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Restaurant Equipment and a Love Hate Relationship

commercial kitchenIt is our job to bring you the latest in information surrounding the restaurant equipment maintenance in St Louis near Kirkwood MO and all other applicable categories in the commercial restaurant equipment business.  We pride ourselves in doing our best to keep you informed and so we want to discuss, today, commercial refrigeration and how to best maintain its health and function for your St Louis Restaurant Equipment needs.

Say there is a big event hitting your town that involves local food and restaurants, or really even an ordinary weekend when you know your restaurant will be busy and the equipment in high demand.  If your commercial refrigeration equipment fails at the wrong time, you’ll be sending all those potential new customers home dissatisfied or worse. So, in advance of restaurant needs, we’ll be posting great tips and resources on how to keep your equipment (and your head) cool!  This is an important concept to avoiding disaster at the worst possible time for your restaurant business.

Refrigeration equipment is your best friend and can be your worst enemy, according to one source we found online when researching the subject of everyday commercial restaurant equipment in St Louis near Kirkwood and its daily health and general upkeep. “Anyone who manages a food service operation probably has a love-hate relationship with refrigeration equipment. On one hand, they help you serve fresh and appealing fare. Without your coolers, chillers and walk in freezers, you’d be serving lukewarm drinks, wilted greens and melted ice cream. And that’s exactly the problem: when they break down, your business quickly comes to a screeching halt.”  Stay tuned for more information in the posts to follow from your St Louis Restaurant Equipment sales and service near Kirkwood on what to do to avoid the above scenario.

Restaurant Equipment is Not One Size Fits All

tape measureWhen searching for your next set of St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Clayton MO, it is important to recognize the vast nature of your options and brand offerings.  There will be price points to focus on depending upon your decided budget and certain trim levels so to speak, that you will want to look closer at in order to get the features which you desire in your new restaurant equipment in St Louis.  If you are looking at freezers, for example, arm yourself with the basic knowledge you can find online, such as the different components that make up most prefabricated walk-in coolers, then it will be your job to find the right one for your business. “What should you consider in the process? There are many variables, but here are a few basic things that you can nail down right now.”

Answer the question regarding your new walk in cooler for your St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Clayton, “Do you need refrigerated or frozen storage space?” A basic question, this is the first element upon which you will need to ponder.  “Not all coolers will maintain the same holding temperatures. Walk-in refrigerators will hold food below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, while walk-in freezers will keep food frozen near 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The physical differences are small, but they can greatly impact your choices. A refrigeration system for a walk-in freezer will be larger and more powerful than a system for a cooler. Plus, freezer panels will be thicker to help maintain the colder temperatures.”

According to our recent research on the restaurant equipment subject on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Sales and Service, it is also imperative to remember that we cannot operate from a one size fits all perspective. “We offer a wide range of sizes from 48” to 120” wide and 70” to 168” long. With capacities from 105 cu. ft. to 860 cu. ft. you’ll find the size you need, but how can you determine what that size is?”  Follow our posts here on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment Service near Clayton for more helpful purchasing information.


The Refrigeration System in Your Walk-In Freezer

freezerWhen we are looking at walk-in freezers for your commercial restaurant equipment list, we need to focus, also, on the most advanced portion of the animal, the refrigeration system itself.  “The most complex part of the unit is the refrigeration system. To bring it down to basics, you’ll want to know how much power the system will need in order to operate, where that power will be coming from, and how much clearance and ventilation the system will need. All of these are things that could affect the configuration that you choose.”

The size you decide upon will have something to do with what the Commercial Refrigeration in St Louis near Maryland Heights requires.  “Smaller walk-in coolers typically require a 1/2 hp compressor to hold temperatures at or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Walk-in freezers often need a larger compressor—around 1 hp—to maintain those colder temperatures.”  Size and efficiency are a toss up and balancing act as they are in so many other industries as well.  So, it is safe to assume that the larger the walk-in freezer, the more powerful the refrigeration system will need to be.  This will discourage you from buying a freezer that is more space than you really need since you will give up not only physical real estate for it, but also more money, a larger refrigeration system and a higher cost to operate.

