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Focus On Floral Coolers

Focus On Floral Coolers

Beautiful Florist At Work.In recent years, the use of floral coolers has extended beyond your local flower shop and made it’s way into grocery stores, gas stations, and other non-traditional locations.  Since many of these non-traditional locations don’t necessarily employ a florist, advice will be needed in order to pick the right equipment for the job.  Today, the O’Fallon area refrigeration experts at American Services presents the three major considerations that should be taken when choosing a floral cooler.

There are three major considerations to think about when purchasing a floral cooler for your business.  These three considerations include: Humidity, Temperature, and Display.  Here are some detail about why each quality is so important.

  • Humidity – Most flowers require an environment with a high percentage of humidity around 80-95%.  This high level of humidity keeps your flowers from experiencing dehydration damage prior to being arranged and sold.  It is also important to consider the type of flowers you will be storing in your floral cooler and what their specific needs may be.  Storing flowers with similar humidity needs in the same are is important.  For this reason purchasing a floral cooler with the ability to maintain the proper level of humidity is an integral part of a long lasting arrangement.
  • Temperature – When storing your flowers, you will also want to make sure the temperature is right.  Floral coolers are designed in a way that the influx of air is regulated and consistent.  This is important because air needs to be circulated gently to avoid damaging the flowers in the cooler.  As with humidity, store flowers that require similar temperatures together to assure the best quality.
  • Display – Depending on where your display will be located and the main purpose of your floral cooler, you will want to make sure your equipment is adjustable to your needs.  Some floral coolers are designed to simply store flowers until they are arranged and other are meant to work as a display piece.  Be sure to choose your coolers based upon what your store will need.

If you are in need of advice regarding the purchase of a floral cooler, contact the team at American Services for a free estimate!

Walk-In Refrigeration Energy Cost Reduction Tips

Walk-In Refrigeration Energy Cost Reduction Tips

Refrigeration Unit DoorWalk-in style refrigeration units, or walk-in coolers, are a huge part of the everyday operation surrounding all restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and many other commercial establishments.  These units also account for a large portion of the energy your business consumes on a daily basis.  For this reason, it is important to regularly check to make sure your unit or units are not causing your energy costs to go up.  Neglecting this area will no doubt cost you money on your monthly energy bills and maybe in repair costs down the road.  Today, let’s take a look at a few tips to help you keep your energy usage under control.

Maintenance – Maintaining all of your expensive equipment is vital in the overall well-being of the units in questions.  To many, the up-front cost of maintenance may be overwhelming – so they just skip it all together.  This not only causes your equipment to wear out faster, but it can also void your manufacturer warranty.  Not maintaining your equipment will also cause it to run in a way that it is at it’s least efficient, causing a spike in energy usage.  The bottom line is, investing in maintenance is a must!

Upgrade – Did you purchase your unit a while back?  If so, it many not meet new energy standards designed to save you money on your monthly bills.  Why not get a free upgrade estimate from the team at American Services.  We can show you how much a new unit will save you over it’s lifetime and also introduce you to newer, time saving features you will love.

If you are a commercial refrigeration user near Florissant, it’s time to give the experts at American Services a call!  We can help you with all of your refrigeration needs and also provide a source for the area’s premier HVAC, cooking equipment, beverage system, and water filtration products.  We are your St. Louis area one stop shop!

Refrigeration-Commercial Ice Machines

Refrigeration-Commercial Ice Machines

ice machines refrigeration in MOAmerican Services refrigeration ice machine maintenance near Sunset Hills, knows that when it comes to refrigeration, the right commercial ice machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment for the food industry.

Ice machines store a vital substance for any food service industry-ice.  Ice is not only used to cool beverages, it is also utilized to make blended drinks-both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, used as flakes and nuggets in many types of food preparation and other cooking preparation methods.

Most commercial food service businesses utilize ice machines that can store ice as well as an attached water source for producing and freezing ice as well.  Ice machines can make a substantial amount of ice each day as and freeze it into nuggets, flakes, and other configurations.

