very low cost.  This is something you should work on today!

Finally, you can reduce fan energy consumption by about two-thirds by adding electronically commuted motors or ECMs to your evaporator and condenser fans.  If this sounds like too big of a job for you, don’t worry!  That’s when you call the American Services team for a free parts and labor estimate.  Our team can help you determine the cost of this simple install and also help you determine how quickly you will get your money back via your extra energy savings.

Get in touch with the Refrigeration Installation Near Hazelwood experts at American Services today!

Commercial Heating Service on a Budget?

Commercial Heating Service on a Budget?

Budget Newspaper ClippingAfter working with your average commercial heating service contractor you may be wondering if you will ever be able to stay on budget in regards to the repairs, maintenance, and upgrades you often need for your HVAC system.  This is most-likely due to the fact that you either have a contract that is not designed to meet your specific needs or because you simply don’t have one at all.  That’s why so many St. Louis business owners have decided to stick with the American Services team.  Our skilled professionals not only get the job done right, but can also get you into the scheduled maintenance contract needed to keep your costs under control and within your needed budget.

So, what makes an American Services service contact extra special.  It starts with our people.  The team at American Services specifically understand the commercial side of the HVAC business.  Our contract writers are able to meet with and understand your budget, maintenance needs, and specialty equipment.  These individuals are then able to make suggestions and write a customized preventative maintenance plan that fits into all of your must-haves.  We have been providing this service to our customers for over 25 years and take great pride in being the best around.

What are you waiting for?  Why not get the customized service you deserve by contacting the team about a preventative maintenance contract today.  We can even come out to your location to get a feel for what equipment you have and offer our many other services as well.  These extra services include repairs, maintenance, and instillation of cooking equipment, refrigeration units, ice machines, industrial equipment, beverage systems, and water filtration units.  You see, American Services can save you in down time as well by providing all of your needed services in one trip.  Let our team prove to you why we should be your commercial heating contractor near Edwardsville.

Walk-In Refrigeration Energy Cost Reduction Tips

Walk-In Refrigeration Energy Cost Reduction Tips

Refrigeration Unit DoorWalk-in style refrigeration units, or walk-in coolers, are a huge part of the everyday operation surrounding all restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and many other commercial establishments.  These units also account for a large portion of the energy your business consumes on a daily basis.  For this reason, it is important to regularly check to make sure your unit or units are not causing your energy costs to go up.  Neglecting this area will no doubt cost you money on your monthly energy bills and maybe in repair costs down the road.  Today, let’s take a look at a few tips to help you keep your energy usage under control.

Maintenance – Maintaining all of your expensive equipment is vital in the overall well-being of the units in questions.  To many, the up-front cost of maintenance may be overwhelming – so they just skip it all together.  This not only causes your equipment to wear out faster, but it can also void your manufacturer warranty.  Not maintaining your equipment will also cause it to run in a way that it is at it’s least efficient, causing a spike in energy usage.  The bottom line is, investing in maintenance is a must!

Upgrade – Did you purchase your unit a while back?  If so, it many not meet new energy standards designed to save you money on your monthly bills.  Why not get a free upgrade estimate from the team at American Services.  We can show you how much a new unit will save you over it’s lifetime and also introduce you to newer, time saving features you will love.

If you are a commercial refrigeration user near Florissant, it’s time to give the experts at American Services a call!  We can help you with all of your refrigeration needs and also provide a source for the area’s premier HVAC, cooking equipment, beverage system, and water filtration products.  We are your St. Louis area one stop shop!

Restaurant Sales Are Up – Is It Time To Update Your Cooking Equipment?

Restaurant Sales Are Up – Is It Time To Update Your Cooking Equipment?

chef in kitchenThanks to dropping gas prices and rising employment rates, the restaurant industry experienced it’s best month in eight years during December 2014.  Gains were seen in both the casual-dining chains, which reported an increase of 4.4 percent, as well as in the quick-service arena which saw gains of 4.6 percent.  This is especially good news since sales in December 2013 were flat.  Since then, the industry has seen steady monthly gains and expects that trend to continue across 2015. All of this data is based-upon MillerPulse results and represents averages from operator surveys in all areas of the nation and in all segments of the food service industry.  You can get full details by visiting the Nation’s Restaurant News website at

Did your St. Louis area restaurant experience the same sales growth as what’s being reported by the NRN?  If so, maybe it’s time to consider upgrading or replacing some of your outdated equipment.  The team at American Services can help you with every aspect of your Jefferson County area restaurant equipment installation!  Our team is filled with the professional technicians you have been looking for.  We understand your needs, can address any current repair issues, and give you a free estimate for the services you need or want.  Plus, our attention to providing a well-rounded  list of services means we can also take care of any HVAC, refrigeration, ice machine, beverage system, or filtration issues you may be concerned with.