While shopping around, also keep in mind that your space may limit your options when it comes to the location of the refrigeration system, as it is not only the space of the freezer you need to consider, but that the refrigeration system increases in size as well. If you have a very low ceiling, or can’t install the proper ventilation, you may need to go with a side-mounted or remote configuration.  Don’t forget that the ventilation takes up room too.  Either way, if you call on experts, such as your St Louis Refrigeration Installation near Maryland Heights, what seems a bit overwhelming in terms of content and vastness of information, can be cleared up in a jiffy.

High R-Value in Your Walk In Freezer

walk in freezerIn our adventures today in an effort to continue our discussions on walk-in freezers for your list of necessary restaurant equipment, we come upon the area of composition encircling the prefabricated walk-in cooler as opposed to the custom made version of these pieces of restaurant equipment in St Louis near St Charles MO.  “At their simplest, a prefabricated walk-in cooler is just a large insulated box with a cooling system. The components can be summed up in a very short list: panels, floor, door, and refrigeration system.”  Now it is time to go into further details about the above mentioned components.

Basically sandwiches made of foam insulation and thin metal sheets, panels range in size from 3 1/2″ – 5″ thick and their primary function is to keep the walk-in at the correct temperature for storing your fresh or frozen foods. They are generally made using a 24 to 26 gauge galvanized steel, aluminum or aluminum-coated steel, painted steel, or stainless steel that is called the skin of the freezer itself in the St Louis Restaurant Equipment world. In an effort to maintain a professional and perhaps commercial look, panels also often have embossed patterns in the metal. This pattern can actually add to its strength and reduce the notability of wear and tear.

“Pressed inside the skin is dense insulating foam to ensure energy efficiency. Some options come with extruded polystyrene foam insulation but the most common insulating material is foamed-in polyurethane.”  A high-performing insulator, extruded polystyrene has great moisture resistance. When researching the walk-in freezer options on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Sales and Service near St Charles, we found it described as the best material to retain R-value.  “While most materials break down and lose R-value over time, polystyrene retains its insulating ability longer. Polyurethane is also a great insulator; however it may not stand the test of time as well as other materials.”  You are recommended to look for high quality insulation materials with low thermal transference and high R-value when seeking a walk in freezer to add to your list of restaurant equipment in St Louis.

The Floor of Your Prefabricated Walk in Refrigeration

walk in refrigeratorPrefabricated Walk in Freezers are the way to go for some who are looking for the right walk-in freezer to mark off of their commercial refrigeration shopping list.  We have discussed that the parts consist of the following: panels, floor, door, and refrigeration system.  We already looked at great length at the panels in a walk in refrigerator or freezer system for your St Louis Refrigeration Sales and Service near Sunset Hills and how many things to watch for when buying one for your restaurant or commercial kitchen.  Next, we proceed to the floor of your next walk in refrigeration product.

Depending on the space you have, models with and without floors are available to help fit your commercial kitchen needs. Floor materials differ between manufacturers, but many will be made of smooth aluminum. Depending on the amount of traffic your cooler will see in a given day, you may need to look into upgrading to a more durable floor, and so they are offered this way as well, with the option of upgrading the flooring of your walk in refrigeration in St Louis near Sunset Hills MO.

Aluminum floors can prove to be very impractical, depending upon what you have in your walk in freezer, or refrigerator.  “For applications where fully-loaded transport carts or heavy shelving units will be used, an aluminum floor may not be practical. In cases like this, it might be better for your business to purchase a floorless model since this type must be installed on a ground-contact concrete floor. A concrete pad is more durable so that it can stand up to heavier use; just be aware that it may take additional planning and construction before the unit can be set up.”  In the next post on this subject for the sake of your Refrigeration Repair and Service in St Louis near Sunset Hills, we will focus on the actual refrigeration system that is present in a walk in system.