Regular maintenance to your commercial ice machine is very important to keep it working properly.  Cleaning and water filtration lend to clean, great tasting ice on a consistent basis.

Selecting the correct type of machine for your business is important.  There are many types and configurations of machines, as well as different types of ice that is produced.   American Services can help you to ensure you select the right equipment for your business.  Examples of commercial ice makers;

Full Cube Ice machines measure produce cubed ice that is 7/8th inch in diameter.  The benefit of this type of ice is that it can keep drinks cold a long time because it melts slowly and some feel it adds to the visual esthetics of cold specialty drinks.  Cubed ice is best for cocktails, bagged ice, for use in salad bars, and hotels.

Half-Cube Ice-used for a wide range of different applications and measures 3/8ths X 7/8ths X 7/8ths.  This type of ice has a unique characteristic that enables it to fit more compactly into spaces in relation to liquid.  Half cubed ice provides very cold drinks and blends more readily making it the best choice for smoothies or blended coffee drinks as well as iced coffee and soft drinks.  Half cubed ice is also great for different types of therapeutic applications.

Flaked Ice– this type of ice compresses very well and is perfect for any type of food display with ice.  It can be used in salad or seafood bars in grocery stores.  Flaked ice is great for keeping food cold and is less likely to bruise or damage things like fresh produce.  It has a great visual appeal as well.

Nugget Ice-soft and chewable, but it melts faster  and adds more water displacement than other types of ice-which can produce a higher profit margin for beverages sold in establishments which serve this type of ice in their drinks. Of course it cools things off quickly and provides an ideal source of chill factor for quick blended drinks and smoothies-it also helps maintain the flavor in drinks.  Nugget ice is used a lot in health care facilities for patients because it’s the best type of ice for chewing on.  

Industries Served for Commercial Cooling and Heating Services

Industries Served for Commercial Cooling and Heating Services

cooling repair and maintenance in MOAmerican Services cooling and heating installation in Missouri is pleased to announce our list of industries served and services that we offer our commercial business owners.

For the past twenty five years, American Services has been providing refrigeration, cooling, and heating commercial installation, maintenance, and repair services in the Saint Louis geographic area. Our professional, highly trained technicians provide services to many different industries, including; chain restaurants across the country, grocery and convenience stores, food service companies, cold storage facilities, grocery stores, truck stops, supermarkets, restaurants, retirement homes,  schools, office spaces,  apartment complexes, and even large industries such as hotels and industrial buildings.

American Services has answered literally thousands of service calls with highly knowledgeable and skilled technicians who provide the highest level of experience and skill to any and every service or maintenance problem your business could possibly have. We pride ourselves on doing our work right the first time around and even back it with a guarantee.

For any of your heating, HVAC, or cooling needs such as; Portable Chillers and Drop-ins, Pumping Systems & Reservoirs, Evaporative & Fluid Coolers, Central Chillers, Heat Exchanger Skids and Temperature Control Units.

American Services even provides twenty four hour trouble shooting for emergencies to cover your HVAC, heating, refrigeration, restaurant equipment, or cooling needs. We can effectively repair any sized commercial equipment and any type of cooling application.

So if you are in need of a proven HVAC, cooling, heating, refrigeration, or restaurant equipment needs in Missouri or Illinois, be sure to contact us today at American Services and schedule an appointment, or feel free to contact our twenty four hour emergency call center and we will be happy to send out one of our highly trained professional technicians to serve you.

Minimizing Refrigeration Energy Costs in Grocery Stores

Minimizing Refrigeration Energy Costs in Grocery Stores

commercial refrigeration in MOGrocery stores owners and managers spend a large proportion of their operational expenses on electricity and natural gas. In a typical grocery, refrigeration and lighting represent between 45 and 75 percent of the total energy use, depending on climate. This amount of annual expenditure presents an opportunity for big savings. Although energy only represents about 1 percent of total grocery store costs, it is about equal to a typical grocery’s profit margin. That being said, a 10 percent reduction in energy costs can mean a 10 percent increase in profits.

