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Avoid Refrigeration Repair

Avoid Refrigeration Repair

Writing on behalf of your refrigeration sales and service in St Louis near Overland, we want to look specifically at the importance of maintenance that you can do at home in order to avoid unnecessary expense in repairs and early replacement of your St Louis Refrigeration.  We start the process with the subject of cleaning.  “Looking to clean your appliances?  Your refrigerator, with its expired condiments, corner grime, and dusty condenser coils, should be the first project you take on. Here are some step-by-step instructions on making your fridge look and perform like new, and tips on how to keep it that way year round.”

You’ll need to likely allow yourself anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half in order to fully clean your St Louis Refrigeration near Overland MO.  “Scrubbing down your fridge right before you go to the grocery store is a perfect time, as it will have the least amount of contents in it.”

Most people will want to power down the refrigerator before cleaning it so you can conserve energy when you are in the process of cleaning it, unless you are planning to keep it closed a lot.  “Because your refrigerator will be open while you’re cleaning, you’ll want to power it down and conserve energy. Loosen the bulb in your fridge until it goes out. Then, set the temperature dial to “off” and unplug it.”  Remove all of the food and place it all in a cooler, or just leave it on the counter if you are feeling fast and lucky.  Toss stuff that is expired or close to expiring or keep it, again, if you are feeling lucky.  Stay tuned to this chain of articles to continue with the advice we have to offer on cleaning your refrigeration in St Louis near Overland MO in order to avoid unnecessary repair and maintenance.


Refrigeration Options For Your Commercial Space

Refrigeration Options For Your Commercial Space

freezer in grocery store

As a business owner that takes advantage of selling cold and frozen goods in your space, it is important to utilize all of the latest refrigeration and freezer options available to you. This often means pairing with a professional team of refrigeration and freezer experts that understand all of the latest option and how they can maximize your profits.  Today, the Fenton area refrigeration team at American Services wants to help you find the right equipment options by giving you a short list of what the market has to offer.  Let’s get started!

Your Refrigeration Options Include:

  • Slide Door Refrigerators
  • Display Refrigerators
  • Undercounter Refrigerators
  • Glass Door Refrigerators
  • Chef Bases
  • Worktop Refrigerators
  • Milk Coolers
  • Open Air Merchandisers
  • Dual Temperature Refrigerators
  • Roll-In Refrigerators
  • Commercial Floral Coolers
  • Walk-In Coolers

Your Commercial Freezer Options Include:

  • Slide Door Freezers
  • Display Freezers
  • Undercounter Freezers
  • Glass Top Freezers
  • Worktop Freezers
  • Glass Door Freezers
  • Commercial Chest Freezers
  • Ice Merchandisers
  • Walk-In Freezers
  • Roll In & Rack Freezers
  • Blast Chillers
  • Batch Freezers

Your Refrigerated Prep Table Options Include:

  • Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables
  • Pizza Prep Tables

Your Refrigerated Display Case Options Include:

  • Bakery Display Cases
  • Deli Display Cases
  • Sushi Display Cases
  • Meet Display Cases
  • Poultry and Fish Display Cases
  • Oyster Display Cases

Your Walk-In Refrigeration Options Include:

  • Walk-In Coolers
  • Walk-In Freezers

Your Extra Specialty Options Include:

  • Back Car Coolers
  • Horizontal Bottle Coolers
  • Direct Draw Beer Dispensers
  • Glass Frosters & Plate Chillers

As you can see, the options for those selling cold and frozen goods are endless and all commercial business owners should be utilizing them.  Why not start increasing your profits now by getting a FREE estimate from the American Services team today!  Simply call our customer service professionals to set-up a no obligation appointment by calling 855-733-1776.  The appointment will be quick and you will be amazed by the options our team can offer!

Heating & Cooling Advice For Small Businesses

Heating & Cooling Advice For Small Businesses

grocery store employeesSaving money on energy costs by utilizing the latest efficiency standards from is important for small business owners.  This advice can be especially helpful to those who are in the grocery or convenience store business since both of these sectors use a number of systems that can use lots of energy.  Today, let’s take a look at how grocery and convenience store owners can save money on heating and cooling costs.