Walk in Freezer Options for Your Restaurant

freezersOn behalf of your restaurant equipment sales and service in St Louis near Chesterfield, we bring to you, today, an in-depth analysis of walk in freezers.  Most of you will need to pursue one if you are about to purchase or have recently obtained your own commercial restaurant.  It can be tricky to know just what system will work best for you, so we hve compiled some information that we gathered online on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment repair and sales near Chesterfield in an effort to make the search less cumbersome for you.

There are two basic types of walk-ins: they are either prefabricated or built-in. Prefabricated units come with urethane panels that are sized according to the specifications of the product or built to order depending on the manufacturer and sometimes work best for restaurants who have very specific needs in mind. Before setting out to purchase a freezer from your list of restaurant equipment in St Louis near Chesterfield, you may want to take the time to determine if you need a custom size or interior. These prefabricated walk in freezers provide many great benefits including easier expansion and relocation. “Built-in units are also very popular and often consist of insulation that is covered with structural tiles on the walls and floors. These units can be built to meet the exact needs of your space but can’t be moved or changed as easily as prefabricated units.”

When it comes to walk in coolers and freezers, there are differences based on manufacturers too.  According to all that we researched on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment and sales in St Louis near Chesterfield, there exist quite the variety.  “At their simplest, a prefabricated walk-in cooler is just a large insulated box with a cooling system. The components can be summed up in a very short list: panels, floor, door, and refrigeration system.”  We will go into further depth on these individual parts in our following posts.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

commercial kitchenWhen in the planning phases for your new restaurant in St Louis near Edwardsville IL, you will want to do just that…lots of planning.  “If you’re planning to start a restaurant, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is how to set up your kitchen.”  We know that you will have start up fees in the way of St Louis Restaurant Equipment for your new business, but how much do you plan for and what exactly do you need?

“The kitchen will be the center of your business and the place where your menu comes to life. That being the case, you’ll need high-quality restaurant equipment that can withstand the pressures of daily use…” You will want to spend your own personal time and effort in the planning and research phase of your restaurant and the restaurant equipment that goes into the kitchen.

“Careful planning and research are necessary to maximize the efficiency and functionality of your kitchen. Consider the following 10 essential restaurant equipment as you brainstorm and design the layout of your establishment. If you already have a restaurant, do you have these 10 essential pieces of restaurant equipment?”  We will begin here and go on to discuss the remaining pieces in future posts.  Freezers and refrigeration is required regardless of the restaurant type and style. In St Louis MO, all commercial kitchens require a refrigeration unit of some type. Refrigerating food items prevents them from perishing quickly, preserves freshness, and provides cold food storage space.  We will go into much more detail in the following posts, but for now, understand that the industrial grade refrigeration units are designed to meet the unique needs of the food industry in St Louis near Edwardsville IL, so they are a key purchase for any food handling operation. There are many varieties of coolers and freezers available on today’s market for the restaurant equipment buyers, but your purchasing decisions will generally involve two types, they are reach-in or walk-in units.

Different Refrigeration Configurations

refrigeration stylesWe spoke here previously regarding the styles of refrigeration available for sale and how to know which ones are the better ones to consider.  The first thing to do is decide upon a style, as the St Louis Refrigeration sales and ratings will vary based on this fact alone.  We talked about bottom freezers including the French door variety and that the Samsung and Kenmore’s tend to rate best here.  Bearing in mind that Kenmore is typically made by someone else, so finding out who manufactured the Kenmore is a wise thing to do.  Side by sides have gradually become the least reliable of all refrigeration styles as of late, but some are better than others.