To better manage your building’s energy costs, it helps to understand how you are charged for those costs. Most utilities charge commercial buildings for their natural gas based on the amount of energy delivered. Electricity, on the other hand, can be charged based on two measures; consumption and demand. The consumption component of the bill is based on how much electricity in kilowatt-hours the building consumes during a month. The demand component is the peak demand in kilowatts occurring within the month, or during the previous 12-month time span.

Demand charges can range from a few dollars per kilowatt-month to upwards of $20 per kilowatt-month. Peak demand can be a considerable percentage of your bill, so care should be taken to reduce it whenever possible. As you read the following energy cost management recommendations, keep in mind how each one will affect both your consumption and demand.            

Computers, cash registers, deli scales, and deli cooking equipment should be shut off when not in use.

“Smart” power strips with built-in occupancy sensors are available to shut off plugged-in devices when no users are present. Turn off lights when they’re not in use. Occupancy sensors can help; a less expensive alternative is to train staff to ensure that switches are off when the lights are not needed. Stores open all night may want to install dual-level switching for overhead lights, allowing alternate fixtures to be turned off during low-traffic hours. If commercial refrigeration service in Missouri is a topic that needs to be addressed, contact American Services for further assistance.

Identifying Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Needs

Identifying Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Needs

commercial refrigeration repair service in MOThere are many options with commercial industrial refrigeration in Missouri. Each choice is uniquely different and designed for various applications. Whether you are building a new operation, replacing an existing unit at your current operation or just wanting some general information, it is important to have an understanding of the basics before meeting with a refrigeration supplier.

Commercial refrigeration units are most widely seen in restaurant kitchens and grocery stores. Standards options are solid door or glass door units, display refrigerators, under counter refrigerators, chef bases, worktop refrigerators, milk coolers, open air merchandisers, dual temperature refrigerators, roll in & rack refrigerators, commercial floral coolers, dual zone display merchandisers, walk-in coolers, wall mount units, lettuce crispers & dispensers, and fish file refrigerators. When selecting a commercial refrigeration unit you will want to assess your current operation and identify what the specific need is for refrigeration. For example: If your operation regularly creates a large volume of pastry items, then a roll-in & rack refrigerator or walk-in cooler would be a great option. Also, you will want to identify the electrical requirements. Most refrigeration units will run on standard 115V but it is not uncommon to see 220V requirements.

Industrial refrigeration units are designed specifically for suppliers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and even chemical plants. Much like the commercial refrigeration units, there are a vast array of makes, models, applications, and functions. It is important to assess your needs and meet with a reputable industrial refrigeration distributor. The brains behind any industrial refrigeration unit is the control panel. The panel must be able to control all refrigeration equipment as well as handle the distribution of electricity.

Call us today at American Services for all of your industrial cooling needs, you won’t be disappointed.

Commercial Refrigeration is Going Green

Commercial Refrigeration is Going Green

commercial refrigeration repair in MOAmerican Services commercial Refrigeration Installation in Fenton knows that the initiative to provide cleaner air and establish a greener environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Grocery stores restaurants bars and other businesses are not what we normally think of as being green businesses. The Montreal Protocol changes all that, the pressure this legislation brings about on these types of businesses is to get their act completely cleaned up by 2030. Currently commercial refrigeration relies heavily on R22 as a refrigerant; this refrigerant’s days are numbered. R22 has been found to deplete the ozone layer.

Under the world wide phase-out of ozone depleting HCFCs (Hydro chlorofluorocarbons), which includes the refrigerant R22; the time is now to start thinking of other alternatives, Green alternatives to be specific.

* January 1 2015: U.S. is required to reduce its consumption of HCFC’s by 90 percent below U.S. baseline cap.

* January 1 2020: U.S. is required to reduce its consumption of HCFC’s by 99.5 percent below U.S.
baseline cap.

* January 1 2030: U.S is required to reduce is consumption by 100 percent below U.S. baseline cap.

