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Why Perform Heating Repairs In the Summer?

Why Perform Heating Repairs In the Summer?

summerDuring the summer months most commercial heating systems sit on stand-by for the coming winter season.  Why not use this opportunity to have your system inspected, maintained, and repaired?  In fact, the summer months are the perfect time to upgrade you old system so that you can take advantage of the utility savings immediately as the winter weather rolls in!

Here at American Services our trained technicians are experts at helping commercial heating customers make the right decisions concerning repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.  Let’s check out all the reasons why you should call the experts at American Services for heating service now.

Why do repairs during the summer?  Taking care of know heating system problems now will take the guess work out of whether or not your system will function once the weather turns colder.  It also reduces down time and ensures the comfort of your employees and customers.

Why maintain during the summer?  Proper regularly scheduled maintenance is the biggest factor in the overall health of your heating system.  Even if you aren’t using your system an American Services tech can come by your place of business on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure that your system will start up and function properly as needed without any question.

Why upgrade during the summer?  The summer months are the perfect time to upgrade your system for a couple of reasons.  First, since you aren’t using your heating system while the weather is warm, you won’t even notice that the system is down while the install is happening.  This approach also affords you the time to carefully research the system you want without the immediate need that comes from replacing a system out of need.

Don’t put off the health of your heating system just because the summer heat is here. Contact the Belleville area commercial heating technicians at American Services to inquire about repair, maintenance, and upgrade services today!

Finding Commercial Heating Technicians Who Understand Your Needs

Finding Commercial Heating Technicians Who Understand Your Needs

maintenance repairman engineer of heating system equipment in aThe right commercial HVAC technician is imperative to the well-being of your HVAC equipment.  This individual will know what your system needs in order to function properly and will also know how to make it work again if something were to go wrong. Today, the team at American Services will go over some of the top characteristics to look for in your next commercial HVAC professional.

Top HVAC technicians who understand commercial heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment will always be certified and up-to-date with the latest trainings.  This individual will be able to come into your business, get the current situation under control, and make professional decisions about how to get your space up and running once again.  If approached by an individual who does not meet these high quality standards, it is important to assess the situation and make a decision about how to proceed.  If you determine that you feel uncomfortable with the technician, feel free to call them off of the job in order to call out another individual with a different company.

You will also want to make sure that the company your technicians is working for provides fair, up-front pricing and customer care.  The quality of work that is expected from your tech will be very much influenced by the company they work for.  Always do your research, get an estimate, and only hire a company that will meet all of your needs promptly and with a smile.

At American Services, commercial HVAC service is our top priority.  We only hire the best professional individuals we can find.  This means that our customers are always met with the best support in the area.  Our down times are low, our prices are fair, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Call our Sunset Hills area commercial heating specialists now to set up a time to get your free estimate today!


Heating & Cooling Incentives for Ameren MO Commercial & Industrial Customers

Heating & Cooling Incentives for Ameren MO Commercial & Industrial Customers

Incentive word in 3d letters on background with motivation, impeAre you a commercial or industrial electric customer with Ameren Missouri?  If so, there are a number of incentives you may be able to use to save even more on your energy efficient upgrades.  These incentives are split into categories including: Standard Incentives; Custom Incentives; and Retro-Commissioning Incentives.  Each incentive category offers commercial and industrial Ameren Missouri customers the chance to qualify for monetary incentives that make energy saving upgrades even more affordable.  Today, let’s take a look at each category and how they work.

Standard Incentive – Ameren’s Standard Incentives are designed for non-residential Ameren Missouri electric customers who want to make quick and easy energy efficient upgrades.  These upgrades do not need pre-approval from Ameren unless the total incentive is expected to exceed $10,000.  Examples of upgrades that fall under this incentive program include: Lighting Incentives; Motor Control Incentives; Electric Water Heating Incentives; Commercial Cooking Equipment Incentives; and more!