Why not contact our team to get your free estimate now?  This free estimate will allow you the chance to make an informed decision about how you want to re-invest in your business for the new year.  Don’t wait until it’s too late!  Broken or malfunctioning equipment will cost you valuable time and money.  Let the American Services team help you get started right in 2015!


Hot Water Heater Expansion Tank Q&A

Hot Water Heater Expansion Tank Q&A

Electric Water HeaterThanks to the backflow prevention valves used by some municipalities, it is now a good idea to consider an expansion tank for your hot water heater.  This is a minimal addition cost-wise and prevents your hot water pipes from experiencing high pressures that can cause heater failure and leaking pipes.  Let’s answer some common questions about these units.

Are Hot Water Heater Expansion Tanks required by code?

This depends on where you are located.  In areas that use pressure regulators or backflow preventers, it is common that an expansion tank requirement will be within the code guidelines.

What will an Expansion Tank do?

Expansion tanks are designed to get rid of any pressure that can be caused by thermal expansion. Thermal expansion happens as water is heated and can cause pipes to rupture, blown 0-rings, and reduce the overall life of your hot water heater.

What about the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves that are already on my hot water heater?

These parts are only designed to prevent an explosive failure of the hot water heater.  These valves can drip and get mineral deposit build-up.  They are not considered a replacement for an expansion tank.

Can I install an Expansion Tank on my own?

Individuals who could consider themselves moderately handy can install an expansion tank in about 30 minutes.  But, if you feel at all uncomfortable or run into issues, it is best to call a professional.

At American Services we specialize in a wide-range of heating services near Kirkwood.  Our trained professionals can help evaluate your need for updated heating and cooling equipment, refrigeration units, ice machines, water filtration, and cooking equipment.  Don’t neglect the need to keep your equipment in good health! Contact us and we will give you a free estimate the new, highly efficient equipment you need.


Do You Need Professional Heating and Cooling Service In St. Louis?

Do You Need Professional Heating and Cooling Service In St. Louis?

Hvac Technician With Leak DetectorAre you a commercial building owner in need of professional heating and cooling service in the St. Louis Area?  If so, American Services is here to help!  American Service is an established, full-service HVAC company that offers a multitude of service options.  Our customers find that their needs are completely met by our team of expertly trained technicians and continue to call us back for all of their needed repair, maintenance, service,  and general care needs.  So, what makes American Services special?  Let’s take a look.

At American Services, you won’t just find the general heating, cooling, and refrigeration services offered by our competitors.  Our team is highly trained in all of those general areas, along with: cooking equipment, ice machines, water filtration,  industrial equipment, and beverage systems.  This wide range of specialty areas allows us to be your one stop shop.  This will cuts your costs significantly, reduce your overall down time, and make running your business much smoother.

Our team is also highly versed in the area of service, maintenance, and repair contracts.  We offer a unique product that allows our customers to customize a plan that meets the needs of their equipment and their budgets.  In fact, one of our service contract writers can sit down with you for free and discuss the many options we have to offer.  Whether it’s monthly, quarterly, yearly, covers maintenance only, emergency call-outs, or everything in between – we can write a contract that will completely fit your business needs.

Call American Services for a free estimate today!  We guarantee you will be totally satisfied with our attention to customer care, expert technicians, and fair pricing.  Our team can even take care of any of your emergency needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call us toll free at 855-733-1776!  We are here to all of your Belleville area heating and cooling needs.