What these numbers mean is that within the next 4 years the United States will be required to
be 90 percent below its previously allowed usage cap of R22. R22 Has been the most commonly used refrigerant for many decades.

A Natural Alternative R744

A carbon dioxide called R744 is a refrigerant grade CO2, and can be used for variety of refrigeration uses. R744 offers a more ecofriendly option to R22.

Advantages of R744
– Low toxicity
– Nonflammable
– Zero ozone depletion potential
– Very low global warming potential
– Excellent thermodynamic properties and low energy requirement

Types of Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Types of Commercial Refrigeration Systems

refrigeration repair service in MissouriAmerican Services commercial refrigeration repair in Ladue knows that there are many options to choose from when selecting commercial refrigeration systems. The type of business you own, whether it be a restaurant /bar, grocery store, bakery or any industry requiring commercial refrigeration, will determine your specific application.

One type of refrigeration was designed for blast chilling which refers to a process of taking already prepared food and quickly cooling it (blast chilling) before any bacteria would have a chance to multiply. Many food preparation businesses prefer this type of commercial refrigeration as it allows large quantities of food to be cooked and then quickly stored.  Immediate savings are realized in cost per serving and higher profit margins due to less food spoilage.

The Blast Chilling process is very popular with the catering industry, preparing and then storing the food which allows the caterer to deliver his/her food “just cooked” fresh.

Standard display freezers and display refrigerators are another type of commercial refrigeration. These units have see-through doors allowing customers to see thru and make their own selections. Similar to these units are the large refrigerated units most often found in restaurants, florists, and food processing applications.

One of the most common types of commercial refrigeration units is the walk-in refrigerator and or freezer. Some of these units can take up an entire room able to refrigerate or freeze a large number of goods, both safely and economically. Access to these large walk in units
is accomplished through sealed plastic strip doors.

The largest units are refrigerated warehouses, these are most commonly utilized in businesses requiring a large area to be cool or for those that must perform work in refrigerated areas.

Commercial refrigeration units with an open face, or commonly referred to as displays without doors, is the type of commercial refrigeration application seen most in grocery stores, these display cases are not efficient and lose a great deal of cold, athough thermal dynamic principles help make up for some of the cold air loss. Cold air gets pushed into the system sinking down toward the ground, new technology is allowing units to be built with a lower storage area that traps the cold inside the unit.

Proper Maintenance for Refrigeration Systems Saves Money

Proper Maintenance for Refrigeration Systems Saves Money

refrigeration installationAmerican Services, home of a wide selection of Refrigeration services  in Chesterfield such as installation and repair, knows that for businesses dealing with a high volume of food such as restaurants and grocery stores, an inefficient or poorly maintained refrigeration system, can cause your business unnecessary maintenance and repair cost.

Commercial refrigeration systems are a critical and essential part of doing business daily. When these commercial refrigerators or freezers breakdown, business owners can experience the potential for huge financial loss. More often than not improper maintenance and improper employees use can lead to expensive equipment breakdown.

Inadequate maintenance is attributed as the number one cause of commercial refrigeration equipment failure. Many times owners with an already tight budget hesitate to diagnose or spend money on regular scheduled maintenance program. Components such as dirty coils and the inadequate monitoring of Freon levels can also contribute to insure a breakdown of the equipment.

Lack of refrigeration

On many occasions it’s the simple things that can cause a loss of refrigeration such as merely a weak liner around the door, or employees leaving the door slightly ajar. It’s possible over time the doors begin to require a little extra push, this will also cause a loss of refrigerant or loss of vital products. Another possible source could be in the closing latch itself, if the locking surfaces are not engaging properly, the door may not being properly shut, which will insure a loss of refrigerant.

Frequent trips in and out of the cooler will help produce inadequate refrigeration, keeping lights on inside of your refrigerator units will adds to rising temperatures. Overall it’s important to implement a regularly scheduled maintenance program for your refrigerant equipment. Encouraging your employees to become part of this program will provide success, and reduction in maintenance cost down the road.