Keeping your retail space comfortable for your employees and customers is an important aspect in how you do business.  If any of the equipment related to your HVAC system isn’t working, your business could suffer.  That’s why it’s important to keep up with certain tasks related to your HVAC system’s well-being.  These tasks will also reduce your energy usage and save you money on your monthly utility bills.  Here are a few tips you can use to keep your space comfortable, energy usage down, and your equipment in working order:

  • Have a programmable thermostat installed.  A programmable thermostat will allow you the ability to cool and heat only when needed.  This feature will save you money and allow your system some time off.
  • Have your equipment tuned-up on a yearly basis.  Get a professional HVAC technician to come out and give your system a thorough maintenance inspection.  This will not only save one your energy costs, but can also help to prevent catastrophic loss of usage due to a major unexpected failure in the system.
  • Have your air filter changed on a monthly basis, especially during high usage months.  This will maximize your air flow and help keep energy costs down.

The team at American Services wants to help you keep your Collinsville area heating and cooling equipment in great shape for years to come!  Contact our team today for more details on our customized preventative maintenance packages designed especially for small businesses.


Focus On Floral Coolers

Focus On Floral Coolers

Beautiful Florist At Work.In recent years, the use of floral coolers has extended beyond your local flower shop and made it’s way into grocery stores, gas stations, and other non-traditional locations.  Since many of these non-traditional locations don’t necessarily employ a florist, advice will be needed in order to pick the right equipment for the job.  Today, the O’Fallon area refrigeration experts at American Services presents the three major considerations that should be taken when choosing a floral cooler.

There are three major considerations to think about when purchasing a floral cooler for your business.  These three considerations include: Humidity, Temperature, and Display.  Here are some detail about why each quality is so important.

  • Humidity – Most flowers require an environment with a high percentage of humidity around 80-95%.  This high level of humidity keeps your flowers from experiencing dehydration damage prior to being arranged and sold.  It is also important to consider the type of flowers you will be storing in your floral cooler and what their specific needs may be.  Storing flowers with similar humidity needs in the same are is important.  For this reason purchasing a floral cooler with the ability to maintain the proper level of humidity is an integral part of a long lasting arrangement.
  • Temperature – When storing your flowers, you will also want to make sure the temperature is right.  Floral coolers are designed in a way that the influx of air is regulated and consistent.  This is important because air needs to be circulated gently to avoid damaging the flowers in the cooler.  As with humidity, store flowers that require similar temperatures together to assure the best quality.
  • Display – Depending on where your display will be located and the main purpose of your floral cooler, you will want to make sure your equipment is adjustable to your needs.  Some floral coolers are designed to simply store flowers until they are arranged and other are meant to work as a display piece.  Be sure to choose your coolers based upon what your store will need.

If you are in need of advice regarding the purchase of a floral cooler, contact the team at American Services for a free estimate!

Designing Your Commercial Refrigeration Layout

Designing Your Commercial Refrigeration Layout

RefrigeraterWhether you own a grocery store, gas station, or eating establishment refrigeration placement will play a vital role in the overall look and feel of your space.  For this reason it is always best to work with a professional commercial refrigeration expert when building or remodeling your business space.  These types of professionals can help you determine how much space you need for your refrigerated and frozen items, then help you select units that will accommodate those items while still maximizing your space.  Let’s explore this topic a little more with a little help from the American Services Refrigeration team.

Common Concern #1 – What if I don’t have a lot of space, but need refrigeration units for a considerable amount of food items?

  • This is an issue many business owners face and can only be taken care of with some careful planning and creative space saving ideas.  The good news is that the team at American Services helps clients maximize space everyday!

Common Concern #2 – I’m worried about the flow of my business once new units are installed.  How can I make sure I’m not ruining my customer and employee’s ability to easily maneuver around my business?

  • When worried about flow, it’s often a good idea to get an idea of the sizes of units you will need and then outline where they will be located on your floor using masking tape.  This way you can get a clearer picture of how everything will fit upon installation.