Custom Incentives – Custom Incentives are used for energy efficient equipment upgrades that do not fall under the Standard Incentives category.  These incentives will be calculated based upon the estimated annual energy savings from the upgrade. Some examples of the upgrades that fall under this category include: Chiller Replacments; Lighting System Redesign; and Pump and Fan Motor Drive Additions.

Retro-Commissioning Incentives – A project that optimizes your overall system performance is one that falls under the Retro-Commissioning Incentives category. Examples of projects that fall under this category include: Compressed Air Systems; Refrigeration Systems; and Building Control Systems.

Ameren Missouri also offers incentives for New Construction projects.  To get more information on these programs or to apply, simply visit the informational ActOnEnergy BizSavers Program page at today!

Let the Hazelwood area heating and cooling experts at American Services help you take advantage of the savings available for Ameren Missouri customers by giving us a call about HVAC, refrigeration, and other commercial equipment upgrades today!

The Importance Of An Expert Heating Technician

The Importance Of An Expert Heating Technician

Smiling technician Finding the right HVAC company to complete your maintenance, repairs, and equipment installation does not have to be a tough task.  In fact, once you are aware of what to look for in a heating and cooling technician, you will find it to be rather easy to choose the right team for the job.  That’s why today you will find just a short list of why it’s so important to find the right heating and cooling expert to perform for your company.

  • Expert heating and cooling technicians will have the training needed to properly troubleshoot your specific problem.  They will have the hands-on experience needed to understand why your equipment is malfunctioning and also have the ability to come up with a favorable solution.
  • An expert heating and cooling technician will be trained in all the applicable area of your specific system.  They will understand all the latest updates, how to apply them to your unit, and get you up and running fastest.  These individuals will also be equipped with the tools needed to complete the job properly and quickly.
  • Finding an expert heating and cooling expert will assure you that your work will be done properly and to your complete satisfaction.  Good technicians and the companies they work for want you to be satisfied with the work being done and will not let an issue get out of control.
  • An expert heating and cooling technician will know when it’s time for you to replace and/or upgrade your unit.  They will understand the long term cost savings related to an ENERGY STAR product and will morally make suggestions on how you can save with the use of such a unit.

If you are looking for professional heating service near Collinsville, make sure to give the team at American Services a call!

Commercial Heating Customizable Maintenance Benefits

Commercial Heating Customizable Maintenance Benefits

heating maintenance in MOAmerican Services, heating maintenance and repair service knows that industrial heating systems today are powerful and complex specialized machinery.  Facility managers rely on commercial heating systems to do a large and important function.  Based on this, it is critical that maintenance managers ensure that their system is prepared for the long winter heating season ahead, and the best way to do that is with regular commercial heating maintenance, and periodic evaluation inspections from a professional certified heating technician at American Services.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

When regularly scheduled,  your heating systems preventative maintenance operations will benefit your structure’s system in several ways Primarily, it will ensure that your building’s  heating system is functioning at peak energy efficiency levels, and that equates to lower energy costs(something all facility managers look for) even through cold seasons.

Heating systems that are not properly tuned /maintained on a regular basis may still work effectively, though strained under load, and will likely use more energy than necessary to operate, and that runs up utility costs, thus operating costs.

Scheduling system evaluations twice a year by professional certified contractors is highly recommended, licensed professionals can often find parts that need to be serviced before equipment breaks down completely, and  perform repairs on minor issues they detect that could have turned into costly repairs down the line.

Continuing a structured maintenance program is the best way to extend longevity to your system. Because commercial heating systems are such a substantial investment, making sure you get the most efficient operation from your system is critical and keeping up with maintenance is the most effective way to do that.

There is no job too small or too large for American Services customizable heating maintenance service in Saint Louis MO.  We can customize a monthly maintenance plan, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually for an evaluation and maintenance performance from one of our friendly and professional technicians.  When you have a custom plan with American Services heating maintenance service you will receive a discount on our 24/7 emergency service.