Our St Louis Refrigeration Sales and Service near Kirkwood, moved onto the next style for discussion, the top-freezer designed refrigeration and found that for starters, you can get the most refrigeration for your money out of a top freezer.  “This bargain category has models costing as little as $500. But if the refrigerator can’t keep its cool, or it’s continuously conking out, you won’t be saving in the long run.” Haier and LG are said to offer solid performance and reliability for St Louis Refrigeration sales options.  Haier has several highly acclaimed refrigeration winners, including a $600 CR Best Buy. Frigidaire and Kenmore are relatively safe bets as well, according to our online research done on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration sales near.

Just remember that is isn’t as easy as point and click.  You really ought to do your homework and research the different configuration and their pluses and minuses for you and your family’s refrigeration needs.  The same thing goes for St Louis Commercial Refrigeration Sales near Kirkwood. You will want to research the options online before you buy.

Refrigeration Reviews

refrigerator iconsWriting on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration sales and service, we come upon the idea to pick a brand of refrigeration and review all there is to know about it, then pass along the details to you, our refrigeration consumers.  Though Consumer Reports can be helpful, we decided to consult several sources to gain even more perspective on St Louis Refrigeration sales near Creve Coeur.  “Consumer Reports’ refrigerator Ratings can help lead you to the model that’s best suited to your space and styling needs, with precise temperature controls, ample storage, and the right mix of features. Yet even at 275 models (and counting), our Ratings may not include every refrigerator at your local home center or appliance dealer.”

The ratings for St Louis refrigeration will most definitely vary, first of all, based on the style of refrigerator you are looking for in the commercial or home application.  We can begin by looking at bottom-freezers. “This category includes popular French-door and four-door refrigerators, as well as conventional bottom-freezers. Kenmore and Samsung have several models on our recommended list, including the top-scoring four-door model, the Samsung T9000. Both brands also have solid performance and reliability. Other safe bets among bottom-freezers are Amana, Electrolux, Frigidaire, KitchenAid, and Whirlpool.”

Side-by-sides are the next most popular style of refrigerator at home.  Commercial models are also popular, but are typically of the built in variety, changing the recommendations for brands and models or St Louis Refrigeration near Creve Coeur.   “If you have a galley-style kitchen, or you want accessible freezer space, you might be considering a side-by-side, with its narrow door swing and fully vertical freezer compartment. But take note: this category has been the most temperamental, with no brands making our “Safe Bets” list. Relatively safe bets include Frigidaire, Hotpoint, and Maytag.”


DIY Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

refrigeration repairWriting today, on behalf of your refrigeration experts in St Louis MO near Clayton, we have decided to focus on some of the things that you can do for yourself when it comes to your commercial refrigeration and restaurant equipment.  Of course, there will exist situations in which you must call on an expert, such as the ones working for your Refrigeration installation service in St Louis, however, sometimes you can get by on your own with some expert advice.

It is no doubt, firstly, that commercial refrigeration maintenance can and will almost always extend the life of your restaurant equipment by years and also will typically help you save bundles in energy usage.  Mitch Byrne, an online refrigeration expert says, “I have been working in the Refrigeration Trade for over 16 years. I know from experience that commercial refrigeration maintenance can extend equipment life by years & save big on electrical consumption.”  He proceeds to follow up this introduction with information confirming the importance of St Louis Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance on a routine basis.

The fact is that some of this routing refrigeration stuff can absolutely be done by you, while other things should be left to a commercial refrigeration expert.  “It is possible for equipment owners to perform some basic maintenance tasks between contractor visits.”  When you are talking about walk-in coolers, freezers and ice machines, routine maintenance is of the essence.  Especially with line coolers, says Mitch.  “All refrigeration needs to expel heat. The majority of units do this through an air cooled condenser coil. This is done by drawing air through the coil. This causes dust & debris to form fairly quickly on the condenser coil. Failure to clean condenser coils on a regular basis will increase electrical consumption & lead to major system component failure such as burnt wiring, a failed condenser fan motor, a restricted metering device or a failed compressor.”  In order to prevent this type of disaster with your commercial refrigeration, you should use due diligence when it comes to routine care by calling your Commercial Refrigeration Repair in St Louis near Clayton MO today.