Common Concern #3 – I ordered the largest unit that my space allows, but still don’t have enough room for my food items.  What suggestions can you give?

  • Often times adding shelves and organizing appropriately is needed when working with large refrigeration units.  Take a look at what you are wanting to store and brainstorm ideas of thing that will maximize the space you do have.

If you need more help with South County area commercial refrigeration service, contact the All-Star team today!


Walk-In Refrigeration Energy Cost Reduction Tips

Walk-In Refrigeration Energy Cost Reduction Tips

Refrigeration Unit DoorWalk-in style refrigeration units, or walk-in coolers, are a huge part of the everyday operation surrounding all restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and many other commercial establishments.  These units also account for a large portion of the energy your business consumes on a daily basis.  For this reason, it is important to regularly check to make sure your unit or units are not causing your energy costs to go up.  Neglecting this area will no doubt cost you money on your monthly energy bills and maybe in repair costs down the road.  Today, let’s take a look at a few tips to help you keep your energy usage under control.

Maintenance – Maintaining all of your expensive equipment is vital in the overall well-being of the units in questions.  To many, the up-front cost of maintenance may be overwhelming – so they just skip it all together.  This not only causes your equipment to wear out faster, but it can also void your manufacturer warranty.  Not maintaining your equipment will also cause it to run in a way that it is at it’s least efficient, causing a spike in energy usage.  The bottom line is, investing in maintenance is a must!

Upgrade – Did you purchase your unit a while back?  If so, it many not meet new energy standards designed to save you money on your monthly bills.  Why not get a free upgrade estimate from the team at American Services.  We can show you how much a new unit will save you over it’s lifetime and also introduce you to newer, time saving features you will love.

If you are a commercial refrigeration user near Florissant, it’s time to give the experts at American Services a call!  We can help you with all of your refrigeration needs and also provide a source for the area’s premier HVAC, cooking equipment, beverage system, and water filtration products.  We are your St. Louis area one stop shop!

Restaurant Refrigeration & Food Preservation Go Hand-In-Hand!

Restaurant Refrigeration & Food Preservation Go Hand-In-Hand!

Stop BacteriaTo ensure proper preservation of food, all refrigeration and freezer units must maintain constant temperatures in accordance with proper food storage guidelines. To properly maintain refrigeration-grade quality, a unit must maintain a constant temperature between 36 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is because anything over 40 degrees  Fahrenheit will cause spoilage and anything under 34 degrees  Fahrenheit will cause freezing to being.  These temperature standards will help to ensure you provide the freshest foods for your customers.

As a restaurant owner, you understand the importance of food preservation and expect your refrigeration system to ensure quality and freshness.  You also understand the danger associated with bacteria growth due to an improperly functioning system.  All of this means you need a local refrigeration contractor that puts all of those needs at the forefront of their services on a daily basis.

All of this is exactly why so many restaurant, grocery store, and convenient store owners continue to trust the professional services provided by American Services.  At American Services our expertise spans many areas of your business and will not just impress, but also save you money.  Don’t hesitate to call our office to schedule a Free Estimate today!  We will gladly send out one of our technicians to make a full assessment of your needs.

At American Services, Overland area restaurant equipment refrigeration owners find the sales, service, repair, maintenance, and service contracts they need to keep their businesses running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There isn’t anything our trained technicians can’t do and we will guarantee your complete satisfaction!  Don’t make the mistake of going to another contractor who doesn’t offer all the services you need.  Contact us for all of your HVAC, cooking equipment, refrigeration, ice machine, water filtration, industrial equipment, and beverage system need!  As you can see, we really are the area’s most-complete service provider!

Getting Reliable Refrigeration Service In St. Louis

Getting Reliable Refrigeration Service In St. Louis

refrigerator in grocery storeWhen you own a business that relies on the use of refrigeration equipment, you need to know that you can count on your HVAC-Refrigeration servicer.  The company that you call out should promptly send a technician who is trained to get your equipment back to working order in a timely and effective fashion. This is why so many business owners in the St. Louis area turn to American Services for all of their HVAC and refrigeration needs.