Save Energy When Cooling Your Commercial Space

Save Energy When Cooling Your Commercial Space

Save energyIt is estimated that commercial HVAC costs can account for up to 30 percent of your total overhead, depending on what kind of business you run.  Since this may be costing you so much, here are a few ways you can saving when you are using your cooling system:

  • When sufficient natural light is available, considering turning off an high-powered fluorescent lighting.
  • If possible, start your employee’s shifts earlier in the day as to avoid peak cooling hours.
  • Limit the inflow of warm outside air by configuring your ventilation system accordingly.
  • When not in use, make sure all computer, kitchen equipment, and other heat-generating appliances are turned off.
  • If you have an onsite cafe, encourage “cold” menu items on warmer days.
  • Have more casual dress days that allow you the ability to keep the thermostat at a higher temperature setting.
  • Get light-blocking window covers installed in order to reduce any passive heating of your office space.
  • In kitchen areas, consider upgrading refrigeration vents and oven hoods.  This move will reduce confined space heat build-up.
  • Schedule regular maintenance checks with American Services.  This will keep your unit running efficiently thanks to clean filters, vents, and other equipment elements.
  • Also have any needed repairs made ASAP.  Common parts that will need regular replacement include coils and condensers.

The commercial cooling experts at American Services are here to help you save!  Our Kirkwood area cooling services include sales, service, repairs, and maintenance making us the most-complete dealer in St. Louis.  You may also consider that we additionally specialize in cooking equipment, refrigeration, ice machines, water filtration, industrial equipment, and beverage systems.  This means we can come out and take care of all of your needs in one trip.  Let us help you save time and money today!  Talk to our customer care specialists about getting your free estimate now.

Why Not Choose A Full Service HVAC Contractor Like American Services?

Why Not Choose A Full Service HVAC Contractor Like American Services?

Why NotFinding the right HVAC contractor is am important aspect when you count on the comfort of your business for both customers and your employees.  That’s why the American Services team wants you to know how we can serve you beyond just your typical heating, cooling, and refrigeration-related needs.  Let’s take a look at just a few reasons why it makes sense to go with a contractor that is truly full-service.

When you choose a contractor like American Services, you can count on the fact that we have someone who can help you with a wide-range of issues.  You see, our team not only specializes in heating, cooling, and ventilation – we also have staff that can take care of many other areas of your business.  On our list of services we include:

  • Cooking Equipment Service, Maintenance, and Sales including gas repairs, electric repairs, fryers, dishwashers, food warmers, food processors, steamers, convection ovens, and much more.
  • Refrigeration Service, Maintenance, and Sales including commercial, industrial, and process refrigeration – along with walk-in freezers, restaurant refrigeration, supermarket refrigeration, coolers, and much more.
  • Ice Machine Service, Maintenance, and Sales.
  • Water Filtration Service, Maintenance, and Sales.
  • Industrial Equipment Service, Maintenance, and Sales including chillers, boilers, makeup air ventilation units, and industrial exhaust ventilators.
  • Beverage System Service, Maintenance, and Sale including soda, coffee, cappuccino, tea, and frozen concentrate.

This full-service approach is how we make sure you see the least amount of down-time possible.  We can also save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars because out team can take care of your entire list of needs in one visit.  All of these reasons combined are what set us apart from any other HVAC contractor in St. Louis.

Contact our team at 855-733-1776 for a free estimate now.  We have dedicated and skilled technicians ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Let American Services be your O’Fallon area HVAC service provider and so much more!

Don’t Skip Your Restaurant Equipment Maintenance!

Don’t Skip Your Restaurant Equipment Maintenance!

Cafe OwnerWhen you purchase your new restaurant equipment from American Services, our team is going to recommend a customized maintenance plan.  You many wonder why do we do this.  Well, we all know that your equipment purchase is essentially an investment – and an expensive one at that.  This investment in your business is also responsible for your kitchen productivity on a certain level and needs to be very reliable so that you aren’t left out of business for any extended period of time.  Taking your purchase to the next level with a maintenance plan is thus the missing piece to assuring the reliability, functionality, and longevity of your equipment.

Another question may then arise as to why maintaining your equipment is so vital.  Just like you would maintain your car or the appliance in your home, the restaurant equipment you purchase for your business needs to be looked at by a professional at regular intervals to ensure it will function properly.  Regular maintenance is also important so that any warranty coverage isn’t lost due to owner negligence.  The plans we offer at American Services are even more helpful because of the money you will save thanks to the packaged services we can offer.

As you consider the necessity of maintaining your equipment and the possible savings offered by a maintenance plan, please feel free to contact the Hazelwood area Restaurant Equipment experts here at American Services.  Our team is focused on your satisfaction.  We want you to love your equipment and consider serving you in all areas of your business a privilege.  Get on the road to total service by calling us today.  The services we offer extent beyond the equipment we service in your kitchen and make us the area’s only one stop shop!  Ask us about our water filtration, HVAC, beverage system, and ice machine services now!