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Staying Cool During A Heatwave!

Staying Cool During A Heatwave!

Stay Cool-stampExcessive heat like that experienced during a summer heat wave can be dangerous and taking precautions to avoid serious complications due to the heat is a must! Today, the team at American Services wants to help you stay cool during those long summer heat waves with a few helpful tips and tricks.  Let’s get started!

When you or your loved ones have to be in the heat, there are a number of precautions that can be taken to help your body deal with the high temperatures. First, you need to make sure that you are wearing appropriate clothing for the weather.  Something that is light in color and looser fitting is best.  It is also helpful to wear a had with a wide brim to protect your face from the sun.  Once you are out in the elements, you will need to take frequent water breaks and, if possible, go into the air conditioning to cool down.  Applying a sunscreen of 30+ SPF will also eliminate sunburn risks.

As the weather heats up, it is also important to remember the added dangers of having small children, the elderly, and pets out in the heat for extending periods of time.  People and pets can not be left in an unattended car when temperatures are much above 60 degrees and those without air conditioning need to be checked on daily or taken to a place that is cooled with AC.

Finally, keeping up with the daily forecast and staying vigilant is your best weapon when battling the heat.

Although the team at American Services specializes in heating and cooling services near St. Charles, we still understand the importance of keeping all individuals safe during the long hot days of summer.  We hope these tips will help you, your family, and friends safe during the rising temperatures.

Industrial Warehouse Heating Systems

Industrial Warehouse Heating Systems

industrial heating service in MOBased on the major improvements in high energy efficient infrared heating, warehouse application of infrared heaters can now be considered cost effective and environmentally sustainable-even when heating large enclosed structures.

Infrared heat can be described as long electromagnetic waves located near the visible section of the electromagnetic spectrum which characteristically radiates energy outward. An electrically operated infrared heater consists of an element or filament (the orange wire you see) – composed most often of tungsten – which gives off heat.

A radiant gas heater uses the heat from a flame produced by fossil fuels like propane or a natural gas to create infrared energy. The radiant heat waves produced from the element or gas-flame are then reflected off of a polished surface and channeled in the direction where the heat is needed. Infrared energy can be absorbed by objects, surfaces and people as heat.  Air molecules are not important for the transportation of heat energy. Very little energy is lost due to either convection or conduction because it is not a critical part of infrared wave movement. Radiant waves are able to flow thru materials more quickly and more effectively than less efficient convection heat methods or UV lamps.  This enables the infrared heating system to be a far more efficient process for large areas such as warehouses, garages and sheds Large installations like warehouses are often used in manufacturing processes and for industrial purposes, as well as storage of goods, and agriculturally for livestock and greenhouse activities. In regions where the climate changes rapidly during the winter months, or for temperature-sensitive manufacturing processes, drastic changes in temperature can and will cause costly damages and result in malfunctions of equipment.  Maintaining a consistent temperature could prevent some of this damage and save costly repairs and replacements.

Warehouses are typically large areas and therefore the process of heating the space may require more than one heater to be effective.

Industrial heating service requires a high level of technical experience.  At American Services industrial heating equipment service near Maryland Heights, we are proud of our ability to service our industrial clients in a professional manner for service and repair of industrial heating and cooling equipment.