At American Services, our technicians are some of the best in the business.  These highly trained professionals care about your needs as a business owner and strive to get your equipment up and running as quickly as possible.  It is also important to our technicians that your problem be addressed and fixed in one visit.  This makes your customers happy and keeps your service costs as low as possible.

In fact, saving you money on the routine maintenance and emergency services you need is one of our specialties.  We have a team of individuals who work specifically with our customers to custom design preventative maintenance plans that fit your needs both mechanically and financially.    Having one of our plans in place can save you thousands and will ensure the life of your valuable equipment.

Don’t trust your St. Charles area refrigeration services to any other HVAC-Refrigeration company!  Talk to the experts at American Services and get your journey to reliable refrigeration maintenance and emergency service started today!  Our team is waiting to hear from you and can even take your emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Isn’t that the kind of service you deserve!  Get in contact with American Services now!

Walk-In Cooler Maintenance Tips!

Walk-In Cooler Maintenance Tips!

refrigerator unitIf you are in the restaurant, convenience store, or grocery store business, the walk-in cooler or freezer is a part of your daily life.  Since these units are a big investment, it is important to keep them well-maintained.  Today, let’s take a look at some tips that will ensure you unit is kept in proper running order.

  • Make sure your unit’s door is closed when not being used.  Never leave the door propped open for an extended period of time.  The best practice is to only have the door open when entering or leaving the the walk-in.
  • At least twice a year, you need to be cleaning the evaporator and condensing coil of the unit.  If your coils are outside, it is best to cleans them even more often.
  • Check your fan motors to ensure they are running at optimum speed.
  • Reduce drag by cleaning the fan blades.
  • If your condensing unit is located outside, make sure you keep the area clear so that there is adequate air flow.
  • Make sure airflow isn’t restricted by anything stacked around the coil.
  • The insulation on the suction lines between the condensing unit and the evaporator should be checked for damage or decay on a regular basis and replaced when needed.
  • Don’t let your unit waste energy.  Have a technician check your electrical connections for loose spots on a regular basis.
  • Lubricate all hinges on a yearly basis to ensure the unit is closing properly.

The South County area commercial walk-in refrigeration specialists at American Services hope these tips will get you started on maintaining your units in the best possible way.  If you have any questions, or would like for an expert to take a look at your walk-in cooler or freezer, contact American Services today!

Commercial Refrigeration In the Modern Grocery Store

Commercial Refrigeration In the Modern Grocery Store

Produce CaseWalk into any modern grocery store and there’s not doubt the serious commercial refrigeration work that has been done.  Your grocer wants to provide you with a product that looks appealing, is at it’s peak of freshness, and keeps you and your family safe.  That’s where the commercial refrigeration experts come in. Hiring the right team of professionals ensures that all of your needs are met, while saving you money with the latest, high-efficiency units.

Two simple ways of breaking down the cases you’ll see at your supermarket is by categorizing them as open or closed-door:

  • Open Cases – Open cases use curtains of air to separate contents from the open air. For example, some freezer cases will use three curtains of air to ensure proper cooling.
  • Closed Door Cases – Instead of using a curtain of air, a closed door case seperates product from ambient air with a physical door.

Here are a few examples of what temperatures and other specifications you’ll find various types of cases being used at:

  • Produce Cases – Produces cases are medium temp and must maintain a temperature of 35 to 38 degrees to keep contents fresh.
  • Flower Cases – A case that displays flowers will not only need to ensure that the product stay cool, but will also keep the air full of humidity.
  • Fresh Fish – This type of product needs to be in a refrigerated ambient case, in addition to being placed on a bed of ice.
  • Dairy Cases – Dairy cases need to be at the same specs as a produce case, between 35 and 38 degrees.
  • Beer Cases – Beer needs to be kept at 37 degrees – the perfect temperature for serving.
  • Deli Meats and Cheeses – Deli meats and cheeses are considered a ready-to-serve product and should be stored at 32 degrees.

If you are looking for the right commercial refrigeration installation near St. Louis County, the team at American Services can help.  Give us a call regarding more details today!