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Refrigeration is More Modern Than You Think

Refrigeration is More Modern Than You Think

Rows Of Modern Fridges In A StoreDid you know the history behind refrigeration?  Well, we want to spend some time sharing what we learned today about just that!  Most of us, including those who work for the St Louis American Service Refrigeration repair near Clayton MO, could never even imagine a world without ice cream, fruit, cold beer or frozen dinners.  There was a day, before the convenience of refrigeration, when people had to go to the grocery store every single day in order to make sure they had fresh food for themselves and their family.

Here is what one famous Appliance Magazine online had to say, “Over the last 150 years or so, refrigeration’s great strides offered us ways to preserve and cool food, other substances and ourselves. Refrigeration brought distant production centers and the North American population together. It tore down the barriers of climates and seasons. And while it helped to rev up industrial processes, it became an industry itself.”

To examine closer, the impact refrigeration has had on consumers and the industry alike, you really first must understand that there exists a difference in the appliance that we use to cool food in the kitchen, both industrial and home, and the refrigeration process itself.  “Refrigeration is the process of cooling a space or substance below environmental temperature. To accomplish this, the process at first removed heat through evaporation and then later in the 1850s with vapor compression that used air and subsequently ammonia as a coolant. Refrigeration has been around since antiquity.”  The man who invented the refrigerator, Thomas Moore, did so in 1803.  Prior to that, and for centuries, people worked to preserve their food, dairy in particular, in cellars and outside window boxes.  Sometimes even under water!

Tips for Organizing your Refrigeration System

Tips for Organizing your Refrigeration System

commercial refrigeration in moAmerican Services commercial refrigeration repair in St. Louis knows that when it comes to organizing your cooling and refrigeration system for your commercial restaurant, it may not be one of the most exciting tasks on your list of things to do, but did you know that the efficiency of your cooling system will be maximized if you organize the food properly?

A poorly arranged freezer and refrigeration system could even cause your equipment to work harder than it should and wear out quickly as well as raising your utility bills.

Commercial refrigerators and freezers require a specific organized method for efficiency to be maximized.  This includes installation of interior pan rack slides and shelves.

With just a few changes in your commercial refrigeration system, you can increase safety and cleanliness and prevent hot spots, follow the tips below;

1. Space food items appropriately and be sure to allow adequate space between food boxes so cold air can properly circulate.

2. Refrain from storing food items on the floor- make sure all items are located at least 6 inches higher than the floor by using shelving units or dunnage racks in your walk-in cooler.

3. Be sure to keep meat stored on the lowest shelf to ensure that any spills will not end up thawing and contaminating other food items.

4. Store the fresh produce away from fans which could potentially damage fresh food resulting in freezer burn.

5. Use stickers with dates on every product and keep the newest items stored in back to ensure that the oldest food gets used first to avoid spoilage.

6. Label refrigerator shelves to keep storage organized and to make identifying food quicker for employees.

Keeping your commercial refrigerator clean and well organized will save time and money in the long run while at the same time ensuring safety and longevity of the food quality.